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Yellow Kratom

Green-vein Kratom, the most balanced leaf of the three natural vein colors, inspired Kratom connoisseurs to make “yellow-vein” Kratom. This unique type of Kratom isn’t actually from a naturally grown leaf. It’s a combination of powder from white- and red-vein Kratom leaves. It’s not just a balance—it truly is the best of both worlds. Shop yellow-strain Kratom at Amazing Botanicals!

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Yellow Kratom: Enjoy the Best of Red and White

When people hear about yellow powders, beginners can get confused. The only natural Kratom strains are white, green, and red, each harvested from Mitrogyna speciosa trees of different ages. So where does “yellow-vein” Kratom come from?

Well, like gold Kratom, it’s a mixture. We take dried white-vein and red-vein leaves, mix them, and then pulverize them. The name comes from “yellow” being a hue that could be in-between white and red. The result isn’t just a balance of the two effects, like green-vein Kratom is. It’s like taking both white and red Kratom at the same time, resulting in getting the peak effects of both.


There are three Kratom vein colors: white, green, and red. White-vein Kratom is harvested near the beginning of the tree’s life cycle, and is known for providing users with a stimulant-like experience. Green-vein Kratom comes from trees in the middle of their life cycle, with effects between those of white- and red-vein leaves. Red-vein Kratom is gathered from mature trees, and is most well-known for inducing relaxation and a soothing sensation.

If green-vein Kratom isn’t energizing or relaxing enough for you, yellow-vein Kratom is a great alternative. It doesn’t just try to balance the two vein colors—it gives you the effects both are known for at once.

If you want to find the perfect dosage for you, Kratom powder is perfect. It’s also incredibly versatile. Powder can be used as a supplement in smoothies, to brew tea, and more. While Kratom capsules are less versatile, they are both convenient and discrete. Most importantly, they’re pre-measured for a consistent Kratom experience.

Affordable Prices for Quality Kratom

Contrary to popular belief, top-quality Kratom like our yellow Kratom doesn’t need to have steep prices. When you buy Kratom from Amazing Botanicals, you’ll find nothing but affordable prices. We also offer:

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Plus, our yellow-vein Kratom and all other products sold at Amazing Botanicals come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You’re entitled to request an exchange or a refund for Kratom that you think doesn’t cut it. Contact us to learn more!