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If you’re looking to buy kratom in bulk, Amazing Botanicals® offers the highest-quality, pure wholesale kratom powders, capsules, and extracts to distributors and consumers. All our kratom products are produced using only organic, wild-harvested sources. Fill out the Inquiry Form below to get started with our wholesale program.

Wholesale & Bulk Kratom

Call/Text 954-694-0613 For The 24/7 Kratom Wholesale Hotline

 Rates as low, if not lower, than Indonesian vendors

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

 Fast shipping from USA

 Private labeling available

 Lab tested

 Efficient customer service

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The Amazing Botanicals® Difference


Amazing Botanicals remains committed to using only wild-harvested sources in our bulk kratom products to ensure that they’re pesticide-free and exhibit the highest possible alkaloid profiles. To further ensure their safety, purity, and quality, all of our products undergo rigorous testing by an independent lab.


Trusted Kratom Wholesale Source


Whether you have a storefront, sell online, or are a consumer who prefers to buy in bulk, you have come to the right place to buy kratom at wholesale prices. 


As a wholesaler, Amazing Botanicals offers kratom powders and capsules in 50+ exotic, rare, strains and blends representing a wide array of potency. Amazing Botanicals also offers some of the most powerful wholesale kratom extracts in the world, including Kratom Extract Tablets, 50X, and Kratom Shots.

Amazing Botanicals offers businesses, distributors, and consumers who want to buy kratom in bulk:


  • Rates as low, if not lower, than Indonesian vendors
  • Private labeling at your request
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast shipping from the USA
  • Efficient and capable customer support 


To get started with your bulk order, fill out the form above! If you need help, call our kratom wholesale hotline at 954.694.0613, or email for 24/7 wholesale support.


Commitment to Our Kratom Wholesale Business Partners 

Amazing Botanicals knows that our business customers buying kratom in bulk are making an investment. We realize that you’re entrusting your company’s reputation and profitability to the quality of the products we provide, and the speed and efficiency of our customer service. 

Whether you run a smoke shop, an online retail business, or are just starting in the Kratom industry, you have come to the right place for wholesale Kratom. 


Call/Text 954-694-0613 For The 24/7 Kratom Wholesale Hotline

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