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Kratom Capsules for Sale

With pre-measured doses and a discrete look, Kratom capsules are the perfect way to integrate Kratom into your lifestyle. They’re also made with the highest quality Kratom in the market. All of our Kratom has been tested for purity at a 3rd-party lab and prepared and packaged in an AKA GMP-certified facility. Order Kratom capsules from Amazing Botanicals today!

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Buy Kratom Capsules Online at Amazing Botanicals

Our wide range of Kratom capsules for sale includes options for experienced users and beginners alike. When you buy capsules from Amazing Botanicals, you can be certain that the powders used in all of our capsules are the same organic, wild-harvested Kratom available in our other products. Our Kratom is tested by an independent lab to ensure it’s free from chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other additives. This testing also ensures that our Kratom has outstanding alkaloid levels.

Most of our Kratom capsules for sale are available in counts of 30, 65, 150, and 300, or 1-kilo weight per bottle. We also offer Kratom wholesale in orders of all sizes, starting at 20kg. This qualifies you for our special wholesale prices!


We work directly with farms in Southeast Asia to source our Kratom leaves, which are harvested from Mitragyna speciosa trees. After it’s tested at a 3rd-party lab, we grind it into a fine powder, package it in our AGA GMP-certified facility, and list it online. We follow the journey of our Kratom from its harvest across the Pacific to its arrival at your front door. 

If you want a pre-measured, consistent dose, you should go for our Kratom capsules for sale. If you prefer to use Kratom in many different ways, such as making your own capsules or adding Kratom to your meals and drinks, you should get powder instead. Neither is better; it’s all up to personal preference. Capsules are more convenient, but there is only one pre-measured dose in each capsule. Powder allows you to measure your own dose, but that takes more time and effort.

We use popular strains from several different regions for our Kratom capsules. This way, people can buy Kratom capsules online that are right for them. Energize your day with White Maeng Da Kratom capsules; wind down from work or relax at home with Red Bali Kratom capsules. No matter what, we have Kratom capsules for sale that meet your needs.

Kratom strains are defined by both the vein color of the leaf and the region it was grown in. These affect not only the alkaloid content, but also how the Kratom makes you feel. There are three leaf vein colors that we use in our Kratom capsules for sale:

White-Vein: These leaves were harvested early in the tree’s life cycle. White-vein Kratom has energizing effects, enhancing and invigorating your day.

Green-Vein: Harvested in the middle of a tree’s life cycle, green-vein Kratom has effects that are somewhere between the Kratom from young and old trees. It’s perfect for users looking for a good middle-ground that balances energy with more mature Kratom’s soothing effects.

Red-Vein: These are harvested from very mature trees. Red-vein Kratom is best for users looking for a relaxing Kratom experience. That said, red-vein Kratom is unique. One of its weird quirks is that low doses cause effects similar to that of white-vein Kratom: energy and invigoration.

So when you buy Kratom capsules online, keep the differences between strains in mind. It will have a huge impact on the experience you have with them!

Our Kratom capsules for sale come from a variety of regions in Southeast Asia, and the soil and environment of these regions play a big part in the alkaloid profile of the Kratom. The potency and size of the alkaloid profile (especially the levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) is what determines the effects of your Kratom. For example, Malay Kratom—one of the most potent strains—is grown in highly acidic soil in the middle of the hot Malaysian jungle. It’s the perfect environment for Kratom with large alkaloid profiles to grow!

Experience Kratom the Way You Want With Kratom Powder

The powder in our Kratom capsules for sale is pre-measured to ensure consistent doses. While that’s convenient, it does mean you can’t fine-tune your Kratom dosage. That’s why we also stock a huge collection of Kratom powders for sale from a variety of strains and regions, including blended yellow and gold vein Kratom for a full-spectrum Kratom experience. Take your Kratom with the method and dose that’s tailored to you and your tastes.

Amazing Botanicals: Top-Shelf Kratom, Quality Service

When you buy Kratom at Amazing Botanicals, it’s important to us that you are happy with the product you receive. We offer an easy 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our Kratom capsules for sale if you’re not satisfied with your order. Plus, our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. We can even help you order Kratom capsules that are right for your lifestyle. So explore our collection of Kratom products and order yours today!