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Great for energy

Great but they go fast, a little steep for the price but there good

Best Sleep!

This product really helps me fall and stay asleep.


Gold Bali Kratom Powder
Garrett Morrison

Always a great consistency

Red elephant Kratom

Potent and I am more than satisfied.

Awesome White

This white enhanced powder is fantastic. It gives us at least 5 hours of pain free living. We mix it with another one and it gives us a great mood bost. We'll be ordering more for sure.

You won’t be Disappointed!

The only gripe I have is with the USPS. Other than that, AB is my preferred “go to” for quality, and pain control. I was taking 10-15 ibuprofen a day for lower back pain but since I’ve discovered quality Kratom through AB, and what’s even better, they have the best product at the most affordable cost. Try them! You won’t regret! I promise!!


Trainwreck is an excellent Kratom

Good stuff

This is a good extract for the price, it’s one I use almost daily I’ll usually use about 2-3 capsules at a time and it really helps staying awake working 12hr nights and has some pain relieving effects as well, and doesn’t cost as much as some other brands if you buy it in larger quantities


I have used several different reds for my nitetime "cocktail". These are by far the BEST. I sleep all night without waking up & having twitchy legs & arms.

Excellent Gummies

I received 10 free with an order. I chewed one and loved the energy. Now, I sm a lightweight compaired to most. I am a woman 139 lbs. I take 1 tsp kratom, the Enhanced, and it is enough
For me. Love the Gummies becsuse I don’t always have time to mix kratom. I also Love Amazing Botanicals.

Green Marengo Da power

Processed quickly and arrived in a timely manner. The power is potent and the taste is much better than others I have tried, that’s definitely a plus. Overall I’m satisfied with business and product. Another satisfied customer.

First time using this company

Very impressed with the product and speed of delivery

Kratom Extract Tablets 200mg

White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Really good!

Really strong and great quality! Been ordering from here for about a year. I highly recommend!

Relief and pep in my step.

I suffer from knee pain from weight lifting injuries, don’t like the way pain meds make me feel so I am using train wreck for my pain management. The bonus is the happy feeling and boost of energy I get from the train wreck and white menga

Red Super.

Gotta have me 2 green in the morning and 2 red in the evening.

Tested good.. could use information about...

I can't find the dosage information... Takes 4-5 to get my pain under control. I have a high tolerance though. Good product, would be nice to have an enhanced version to keep costs down

Excellent company, excellent products and excellent customer service. Highly recommend their products are pure and effective.


Helps me work like I should be working. Lol

Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Take advantage of this deal!

This is the best Kratom I have found. It is consistently good and the prices are outstanding!

Kratom Extract Tablets 15ct

Great boost!

I take a few ounces of the kratom powder daily with my coffee. The liquid shot gives it an extra boost of energy without feeling shaky

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