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Kratom Extract Tablets 30ct (50mg)

Always the best

Only company I order from and they always deliver on quality and customer service!!


pain relief, coffee buzz without the jitters, and eases my stomach problems to boot. couldnt ask for much more!

Truly amazing

I have been doing business with amazing botanicals for 2 years there products are clean and pure. Customer support is very u guys

Love AB!

Best quality Kratom at amazing botanicals! Love the white elephant, white dragon, green Thai, and many more. I am a regular customer.

White Mang Da is Great

I always order a kilo of White Mang Da. This is definitely the best site/seller I have found. Shipping is great and smooth, the packaging is fantastic, and the experience is never anything short of wonderful. This White Mang Da gives me an energy boost better than any other seller I have tried.

Trainwreck is AWESOME

I always purchased a kilo of White Mang Da when I order. I decided to try this out and was not disappointed. I received a great boost of energy and a wonderful euphoric feelings. I hope this blend is permanently available!


A good compliment to any red strain. Not as potent to me as Malay but good overall

Very quick on...I'll be a repeat customer again.

If you love the Bali powder, these are more convenient

I love the capsules, much easier than mixing powder with something. Good if you are in a hurry & if you want to take doses when you are out and about.

Enhanced green

I really enjoyed it, so much better then coffee and ibuprofen. Amazing Botanicals has been a great company to deal with, 0 problems with my orders


Great for work... don’t have to sneak off to do spoon fulls, lasts about six hours yeah one tab.

Calming effect and relaxes

I suffer from spondylitis and have back pain it helps me to relax. I don’t take any muscle relaxers or inflammatory drugs anymore. Just tea, black seed oil and Tumeric for inflammation.

Just Right

I am very impressed with the quality of any of the Krantom products that I have used. And as soon as I order, my products are being filled and on their way to me. Amazing Botanicals is my vender of choice for sure.

Works great

Works great. Each tab is like 2g of powder. But it does take longer to kick in. You kinda forget you’ve taken it when it finally kicks in in about an hour.

My favorite vendor

Always good quality and fast delivery!

Small and easy to use

Good product , potent and easy to use

Gold Maeng Da Caps

Great quality and potency. They come in a bottle rather than a bag, which I prefer. Quick shipping, overall I am happy with the experience.


The capsules are very good and arrived right on time! I’ll definitely buy again! Thanks!


I ordered the first one and they were good, capsules were big like they should be. SECOND TIME I ordered them the capsules were small and barely had any powder in them and looked completely different.

Great product

The quality is the best I've come across extremely satisfied with the quality I usually combine green with red for pain relief the green boost my energy


This company is AWESOME!! Their product is amazing!! If your looking for Kratom you've found the best source for quality and pricing!!

Great stuff!

I take this at night. It doesn't take much for me and it is perfect for sleep.



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