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Effective with Good Prices

Great 45% extract. Good prices and deals. Had some trouble feeling the 50x, and -for me - the 65% pills were best when crushed and then consumed.

Conveniently Potent!

These fast-acting 80% Ultra-Purified Kratom Tablets pack a lot of power into a very small space and can be easily carried anywhere before unpacking. This is a great product!

Platinum kratom extract

Great product, very potent, great service as well, will be ordering again.

White Maeng Da Capsules

Helps with anxiety and my left over pain from a surgery without making me jittery or sleepy. Very happy with the product!

Red Bali Kratom Powder
Elizabeth Ervin

Red Bali Kratom Powder

Kava Root Supercritical CO2 Extract 80% Kavalactones Paste

Gives me energy

Helps me get through tuff jobs at work

Gold Kratom Extract Tablets 65%

Lived it!

Excellent product

This tastes great and had me feeling great within a few minutes of taking it. Definitely recommend to anyone!

White Super Kratom Powder
Shelby Campbell
White Super

I love the White Super Kratom!!! It is my regular go to Kratom! I highly suggest it! And I truly love that I can trust where it comes from!♥️

Red Bali Kratom Capsules
Laurinda Dudley
Red Bali Kratom Capsules Amazing❤️

Red Bali kratom capsules from Amazing Botanicals love them they are Awesome. Love this red vein strain. Love the capsules. Excellent strain for controlling chronic pain chronic anxiety and chronic insomnia. Chills me out completely at higher dose 7 + grams is great for taking before going to bed at night it let's me sleep very good all around Excellent 10 out of 10 for me. I will purchase again. I am a loyal customer to Amazing Botanicals best kratom vender online thank you Leo ❤️💯❤️

Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Excellent quick acting formulation

Excellent although bad tasting Kratom liquid concentrate is very rapid acting. Just swallow quickly very bitter.


I've enjoyed kratom for more than 20 years now. I've used about every type you can name and have found that most of the names don't mean a thing. This kratom, though, deserves its name. Gold, as in precious. Among the best I've tried. If you give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


Start the day large or simply small

I've tried 80,65,45&25 percent
All are enhancers to the regimen you can try.Combo other botanicals Offered & have a feel good body&energetic day

Red Meg, 50x extract tablets,

I can not say enough enough good things about this company and it's products. Not to mention the customer service is A1 top notch and highly responsive. I have ordered many different things since my 1st order and it ALWAYS comes in 3-4 days unless u order on a Sunday or holiday and the product is top notch. I recently moved from St.Pete Florida where I was introduced to kratom due to a serious opiate addiction and have continued to stay completely away from the poison the BigPharma gang pushes on ppl when they are in pain due to kratom and its wonderful effects. Red is my favorite and it's consistent pain relief and euphoric effects help me throughout the day. But the Green & white strains are also amazing. Thank you #AmazingBotanicals for your awesome products & amazing customer service are top notch and consistent. Keep it up Brian and Thank You and all of your staff again....

Perfect amount of Alkaloids

These little things are perfect I take one in the morning before work and one after lunch.and my days are perfect!!! 👌

Pretty good

I rather like this product, pretty strong.

Awesome, as always

I enjoy your tablets so much!

Yo, these tabs right here are da bomb

I just got a big order in a few days ago, and one of the things I got was these platinum club membership tablets!
They are good af. I’ve tried a lot of different concentrates and until now, I didn’t really think to highly of them, but then I popped one these suckers in my mouth and before I knew it I felt like the sun god Apollo came to me and put his cloak on my body, and said, “you’re all good now my son”. That really happened.
Amazing botanicals is where it’s at. Been buying for a decade now, tried at least 50 different vendors, more than that, and this is the place that consistently has the golden fleece by which I mean the best kratom around. And these tablets! These things are my little reward for being good. Be good and reward yourself. You’ll love it.
It’s like a scoobie snack for peoples.
I think I’m gonna reward myself right now. For writing this review and I wrote another one!

Consistently great

Been buying kratom for about a decade now. I’m probably half kratom half Human by now.
Amazing Botanicals is the place I’ve always come back to. Yeah, I cheated, tried some strange, took the crazy train to Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, I chased that dragon, but when it came to getting the best shit for the best price, this is my home. I don’t need to go anywhere else anymore. I just bought 5 k’s and it got from Florida to Chicago in two days! That box looked so beautiful when I opened it up, I didn’t want break those vacuum packs open.

You know that meme with that nerdy girl with the braces holding those goosebumps books, the ermahgerd one? I understand her now. I held those five beautiful green packs of five different kratoms, and I smiled and said ermahgerd!!!
I’m feeling pretty good right now. Even got me some of them platinum tablets for those special times, and damn! They are good! Usually I don’t like the concentrated stuff because it just doesn’t do the job for me, but not this time, these did the job and then some!
Kratom has pulled so many people out of that place where only darkness dwells, and it’s been a guiding light to make it back into the sunshine.
I don’t like writing reviews because I can’t write short ones. It feels like it doesn’t mean anything when it’s short. I write a review when someone or some place truly deserves it and Amazing Botanicals has earned it.
Seriously, if you’re reading this still, thank you, and this is where you can get the best kratom and the best prices for the high quality that it is, and it’s fresh too. Give these amazing botanicals your business! Tell them Rick’s review sent you. Maybe if I convince enough of y’all to buy from here I might get some bonus shit, but if I don’t I’m still gonna buy from here. Peace, keep in touch with yourself!

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