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1 Kilo Kratom Powder 2-Way Split - 2.2lbs

Red Reserve Kratom Capsules

Kratom Fruit Punch Chew


One of the most potent strains I rely on for energy and alertness.

Red Bali Kratom Capsules
Angella McBrayer
Amazing products

100% amazing not only is the price right the product it’s self it’s top notch! 💚💚

Kratom Newbie

Purchased for hubby's back pain, as recommended by trusted friend in the medical profession. Other dry mouth, he has no complaints. Still trying to get the dosage right, but confident we'll find the sweet spot. Trust the product, but wish there was more help with dosing available on the site.

New Favorite

This is my new favorite place to buy from. The shipping doesn’t take too long, it’s good quality kratom for a very affordable price.

My go-to Krat.

I first took Kratom in June of 2013,(bought it when Amazon still sold it) I was on the strongest Hydrocodone at the time(10/325) as well as Fentanyl patches for chronic pancreatitis and I knew that was going to be bad ju-ju as far as addiction went so I hit the net and searched for, "natural vicodin" and Kratom popped up. I did my due diligence and researched everything I could find on it for a couple weeks. I learned about the caste system and how the asian field laborers were given Kratom (1800+ yrs ago) in order to get 18 hr days out of them. I also learned that while it IS a painkiller, it's NOT an opioid, it simply attaches to the same Mu and Kappa receptors in the brain, the very ones the opioids attach to. Kratom alone literally got me off of years of Hydrocodone and Fentany with absolutely NO withdrawals! I learned that Red Bali is the best for it's painkilling as well as its sedative qualities and have been taking and BENEFITTING from Red Bali ever since. After 2015 happened, with big pharma using their clout to rent the DEA in order to have Kratom labeled a schedule 1 drug, I found out it was because Glaxosmithkline has had 3 patents for synthetic Kratom. Last year they tried using the FDA to force the W.H.O to ban it globally, they want their billions so keep on top of what's happening with the A.K.A because we need to keep this miracle remedy legal!

1 Kilo Kratom Powder 2-Way Split - 2.2lbs

Good product

FREE 100g With Every Kilo
Shelley Hendrick
Best deal on Kratom

I've been taking Kratom for about 6 years for anxiety and depression.
As you can imagine it can get expensive if you don't know the right places to purchase.
This is definitely the best deal you'll get on a kilo and also get to try a new strain as a bonus every time you order.
I've been ordering from AB for a long time now, best deal for very good Kratom. Would 100% recommend.

Kratom crushed leaf green

I am very happy with the quality of the product and how quickly it is shipped. The previous company I ordered from was very inconsistent with their shipping and that is why I thought I would try Amazing Botanicals. Thank you!

Amazing stuff

Terrific Tabs!

While they are not high strength, that's what I like most. For the days I just need a little help relaxing at night and easing the little aches and pains, these tabs do the trick. Pretty sure I'll order more soon so I don't risk running out.

45% Pure Alkaloid

One little bump and you're good for hours. Excellent product. No headache or stomach issues just mental focus and energy.

Great service and fair price

Will buy again

Amazing botanicals... now I know why you guys named it that

I've been taking kratom for years off and on I love the strains that give me that extra boost at work, and if I can get some euphoria while I'm at it... ok 😃 the hard part is finding a product that does both and I finally found it at an exceptionally fair price. Thanks

FREE 100g With Every Kilo
John Ogden
Kilo perks

Excellent way to sample and experiment, highly advise Red Reserve.

Consistent & effective

This is the only place I go to now for my orders. I can buy the same strain over & over & count on the same results & potency. The Green Super is no different. It feels similar to the Green Maeng Da but I've found that it lasts longer. Excellent for morning aches & pains with an energy kick to tackle the day. Highly recommend.

Great kratom

Free shipping, good prices, I'm a fan! Also an excellent product . I encourage all kratom advocate to support this small business. Great & prompt customer service.

A strongly uplifting powder. Great morning boost.

A strongly uplifting powder. Great morning boost.
Taking 3-4 grams with food a half hour later gives me uplifting and motivated feeling with an active mind.
Of course taking a large dose will put you to sleep—-say 7-8 grams, buts it’s like that with all Kratom.

Go to site

AB has been great customer service is A-1 as well as quality product and speedy shipping on most orders

FREE 100g With Every Kilo
Buffy Kunsman

FREE 100g With Every Kilo

Gummie Mix in Boca Raton, Fl.

Just received my order overnight.
Ate a few free gummies and made a shot of this, mixed about 5-6 grams in Orange Tang. Kills the bitterness ( worst part of doing K )
Very excited to write a few reviews and jump into my housecleaning mode….
Been doing Kratom for 3 years now and I have stopped drinking wine and any alcohol, even quit taking qanti- depressants.
This is a miracle plant until you run out.
I keep some emergency crushed K tea leaves 🍃 around and drink that while awaiting my order.
Thank goodness the company is only 30 miles away from me.
I’ve used several companies over the years until I found AB, can’t beat the quality or staff.
Thanks again.

Stronger than most places

Usually I see benti as something I use when I need to take a break from Red Chocolate. It's typically not as strong as Red Chocolate for me. I was looking for a new vender in order to reduce likelihood of increasing my tolerance so I bought several smaller packets from Amazing Botanicals to try. This was one of them. It was definitely stronger than the normal Benti's I get, so that was a relief. I've only found 2 other places where the Benti actually is a good substitute and adequately covers my MS pain and insomnia, but I'm pleased to add this company to my list of companies I can rely on.

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