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Always Phenomenal

Ordering from Amazing Botanicals is always an easy and seamless experience. The white borneo has always been of the utmost quality and definitely the best I have used.


From service, shipping, to the product, Amazing Botanicals is the best!!! Online or by phone, you can never go wrong getting their top notch products.

Good, but I got shorted THREE tablets on my order!

I ordered FOUR BOTTLES "Kratom Extract Tablets 30 count 100 mg."(30 tablets per bottle) All 4 bottles arrived SEALED, yet ONE tablet from each of the THREE BOTTLES were MISSING. Only the 4th bottle had 30 tablets in it while the other 3 had only 29 tablets. I should have received a total of 120 tablets, but only got 117. I hope Amazing Botanicals rectifies this....

Kratom Extract 50x Powder

Always great!

I love the botanicals I receive from AB! I’ve never had an issue with quality and I’ve been purchasing their products for a couple years now. Thanks for keeping the quality great!

Excellent as always

Had to get these because of the shortage on the regular extract . Not my first option under normal circumstances but always good product and quick shipping with AB .

Yall need to chill out.. I have not seen them out of stock in a while.. and I need this haha

amazing aroma, helps all my pain, its a great additive to leaf incense and amazing for long hot baths, and running, lifting weights, running drills, fast fire and much much more. literally the most amazing consolidated form possible.. but slow down so we can all get some.

I never received anything from amazing botanicals.

Powerful powder! Always a great price n fresh product

Works great for MS pain.
Ive been buying from Az Botanical for three years!
Great prices n customer service is outstanding

Quality products

I've been purchasing from amazing botanicals for the last few months extremely satisfied with the product

Outstanding product and customer service

My wife has trigeminal neuropathy in her mouth. It's been five years, 55 surgeries and procedures with no relief. Kratom is the only thing that helps without harm. In flare-ups, the Kratom extract from Amazing Botanicals is the only way to relieve the pain. Last week our order was given to a new nieghbor who sent it back. She was devastated. Amazing Botanicals were kind enough to send more. I can't say enough about this vendor. They are just what they say, amazing!

Love them!

Works great! With out the nasty taste.

Subtle mild and sweet

Lightest and sweetest aromatic of all the whites

My order 232895

Although I think ALL your products are of the highest quality and would recommend Amazing Botanicals to anyone, I placed my order 232895, on the 26th I think? I have been checking back often, however it has not shipped or received a tracking number. 99% of the time I order and within the same day its been given a tracking number and has been shipped. I am concerned because I had forgotten to order before the holiday and now I will run out before this order arrives, even though I paid $26 for express shipping. Could you please make sure it is on the way and will be here between 1-5 days from the date the order was placed, the 26th? If there are questions please feel free to call me.
Kristin Peterson
PO BOX 695
Skagway, AK 99840
1 907-612-0711

Kratom Extract Tablets 30ct (50mg)

Wonderful Pain Killer

I have Neuropathy in my feet and I would not want to be without Red Bali. I sleep thru the night with it. I use the enhanced Maeng Da for daytime. A/B has the purest for the best price anywhere.

White Maeng Da Kratom Powder
Serafino Manduzio

I've been ordering from you guys for about 2 years now and I must say I very happy for the quality and the quantity. I enjoy the samples or give aways . I never felt like I didnt get my money's worth ! Thank you and it's almost time to re-order so I'll see ya later and thanks !!!


This gold stuff is great.


Great product

White Indo Kratom Powder
Daniel Griffin-Beale
Quality, customer service and potency

Very great product at an excellent price point. The powder was very fine and more potent than others I have tried. Use less and lasts longer in proper usage. Customer service and quality are top notch. Would not shop anywhere else now that I have found this company. Thums up all around here and a rare 5 star I give.

Never received them.

excellent product

Good price

Gold Reserve Kratom Capsules

1 Kilo Kratom Powder 2-Way Split - 2.2lbs

Always good product and service

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