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White Sumatra

Luv this strain!

Quick & Easy

Quick delivery . Good product

Great quality

I liked it so much I ordered two more kilos.

Maguang green

The green is the best. I making tincture right now


The Platinum Kratom Extract Tablets 80% Ultra-Purified Alkaloids are wonderful. They are easy to take and swallow. They work extremely well, take away my KNEE PAIN.

More than ten years of usage

I’ve used Kratom for more than ten years for pain management and literally would be in a wheelchair without it!

Very strong

If you are used to taking kratom all the time then I recommend these when powder won’t work

Excellent Product

Excellent product!

Red Borneo

Good quality, low price, fast shipping, amazing customer service, will buy again as always.



Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

These are my favorite! I like to purchase these in the 300 count bottle. Great product at a great price. And such a convenient way to consume a quality kratom product – both at home and on the go. Three to five capsules over a short amount of time always improves my mood and energy level!

Amazing Botanicals is my go to source for kratom. Highly recommended!!

Blue Lotus extract

I love it soooo much i am ordering 3 more bottles. I just got it 2 days ago. I guess the mail was a little slower than normal.

Good mellow Kratom

Like this one. It’s smooth and mellow






I use them together with powder and feel great.

Red Vietnam Capsules

5 Stars, Fast Shipping, Fast Acting Great Product .

Great product, great change of pace

I am a longtime kratom powder user, with my favorite strain and dosage, but once in a while I try different strains and forms to keep things interesting and my tolerance reasonable, and lately I’ve been exploring extracts. These particular tablets have been very effective and I highly recommend them as a nice alternative to your usual powder or capsule dose. They give me consistent results every time.

White Hulu is our go to

A favorite but maybe not well known

Great product!

These capsules are easy to take and are very effective. Highly recommended.

Smooth taste strong dose

These flavored shots are so much more tolerable than straight extract shots. They still pack a large dose, or 2 medium to small ones. Great for taking to game or show, or anywhere you want a quick shot. Rinse bottle with a little water after to get the remaining amount.


Tasty , melting , goodness. Nice numbing effect under the tongue. Helping to create a good mood.

Buy Bulk!

Like buying in bulk because I know I’m going to continue taking kratom. Get a better deal to. Never had a issue with Amazing Botanicals.

Blue Lotus 200X Extract Tablets 20,000 mg