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Great company

I’ve been using Amazing Botanicals for quite a while now. I’m very happy with their service and their product. They have great prices too.

Love this place


Just received my kratom first time buying from yall, shipping was fast actually arrived two days early 😅 so that was nice and the quality of the kratom is jn point, thank you I’ll definitely be ordering again soon


Really good service, Extract tablets are the best

2 thumbs up!

Good product and good service

Red Bali Kratom Powder
Alma Esquitin
Very Happy

Unfortunately, this last order was sent back to Amazing Botanicals other than that I’ve been happy

Platinum Tablets

From a long time Kratom user who enjoys less plant intake I really liked these tablets. I have more on the way as I write this so I would definitely recommend to others. I take 1 tablet and 2 capsules in the morning for a energized boost.

Possibly My New Favorite

Amazing Botanicals has been my go-to source for kratom for almost five years. I’ve tried many strains, and Green Maeng Da became my favorite — perhaps until today. Had Trainwreck not been this week’s promotional offering, I wouldn’t have known because I stopped experimenting with various other strains due to Green Maeng Da’s reliability to cost of experimentation. I’m now leaning toward Trainwreck being my standard order.


Always happy.

Great quality

My favorite tab. They dissolve quick and are fast acting. Great clean energy all day long!

Pan pacific

Tropic thunder

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder


I have been purchasing Kratom from Amazing Botanicals for at least a year now. I am always happy with the quality of the product I get. I usually split my order between half a kilo of red vein and half a kilo of green vein powder. This time I added an additional half kilo Train Wreck. My favorites are the Red and the Green MD, as well as the Red and the Green Thai. I also value the fact that all of their Kratom is tested, so you know you’re getting something that is safe and free of harmful properties. Shipping is always quick.


great taste, great results!

I trust these guys

I have been buying my Kratom exclusively through Amazing Botanicals for almost 4 years now. They have the best quality best prices and great customer service. I place an order, and it is usually shipped out that day, sometimes within hours. How do they even do that? I have not one negative thing to say. Thanks guys!

Good stuff

I’m always happy with my order from you. The tablets are great . Thanks for great service also

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

My go to.

A lot goes along way. All you need is start out with a very small amount. You can always work up your dose as you go. Helps with a positive mood, and focus. This is my Favorite. It’s a little expensive for the amount, but it worth it. Just add a little after the favorite of usually take.


Need a notion on uplifting ,take a couple of these rather than scoops of powder

Great tincture!

It’s very good to use a few drops in addition to my tea, I just use a little less tea, and it is absorbed more rapidly than the powder/tea.

Works for me

Works for me

Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder
Jessie Defilippo
Excellent service

Very prompt delivery and high quality product

Love these!!!

The green di capsules from amazing botanicals Are top quality. Will buy them again.

Kratom 50x Extract Capsules
I LUV DUCKs +{:o)+=<


Gold Bali Kratom Powder
Michael Cathcart
Balanced, consistent strain

Gold Bali has been my go-to strain from AB for many years. Quality and efficacy are consistent and reliable. It is so important to know your body’s reactions and responses to kratom, and having a product be so consistent is crucial to developing a balanced and useful regimen for every kratom user. AB provides that every time… at the lowest prices anywhere (for real quality, not gas station garbage), and reliable, speedy delivery. Thank you AB for years of excellence.

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