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Top quality is an understatement

Red Bali is on ๐ŸŽฏ!

Good company with strong packaging and dependable delivery. You can't ask for a more reasonable price all things considered! I am and have been a happy customer for quite a while.

Top Quality

Best Green I have ever tried! A+++

Great for pain

Loved this variety for severe nerve pain in my neck from a slipped vertebrae. Iโ€™ve used Kratom for various pain over the years, and this strain is one of my favorite so far for pain and mood.

Feeling good ๐Ÿ˜€

I love this product

Excellent product

Great product

Purchased numerous times , great product


I loved this Green more than any other Green I've tried. I'm ordering a kilo of it right now.

Great deal and service

My only complaints, my bag of green hulu has big chunks that are hard and most I was able to break up, but I have bad Neuro hand problems and chewing problems and about 1/4 I can't use. The other 3 bags in order of the 4 way split are perfect!

White M. D.

Amazing stuff!! Loads of energy following a very good and relaxing feeling!!!


Best company

Best for my pain

Green bali is the best for my pain at anytime of day.



Clean and pure

Good feeling no uneasiness about the product whatsoever Nd it worked great !

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Love it.

I take 3 scoops every night along with 3 scoops of Gold Bally. Within 30 minutes Iโ€™m ready for bed. I have a hard time sleeping. I have severe RLS. The only thing that happens to me is that all the sudden my legs arenโ€™t bothering me and can sleep through the night.


I find this strain makes me feel more sleepy/drowsy than other red strains that I've tried. Great for insomnia, good evening time strain


Relaxing, good for rls, seems to work well with my prescribed medications

How much I like


Red Is Great

Loved it so much
Good quality ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Best Enhanced Strain I Have Ever Purchased

Very good quality with an amazing price! Thanks again!

Green MD is the best!

Great quality product


Easy to take and great for fighting colds

Great Product

Awesome product. I love all AB products. You can't beat the quality, quantity & price!

Happy Customer

Great product, very fast service, even better price. I will be a return customer.

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