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Green Bali is one of the highest-quality Kratom strains on the market, and Amazing Botanicals® is pleased to offer wild-harvested Green Bali Kratom powder sourced straight from the Kratom farms of Indonesia.

What Makes Green Bali Unique? 

At Amazing Botanicals, we carry a wide selection of Green Kratom strains, but Green Bali is truly something special. Whereas most Kratom strains are named for their geographic location of origin (e.g. Thai, Indo, Vietnam), the name Bali is a title reserved for the most potent Kratom strain at any given time.

This powder earns the distinction of Bali because it has the highest concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine you’ll find, and it’s a marvel of potency and quality. Our Green Bali Kratom powder is expertly cultivated in Southeast Asia under ideal growing conditions, with a combination of rich volcanic soils, high humidity, and year-round topical heat and sunlight. No other region on Earth has the unique blending of characteristics necessary to create these potent, high-quality botanicals.

So if you love the effects of Green Kratom but you’re looking for something that truly takes the quality to the next level, Green Bali won’t disappoint.

Order Green Bali Kratom Powder From Amazing Botanicals

We want you to have the best possible experience when ordering Green Bali Kratom. That’s why we offer free and rapid (often same-day) shipping, industry-low prices, and a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. We also take the time to ensure that all of our products are sourced from the best Kratom farms on Earth, with all products 3rd-party lab-tested for quality.

Order this one-of-a-kind Kratom powder today, and discover something amazing.

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Great product

Works well and great customer service. My wife uses it during the day (in a drink) for her rheumatoid pain. Great replacement for addictive pharmaceuticals.

Tammy Doyle
Green Bali

Great quality and fast shipping!

David McClure
Dependable seller!

Best prices, great product, always great service.

Richard Johnson

It's a bit more mellow energy wise than their MD but I really like it.

Jignesh Goshwami

Amazing product

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