Bulk Kratom Deals


For a limited time we are offering major discounts for buying Kratom in bulk. If you buy 5 Kilos the cost per Kilo is $64.99, and if you buy 10 Kilos the cost per Kilo is $59.99. Even better, you can select a different strain for each Kilo from the dropdown menus below, and you can choose from 50+ exotic, rare, and highly potent strains. (Note: if you are buying 5 kilos don’t select strains for Kilos #6-10)

Also, this offer includes Free Shipping and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Bulk Kratom Deals - 5 Kilos - $64.99/Kilo
Bulk Kratom Deals - 10 Kilos - $59.99/Kilo

Earn up to 600 Points.

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