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White-Vein Kratom

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Experience Energizing White-Vein Kratom

As you know, the colors of veins on Kratom leaves vary. What you may not know is that these colors show the maturity of the tree they were harvested from. White Kratom is made with leaves harvested from a young Mitragyna speciosa tree.

At Amazing Botanicals, we’ve cherry-picked the most prized white Kratom strains under one roof. You can find them as either Kratom powder or Kratom capsules, depending on what form you prefer. Besides that, they come in a myriad of size options—from a few grams to massive bulk Kratom packs.

To find specific strains faster, you can type its name in the search bar or sort out all the products by applying filters. We recommend checking out reviews first so that you can see what our community’s favorites are!


White Kratom is known for its energizing effects. If you need an all-natural energy enhancer, then this kind of Kratom is for you. If you would prefer a more laid-back Kratom experience, you should opt for a high dose of red-vein Kratom instead.

Are you someone who wants to fine-tune their dosage or add Kratom to smoothies, teas, or meals? Powder will be right for you. Are you new to Kratom or don’t want to spend the time measuring out your doses? You should go with one of our capsule jars.

Maeng Da Kratom is the strongest strain on the market. In addition to the high acidity of the soil their source trees grow in, the leaves are also dried for longer than other strains. This results in a dried leaf with a higher concentration of alkaloids.

Try Our Other Kratom Veins

Interested in trying more than just our energizing white-vein Kratom? Our red-vein Kratom soothes and relaxes the body—perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. For a balanced experience, we recommend trying our green-vein Kratom. It combines the best of both red and white strains into one leaf.

Affordable Kratom, Exceptional Quality

Say “no” to untrusted suppliers and bid farewell to sky-high prices. At Amazing Botanicals, you can buy Kratom without emptying your wallet. Our reward points, discounts, and coupon codes will make your shopping even less financially burdensome.

What’s more, your white-strain Kratom comes with fast and free nationwide shipping in the US. As there’s nothing that we care about more than your satisfaction, we also offer a 30-day guarantee for returns or exchanges.