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Zona Kratom Review – Are Their Products Worth A Try?

Kratom is a Southeast Asian plant that is endemic to the region. However, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia have all outlawed the cultivation and export of Kratom. Consequently, Indonesia has found itself in the rare circumstance of being the world’s leading supplier. Of course, laws change all the time, and there are plans to outlaw Kratom in Indonesia. However, while the product is still legal, many Indonesian businesses are profiting.‘Zona Kratom’ happens to be one such brand. This seller provides a variety of products to customers in the United States. While they may not be as popular as other companies, they still have a solid reputation because of their location.

What Is Zona Kratom?

Zona Kratom is a well-known Indonesian business that sells top-grade Kratom globally at remarkably cheap rates. The brand only utilizes the highest grade Kratom leaves, which undergo direct harvest from Indonesian trees. The Borneo and Sumatera forests are both widely recognized for their high-quality Kratom. As a result, they are among the four forests in Indonesia chosen for extraction. The leaves are from the tree’s upper branches, and they all contain a lot of alkaloids, which is the most significant component of Kratom. Once the extraction process is complete, the company uses a fermentation process to eradicate any possible impurities. After all, Zona Kratom aims to provide nothing less than the best for its Kratom consumers. But before buying from this brand, many factors come into play.

1) Product Line

Zona Kratom has a small product line with nine different powders, all of which are also available as capsules. Green Hulu, Green Bali, Red Borneo, Gold Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da are among their list. Unlike other manufacturers that provide several sizes for their powders, Zona Kratom only offers one-kilo packs for all of their powders. But for anyone who needs a larger supply, 20 kilos packs are also available. Their capsules, on the other hand, come in either a 500g or a one-kilo bag. These options limit the possibilities for consumers who want a little bit of product. But as far as samples are concerned, the vendor does provide 2-kilo packs with four distinct strains. It ensures customer satisfaction before they invest in larger quantities.

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2) Product Pricing, Coupons, And Discounted Offers

When purchasing items such as Kratom, customers often check costs from various kratom vendors. Before selecting the most suitable supplier, looking around the entire market is necessary. Zona Kratom understands the needs of the general market. It is why they are willing to provide their products at such reasonable rates. All kratom products are surprisingly inexpensive, with pricing that appeals to a wide range of customers. Most of the company’s products cost approximately $90 per kilo, making it much lesser than other similar vendors. Kratom products are typically priced by local suppliers for $200 a kilo, with inferior quality because they are not fresh from Indonesia. Moreover, Zona Kratom also has special pricing for large orders, with 20 kilos costing about $1000. These great rates accompany occasional sales, coupons, and discounted offers, all of which add to the excitement of purchasing Kratom. As a result, make sure you’re always up to speed on the website’s various offerings. Currently, the vendor is offering slashed prices on almost all of its products.

3) Lab Testing For The Products

For a company that uses a reliable fermentation process, you would expect them to hide nothing. However, it is strange to find out that the company has no lab tests available on its website. This part may concern some consumers as a Kratom supplier’s claims need backing from dependable lab tests. Even though Zona Kratom is in the process of getting lab-tested, selling products in the meantime is considered unethical. There is always a risk of using Kratom products when no one knows if they are tainted with microbes or heavy metals.

4) GMP Qualification

When creating a product meant for consumption, quality and safety should be ever-present. The American Kratom Association created a GMP standardized program that serves this purpose. It does so through a higher level of safe manufacturing processes. All dependable Kratom suppliers act under the AKA’s GMP program. Inevitably, you can find all these participants on the association’s official website. However, it is unfortunate that Zona Kratom is not amongst the names on the list. It means the brand does not have a safe license to regulate its products in the Kratom market. As a result, there is no guarantee of product safety for the consumers. Nevertheless, the company does aim to acquire accreditation from the Kratom association. In the meantime, any wise person would keep their distance.

5) Payment Methods And Fast Shipping

Zona Kratom is one of the few Kratom vendors that make global shipping possible. Since the products undergo processing and packaging in Indonesia, they ship directly to your location. It ensures that the time taken for delivery is minimal and there are no setbacks throughout the process. As far as payment methods are concerned, there is a wide range of options. PayPal, credit cards, and money transfers through Western Union and other similar money transfer services are acceptable types of transactions. Anyone who wants to make a direct bank transfer into the company’s account can do so through the Transferwise app. On the other hand, the vendor tells customers to get in touch with their administration when ordering through PayPal or Bitcoin. It is necessary as they instruct you themselves, making transactions more convenient. Customers receive a comprehensive record of their transaction and a GPS tracking code after making an order. This receipt allows them to follow their purchase until it arrives at the doorstep.

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6) Refund Policy

Most Kratom companies nowadays ensure customer satisfaction through lenient refund policies. It is necessary if there are problems in a shipment or if the product itself is damaged. Unfortunately, Zona Kratom provides no such refund policy. Many customers trying out new supplement companies may back off because of this absence. Unquestionably, it is a concern as the company refuses to take responsibility for any mishandled product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prices at Zona Kratom reasonable?

Yes, the prices of this vendor are more than reasonable. Moreover, they constantly have Kratom products on sale, making purchases worth it.

Are the products safe?

Even though the company products still need lab testing and AKA accreditation, the positive testimonials provided by past customers mean the products are relatively safe.

Final Thoughts

Although there is nothing wrong with their supplements, the absence of documentation to verify their validity harms customers’ trust when making a purchase. Additionally, their pricing isn’t competitive, with several US-based sellers providing tested Kratom supplements for less. Nonetheless, if you want to experience something directly from Indonesia, their products may be worth a try.

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