White Reserve Kratom becomes a number one choice for countless users when it comes to shortlisting some top-notch Kratom strains. It is fairly a new strain for many users but people who have been taking it are super satisfied with what they get out of it.

Whether or not White Reserve Kratom is a naturally occurring substance is a great confusion for many Speciosa enthusiasts. If you are concerned about the same, this guide has got you covered. It presents everything you are on the hunt for. Let’s get into the detailed specifics.

What Is White-Veined Kratom?

Understanding what exactly is white-veined Kratom is important before we move on to exploring what White Reserve Speciosa is. It is a popular herb being consumed everywhere around the world where Mitragyna is declared a legal substance. Compared to red-veined Kratom, this strain comes with less potency and this is why a couple of new users are in love with consuming this botanical.

The harvesting process of white-veined Speciosa consists of handpicking the leaves when they reach the earlier level of their maturity. But, it does not mean at all that they come with zero potencies.

What Precisely Is White Reserve Kratom?

You are now familiar with white strains. Let’s get into the details of what White Reserve Speciosa has for you. The use of the word “Reserve” often makes people curious about this strain. Well, there is no science behind it. It is introduced to show a higher level of potency preserved in White Reserve Kratom. The harvesting approach of this Korth variant is exactly the same as for other strains. There is only a single difference and we will discuss it later in this guide.

Where Does It Come From?

Though it is extracted from different countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia produces a bigger portion of the whole White Reserve share. If you are looking for the reasons behind how this land produces premium-grade stuff, you will be surprised to know that the tropical atmospheric conditions and fertile land rich in important nutrients play a key role in this regard. The native soil always produces Kratom with unmatchable properties.

How Is It Prepared?

As stated earlier, there is no special difference in its harvesting method. One thing the growers take care of is to choose the trees having a higher alkaloid concentration to produce a greater potency when consumed. Later on, the leaves are handpicked, dried in the sunlight, and carefully grounded to prepare fine powder. Then, this power is tested for consistency, safety, purity, and freshness. Once done, the retailers start displaying the different packets on their shelves or in eCommerce stores.

Which Forms Is This Strain Available In?

If you explore today’s market, you will find this strain in two different versions i.e., powder and capsules. Depending on your interest or choice, you can make the right selection. The sales stats show that both versions are equally appreciable. They are not only good for the users but act as helping hands for sellers as well. Both the capsules and powder have helped thousands of vendors generate decent revenues.

List Of Prominent Alkaloids

Overall, this botanical consists of a series of alkaloids. Some are identified whereas others are still unknown. The concentration of alkaloid components is directly linked to the level of potency a strain may have. The higher the concentration, the higher will be the potency.

The alkaloids with more content always have a greater impact on the overall potential of the plant. As far as White Reserve Kratom is concerned, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine are the two most prominent alkaloids. The potency you feel while taking this botanical largely depends on these two components.

How Can I Take White Reserve Kratom?

Well, it is entirely up to you. It is better to choose a method that has the ability to fulfill your Kratom needs. A few popular consumption methods are listed below.

  • Leaves: You can only access fresh Kratom leaves if you are either living or staying anywhere in Southeast Asia. Chewing on them is one of the quickest approaches to get the maximum out of this plant material.
  • Powder: It is a grounded version of handpicked and dried Kratom leaves. As soon as you take it, it enters your bloodstream directly thereby producing an instant influence. This is something that many users love the most.
  • Tea: It is quite an appreciable product these days, especially among those working in professional workspaces. Many users drink it at different times. Some prefer drinking it in the morning whereas many others take it in the evening. A couple of others just drink tea before they go to bed.
  • Capsules: If you want to reduce the bitter taste of Kratom, taking capsules will do the job. The capsule shells are manufactured with a special non-GMO material that helps you mask the bitterness to a great extent.
  • Smoothies: In simple words, you can say that it is a blended beverage. It is a superb item to get an exciting experience from your Korth journey.
  • Extracts/Tinctures: They both are liquid forms of Speciosa and are useful if your goal is to undergo an extremely potent experience.
  • Combination: It means combining your White Reserve Speciosa with different edibles like honey, cookies, sauces, etc.

How Much Should I Consume?

There is no solitary response to this particular query because different users may get the desired results by taking different amounts of White Reserve Speciosa. Even the same user can get different outcomes after consuming this botanical at different times. If you start with the smaller doses, it would be a great idea. But, if you don’t want to give this herb a try with a random amount, you are free to get trusted assistance from your family doctor.

Where To Purchase White Reserve Kratom?

Stop searching, start buying. We have made the overall shopping process super easy for you. The three brands listed below will provide you with the freshest form of White Reserve Kratom powder and capsules.

  1. Amazing Botanicals
  2. Kratom Coastline
  3. Crazy Kratom

What Do Customers Think Of This Strain?

The majority of buyers’ feedback is positive. However, you will be amazed to see the mixed customer reviews. The reason behind this fact is that the potency is too high for the newbies to try. This is why the new users didn’t find it good enough. On the other hand, regular Kratom users are big fans of White Reserve Kratom.


White Reserve Kratom is one of the very few credible strains that are known for attracting seasoned Mitragyna users with their long-lasting properties and higher potency. Even if the smaller doses may help you achieve the desired results. Looking to explore this domain further? If yes, make sure that you have carefully gone through the above discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start with White Reserve Speciosa?

This strain consists of a higher concentration of alkaloids and hence produces a more potent touch. Therefore, if you have just started your Kratom journey, the decent approach would be to start taking less potent Speciosa variants in the beginning.

Where should I buy this strain? Online or local?

Well, you can decide on your own. If you can trust the seller, don’t mind paying for your order in advance, and can wait for some days, making online purchases would be a great idea. But, if you prefer to take products in hand before you pay for them, you will feel more comfortable with a local purchase.

Is White Reserve Kratom a costly product?

No, it is not a costly Kratom variant. The price for White Reserve and other strains are pretty similar e.g., Green Thai, White, Borneo, Red Maeng Da, and Red Bali.

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