White Enhanced Kratom has sparked interest in the local as well as global Kratom community. Many Kratom lovers are not yet familiar with this Speciosa variant. This is the reason they get curious as soon as they hear about it. It is now a heated subject.

Have you just heard of White Enhanced Kratom? Looking to take a closer look into this domain? Trying to find a dependable source of information to delve deeper? If yes, you have found the guide you are looking for. Let’s get right into the detailed specifics.

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What Precisely Is White Enhanced Kratom?

To simply understand this concept, you can consider it an enhanced form of white-veined Kratom. In comparison to all other white strains, White Enhanced Speciosa consists of higher alkaloid concentrations.

This is the major reason this Kratom variant comes with a higher potency. According to people who often take this botanical, it is known for offering long-lasting influence. The duration for which the whole influence lasts largely depends on the way it is prepared.

Getting familiar with the preparation process is a must for you before you purchase this product because it is directly linked to the overall potential properties. The reason why this product produces a different touch when purchased from different sellers is that every manufacturer or vendor prepares it in a unique way.

Where Does It Originate From?

There exists confusion about whether or not White Enhanced Kratom is a naturally occurring herb. As explained earlier, it is prepared manually, so the confusion should not go ahead. Therefore, it is produced in different parts of Southeast Asia. The sellers have not yet made their recipe public but one thing is for sure; every seller uses a unique preparation method to make White Enhanced Mitragyna.

How Is It Prepared?

Well, this is the most important parameter you should be well aware of. The way it is produced is pretty simple. All you need is to take enough Mitragyna powder, put it into some water, and start boiling it.

Important Note: Many vendors take around 15 to 20 grams of Kratom powder. So, you can take it accordingly.

Keep on boiling the water, having Speciosa powder inside, until you get a solid form. This is commonly termed resin. The resin is converted into powder again.

The next step involves adding 50X extract powder to the Ketum powder obtained from the resin. Many sellers keep the ratio 90:10. It means that they use 90% pure Kratom powder and 10% 50X extract powder. The addition of extract powder is made to enhance the overall impact of white-veined Speciosa.

Don’t forget that the amount of extract powder must be way less than that of the Kratom powder. Otherwise, the extract powder will take major control and you may not like it.

What Alkaloids Does This Kratom Variant Carry?

Overall, it consists of more than thirty-five alkaloid components that are identified so far. Out of them all, the ones with the highest concentration are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. When it comes to 50X extract powder, it is also rich in both 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and Mitragynine.

So, when pure Kratom powder and 50X extract powder are combined together, you get an enhanced version of regular white-veined Mitragyna Speciosa. Many extracts come with zero contents of 7-hydroxy-mitragynine; therefore, they don’t produce productive outcomes.

How Can I Consume White Enhanced Kratom?

The way of consumption may vary from one user to the next. It greatly depends on what you want to get out of this herbal supplement.

If you are on the hunt for the easiest approach to fulfill your Speciosa needs, you should try taking its powder. Well, the White Enhanced Kratom powder is not like a regular Kratom powder as it consists of 50X extract powder as well.

If you want to use this method to take your dose, you need to put some powder in your mouth and drink water or any other liquid after it.

The vendors also sell the powder by packing it in non-GMO capsule shells. If you consume capsules, you will feel way less potency and pungent odor. Newbies love consuming Kratom this way because it helps them reduce the overall bitterness.

Another efficient way to enjoy your Speciosa journey is to add it to different edibles. Many consumers prefer adding White Enhanced Mitragyna to liquids. Whereas, others prefer to take it with varied food products, including but not limited to sauces, baked items, honey, and many others.

How Much Should I Take?

There is no set amount to be taken because everyone has different goals and preferences. The amount you should take largely depends on your digestive abilities, age, sex, workout routine, and other similar factors. The best way to consume this botanical is to start with the minimum doses.

However, there is nothing better than consulting your family health professionals or doctors. They may suggest something fruitful purely based on your medical record.

Where To Buy White Enhanced Kratom?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find credible sellers as this guide presents the three top-performing sellers providing you with the highest quality White Enhanced Kratom powder and capsules.

  • Amazing Botanicals: It is the top choice for the people who always look out for a brand with the highest rate of customer satisfaction. Interestingly, every item at this online store is cost-effective and free from contaminants.
  • Coastline Kratom: If you are on the hunt for making bulk purchases, this brand will surely be your go-to seller. It sources its stock from Southeast Asia and lab tests the entire inventory. Therefore, the quality of strains is no longer an issue.
  • Crazy Kratom: This is an evolving business dealing in the purest and freshest form of Indonesian Kratom. The prices are competitive and customer support services are truly outstanding.

What Do Users Think Of This Strain?

The users are in love with the outcomes White Enhanced Kratom produces. This is the reason this Speciosa variant is high in demand and the future seems pretty bright as well because of its continuously increasing consumption.

If you explore online customer reviews, you will find most of them positive. Similarly, you can ask the users in person about their experiences as well. Almost all are pretty satisfied with this Korth variant.


White Enhanced Kratom is not a herbal supplement that grows naturally. In fact, it is prepared using manual methods i.e., introducing 50X extract powder in regular Kratom powder just to give the overall impact a great boost. This is the reason it is known as an enhanced version of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between Ultra White Enhanced and White Enhanced Kratom?

Answer: Both produce the same influence. The only thing that creates the difference is the preparation approaches. The use of fancy names is a new strategy to grab the attention of people around. It has proved to be pretty helpful in generating more sales for both local and online Kratom merchants.

Question: Can I consume this Kratom variant as a newbie?

Answer: Well, doing this would not be a good approach. As a newbie, you may find it unpleasant because White Enhanced Mitragyna comes with higher potency in comparison to regular white strains. A better idea is to start taking the smallest doses of less potent Kratom versions.

Question: Is White Enhanced Kratom costly in comparison to other strains?

Answer: Yes, it is a bit costly strain compared to regular white-veined Kratom. The preparation process consumes more time and requires more effort. This is the reason why White Enhanced Speciosa is being sold at higher prices.

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