The White Dragon strain of kratom is a potent variety that offers users an intense, long-lasting experience. It has been described as “the best thing to happen to kratom in the last decade” and it is quickly catching on with many medicinal consumers.

The strain has been a new addition to the rich treasure of kratom and delivers rich effects that are common to the most potent varieties of the herb.

But what sets this strain apart from its counterparts? And why are so many people giving it rave reviews? Let’s take a closer look at White Dragon Kratom.

This article will talk about what it does inside the body, the positive effects that users have experienced with this variety of kratom, and any side effects that may occur when using it.

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Origin Of White Dragon Kratom

The white dragon is a strain or type of white vein kratom that is a genetically modified version of the two most potent strains of kratom. The White Vein Dragon is a unique strain of kratom that has been carefully cultivated on the tropical island of Borneo.

It features two powerful breeds, which are found abundantly in its genetics: white maeng da and white elephant ears.

The strain is made from one of the most potent leaves of the Mitragyna species trees that are grown in Southeast Asia. The white dragon kratom powder is made by a simple process of drying the newly-modified leaves and then grinding them into a fine powder. 

The Maeng Da strain is highly popular, and It’s no surprise why. It’s named after the Thai word “Maeng da,” which translates to “pimp grade.”

This high-quality Kratom comes from all over Southeast Asia, making it difficult for one particular place of origin because there are always new regions being discovered with rich sources for this amazing herb!

White Elephants have large elephant-like leaves that have lots of alkaloid content; we know how potent they can be since our name literally means “white vein,” referring not just visually but also due to its potency as well.

This potent mix will offer you both energizing effects from WHITE MAENG DA while also providing relaxation with ELEPHANT EARS through equal measure! These mental relaxants work together simultaneously– they balance out feelings of being overworked and promote euphoric sensations.

The effects of one strain type do not overpower another at any point during consumption. Because of this, you can expect to experience the benefits of both in this particular type.


The term “white dragon kratom” is often used to describe the potency level of the strain to attract customers, but the actual name of this strain varies.

While it’s possible that different names are being used by separate vendors, there seems to be some consensus on calling all kratom strains with the properties of white maeng da and white elephant kratom as the white dragon strain.

Kratom has actually been used by people living in Southeast Asia for centuries, but it’s only recently become popular in the United States.

Because of its recent popularity here in America, there are still a lot of questions being raised about what this plant is capable of doing to your body and mind. 

One thing that makes white dragon kratom unique is that it contains a higher alkaloid content than other varieties, which means that it offers enhanced effects for its users.

It has been said to be more energizing when compared with green vein and red vein kratom, which are both favorites among Kratom enthusiasts.

The Effects Of Using White Dragon Kratom

A person’s mood can change in an instant. When you are feeling tired and sluggish, it takes more effort for your body to perform simple tasks like walking up one flight of stairs or even making coffee.

No matter how much sleep we get on any given night, though, there will always be times where our bodies need some extra energy boost! But what does “energize” really mean?

From increased endurance (regeneratively speaking) to stronger mental clarity that lasts all day long with better focus at work – these are just two ways the natural high from white dragon functions deep into the brain, which controls vital functions such as metabolism rate, blood pressure regulation, and immune system response among many others.

It’s important to remember that the strain has never been known for causing severe negative reactions, and most people don’t experience any at all.

It can be beneficial to stop taking this strain if the side effects become bothersome or they start interfering with your daily life.

Usage And Dosage Of White Dragon Kratom

Mixing it with other types of kratom – especially green or red vein strains can help balance out the effects, so you get more than just one benefit in every dose.

White dragon mitragyna speciosa may be ingested orally through chewing, or crushed and mixed with juice, tea, or another beverage.

Dosage: The average dosage for this type of kratom is between two and four grams, which should be enough to produce noticeable effects within 15-30 minutes.

If you’ve had a fair amount of experience mixing different kratom strains or enjoyed other blends, then the white dragon is worth exploring.

However – buyer beware! This powerful and robust strain will overwhelm those who are not accustomed to its effects. Be safe by being smart when taking these types of blends from retailers that carry them.

It’s also important for newcomers interested in trying new things with their dosage regimen since there can be quite some variation based on what kind (grade) they purchase from an online vendor versus visiting someone face-to-face. If you want to buy kratom online, we suggest the following vendors online:

  • Amazing Botanicals
  • Kratom Crazy
  • Golden Monk
  • Super Natural Botanicals

These are usually the first reliable vendors to show up when users search for kratom near me. They provide incredible customer service and only source the highest quality kratom online!

Note: It is always best to do some research before you buy kratom online so that you can find the most reliable source possible because it can be difficult to find appropriate searches for “kratom near me” in some locations, as well as being a bit more expensive than other types of kratom.

Similar Strains

Another kratom strain similar to the white dragon is called Maeng Da. It’s also a popular variety that contains similar alkaloids to the white dragon strain, which gives it its properties and effects on the body when used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes.

Thus, both white dragon and Maeng Da are closely related strains of this plant with similar positive effects on users’ moods, energy levels, and sleep patterns.

So, if you are looking for a kratom strain that can provide an energy boost while reducing your sluggishness and fatigue.

Then the white dragon is one of the best varieties to try. It’s effective at providing users with these benefits without any real adverse side effects which makes it popular among many different people who use this plant regularly.


The white dragon kratom strain offers the benefits of other varieties without any disadvantages or limitations on regular activities.

This particular strain is known for its ability to provide improved energy, alertness, moods and help you achieve a better lifestyle.

Furthermore, it can lead to very few side effects, and there have not been any documented cases of serious risks associated with this use. So if you’re looking for a new way to enhance your daily life and routine, consider giving the White Dragon Kratom Strain a try!

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