White Borneo Kratom has been around for a while now. It is one of the few strains that have ruled over the industry as well as the hearts of users. Many online forums are full of discussions associated with this Korth strain.

Have you ever tried White Borneo Kratom? Not really? Want to give it a try now? Well, avoid consuming it until you read the discussion presented below. It includes everything you must know about White Borneo.

What Precisely Is White Borneo Kratom?

It is one of the most popular variants of white-veined Mitragyna. The farmers harvest the leaves before they become fully mature and this is why they are less potent compared to their red alternatives. White Borneo comes with a bitter taste, earthy smell, and clayish green color. Keep in mind these parameters while making a purchase. They will help you make a worthy decision.

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Where Does It Originate From?

Well, it originates from a well-known island in Southeast Asia – Borneo. This island covers a part of three different countries e.g., Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. All three countries are considered among the very few biggest producers of Kratom around the world. The tropical weather and nutrient-rich soil make Borneo an ideal place to tremendously grow Mitragyna trees.

Why Is It Known As White Borneo?

Just like many other strains, its name is directly associated with both the physical appearance and the origin. The word “White” shows the vein color when leaves are harvested. Whereas, the word “Borneo” is derived from the place it grows in. This is why it is commonly known as White Borneo Kratom.

What Alkaloids Does This Strain Carry?

White Borneo is a combination of a wide range of alkaloids. Thanks to Mitragynine for making this strain stand out by giving it a special influence. It comes with the highest concentration. 7-hydroxy-mitragynine is an alkaloid component with the second-highest concentration. These two alkaloids play a major role when it comes to showcasing the overall properties of White Borneo.

Which Forms Is This Kratom Variant Available In?

The good news is that you can explore the different variants when purchasing White Borneo Kratom. The readily accessible forms include powder and capsules. Some vendors also offer smoothies and teas. You can explore the inventories of multiple sellers to get an idea of what exactly is available in today’s market.

How Can I Consume White Borneo Kratom?

Do you love experiencing the bitter flavor of this herb? Start your journey with its powder that is prepared after handpicking the mature leaves, drying them in sunlight, and grinding them in the end. When you consume powder, it goes directly to your bloodstream and produces instant influence.

If you are the kind of a user who feels reluctant while undergoing bitterness, there is nothing better than ingesting capsules. They are specifically prepared to mask the pungent smell and bitter taste of this botanical.

In addition, you can use White Borneo powder to make tea and can drink it either in the evening or at breakfast. Apart from that, a number of users prefer to add this strain to different food items and beverages. More interestingly, you can make smoothies to get a unique and distinctive experience.

How Much Should I Consume?

Well, this is indeed a tricky question with no fixed answer. The amount to be taken depends on what you want to achieve from this Kratom variant. Don’t follow the suggestions of your younger brother or a colleague because you have different body structures compared to them. Therefore, your dose may vary.

If you are still looking for some suggestions, it would be better to get assistance from a medical professional. If you have a family doctor, he or she can better guide you because they are usually aware of your medical history and it is a plus point.

In case, for any reason, you can’t consult health professionals in this regard, you are free to give White Borneo a try, but with smaller doses only.

Once you consume its smaller dose, don’t forget to keep a close eye on how it behaves with your digestive system or the whole body. If you are not getting the desired results, keep on increasing your intake until you get what you want. Taking higher doses, in the beginning, would be a risky step, so avoid doing it at any cost.

Where To Buy White Borneo Kratom?

If you are worried about where to purchase 100% organic Kratom, look no further than the top 3 vendors listed below.

1. Amazing Botanicals – www.amazingbotanicals.net

Always search for a seller having a decent rate of customer satisfaction. Thanks to Amazing Botanicals as it has satisfied almost every customer so far. A huge collection of Kratom goods remains accessible throughout the year at affordable prices. White Borneo Kratom powder and capsules are the top-selling variants at this online store.

2. Kratom Spot – www.kratomspot.com

This brand holds a lab-tested selection of Speciosa, including White Borneo Kratom powder and capsules imported from none other than Southeast Asia. You can purchase any strain at an unbeatable price with absolute integrity. Don’t be concerned about the shipment as this seller ensures timely delivery along with a money-back guarantee.

3. Happy Hippo Herbals – www.happyhippoherbals.com

Among thousands of online Kratom sellers, Happy Hippo Herbals has a special place. It is one of the most trusted vendors offering White Borneo Kratom powder and capsules with a range of other varieties. A few parameters that set this evolving brand apart include secure payments, highly responsive customer staff, positive customer reviews, speedy shipping, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

What Do Customers Think Of This Kratom Strain?

Almost every customer review on this Kratom strain is positive. Very few people have shared negative feedback, and the reason is still unknown why they did so. From potency to distinctiveness, White Borneo has everything to share with its users. This is what increases its overall demand across the world.

If you don’t know where to check the buyers’ feedback, simply go to the vendors’ websites selling this product, and have a look at the reviews section on the product page. For more trusted reviews, you can explore online discussion forums like Reddit, Quora, and similar others.

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If you are planning to ingest White Borneo Kratom but don’t have enough knowledge about this Korth variant, we highly recommend you first go through the discussion presented above. It will make you well familiar with everything you are on the hunt for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can consume White Borneo Speciosa?

Well anyone having a passion for getting the influence of the native Mitragyna can take this strain. Doesn’t matter if you are a regular user or a newbie, you can give it a try. If you are a new user, always take a smaller dose in the beginning.,

Online vendors or local shops? Which platform is the best to make a purchase?

It could be a personal choice. Both have their own advantages. But, overall, online purchases are considered more credible because online sellers strictly follow AKA GMP standards.

Is there any strain that shares properties with White Borneo Kratom?

Yes, a few prominent Speciosa strains have common properties with White Borneo, including White Maeng Da, Green Elephant, and Green Malay. In case, you can’t purchase White Borneo due to any reason, you can try taking these Kratom variants.

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