Vietnam Kratom is newly introduced to the world of Kratom. It has added extra value to this domain. Though the Speciosa industry is very diverse in nature, every new product gives it another solid boost. This is exactly what has been happening for the last 10 years and the Mitragyna enthusiasts are loving the exponential growth of this industry.

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For every new item, it is a must for you to know about every aspect of it before you start taking it. With that in mind, this guide is prepared for you to familiarize yourself with important things associated with this herb that can make your journey pleasurable and unforgettable. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

What Actually Is Vietnam Kratom?

If we compare with the easily accessible strains of Mitragyna, Vietnam Speciosa is relatively a newer version. It is not as famous as other popular variants. The best thing about this plant is, it is becoming increasingly popular and is convincing many people to buy and give it a try. The ones who have purchased it have become big fans of this tree leaf.

Where Do Manufacturers Extract Vietnam Kratom?

Well, the farmers cultivate and harvest this herb in a reputed country, Vietnam, that falls within the premises of Southeast Asia. It is the 15th largest country across the globe when it comes to population. The farmers belonging to different areas also go there for the cultivation of this plant but the number of native farmers is pretty large.

Why Is It Called Vietnam Kratom?

It is a part of the Kratom strains’ family that is known for its origin. The word “Vietnam” is derived from the Southeast Asian country that produces this particular tree leaf. Other than this, there is no reason behind it.

How Does It Feel Like?

The sweet earthy smell makes it easy for you to recognize this Kratom variant. You will find it producing a mossy odor when consumed. Most users are in love with this feeling.

Does Vietnam Kratom Carry A Unique Flavor?

It carries less bitter influence compared to other strains of Kratom out there in the market. Some people have found it sweet too. Well, this is a personal feeling and it may change from person to person. You can try this plant to find out how you feel about it.

What Alkaloids Does This Herb Have?

A list of popular alkaloids present in this strain is given below.

  • Mitraphylline
  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxy-mitragynine

How Many Types This Tree Leaf Is Available In?

It is available in four varieties each having different chemical compositions as discussed below.

  • White Vietnam: It is an immature version of this family that carries white lines in the center of the leaves.
  • Red Vietnam: Just like other red strains, it is highly potent and gives strong influence even with smaller doses. The red veins in the leaves keep this herb red even after converting it to powder.
  • Yellow Vietnam: It is the rarest of all other versions of the same family. It is expensive and produces a sweet touch for many users.
  • Green Vietnam: It comes with bright green leaves having green veins in the center. When converting it to powder, it gives a lush green shade.

How Much Of This Plant Should I Consume?

No one has declared any specific amount for this plant to consume. The reason behind this fact is the amount being consumed by different users varies from person to person. It all depends on how your body behaves with this herb. The age factor, physical health, and exercise play their part to decide the right dose for you.

Important Note: In case you are a man of perfection and are worried about taking a perfect dose, you should consult an experienced doctor. He or she will give you a prescription with an amount of Vietnam Kratom you should take.

What Time Should I Take This Tree Leaf?

Just like the dose, there is no fixed time you should utilize to enjoy this magical herb. It all depends on your interest.

You can take it in the morning before breakfast. If you love to try new things after getting back home from your office, you can take this plant in the evening. Another option is to consume it before you go to sleep.

If you have tried all these options, you will be in a better position to pick up the best time for you. Isn’t it?

Where To Buy Vietnam Kratom?

If you are worried about getting the right product from the right platform, Amazing Botanicals is the place for you. It is an online Kratom merchant that offers a wide range of herbal products including Vietnam Speciosa at economical prices. You can place your order in seconds and get the product to your doorstep within a few days.

Is There Any Particular Way To Store My Vietnam Speciosa?

Well, all the herbal products are sensitive to different weather conditions. The same is the case with Vietnam Speciosa. Once you have opened the packet or containers, don’t forget to re-pack it carefully so that no air can go into the product. Try storing this Kratom variant in airtight jars to make them serve you for long-term purposes.

Moreover, the sunlight or moisture are dangerous to Mitragyna products; therefore, keep your items away from these things if you want to increase their shelf life.

How Do Users Respond To This Kratom Variant?

Though a limited community is benefiting from this Kratom strain, the good news is everyone who has tried this tree leaf is pretty happy with the outcomes. The demand for this herb is increasing and is likely to capture a huge portion of the market in the near future.

Ending Note

Vietnam Kratom is a new strain having superb characteristics. It comes in different varieties i.e., red, white, yellow, and green. Each type carries different properties. It is being loved by thousands of users just because of its potency level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the harvesting process of Vietnam Kratom?

Answer: It is pretty similar to the harvesting process of other strains. It consists of different stages including matured leaves collection, washing, drying, grinding, and packaging. The farmers handpick the dried leaves of Mitragyna and dry them either indoors or in the presence of sunlight. Right after drying, they put them into industrial grinders to prepare fine powder and pack it in sealed packets, jars, or containers.

Question: I’m a diabetic patient. Can I use this herb with other medicines?

Answer: No not all. It could be risky for your health. Many regular users, as well as health professionals, claim that Speciosa can interact with other medications if taken in parallel. Therefore, try avoiding such things to avoid any kind of complication that can put you in some trouble.

Question: Is Vietnam Speciosa comparable to Maeng Da?

Answer: As far as alkaloid concentration is concerned, you can compare both of the variants. In addition, both are equally popular these days. But, they produce different influences due to different cultivation areas and climates.

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