This page is to address the issue of shipments experiencing delayed deliveries.

Q: I got a tracking number via email but when I check it on the USPS website it just says label printed or awaiting the package.

A: Post offices around the country seem to be experiencing delays in processing due to Covid-19. Lately, we see a lot of packages not being scanned at the origin. However, they are still being routed to the destination. (See below letter from USPS)

Q: My package seems to be lost. Can you reship my package?
A: We guarantee that every time you place an order successfully we will ship it within 1 business day. If you got a tracking number it means it has left our facility and was dropped off at the post office. If you have not received your order in 14 days and the tracking does not show any updates reach out to us so we can start the reshipment process. See below an example of an order which we had reshipped early and the customer ended up receiving two packages.

Q: What’s the percentage of packages that end up getting lost in the mail?

A: We ship hundreds of packages a week and from our experience, 99.9% of packages get delivered. Some deliveries get delayed by a few days some by even a week, and that creates frustration for everyone. We recommend ordering ahead of time to make sure you will receive your products on time.

Q: I accidentally put the wrong address on a package! Can you still change it or reroute it for me?

A: If the package has not yet left the facility we can. However, once the package has left our facility and has been dropped off at USPS it is now out of our hands and we will not be able to reroute, change the address on it. In this case, you should try reaching your local post office and seeing what solution they may offer.

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