Kratom gets cultivated in the various countries of the Southeast Asian region. From cultivation to the final product development, there happen a couple of things in between. Farmers wait to get the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa to mature. Once they get matured, native people and cultivators handpick them and pass them through a unique drying process. Right after the leaves get dried, a special grinding process is utilized to convert kratom leaves into fine, consistent, and smooth kratom powder. This is the first version of kratom that can be used in different products available in today’s market e.g., kratom capsules, tinctures, kratom extracts, kratom smoothies, etc. Taking a look at the great healing benefits of kratom, an exponential increase has been observed in its credibility making it more popular among the people who want to start their kratom journey for the very first time. To meet the increasing demands of the buyers, more and more sellers are jumping into the kratom market. Kratom, without any doubt, is easily available in many parts of the globe still, the purchase is not a piece of cake. If you are a newbie and going to purchase your kratom for the first time, you could be at risk because vendors may provide you with outdated strains. It could be harmful to your health conditions. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned concern, research scientists started to think about an authentic way to verify the product quality before you buy your kratom. After some time, they come up with the idea of passing kratom products through strict lab-testing phases to monitor their quality and this is the only way to check the level of potency associated with your strains of Mitragyna Speciosa. There are dedicated laboratories that perform these tests using state-of-the-art technology. Before going into the nitty-gritty of understanding kratom lab test results, let’s try to understand what we need to perform these tests and what they give us in return.

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What Do the Kratom Lab Tests Look For?

In the herbal domain, for all the products that are considered unsafe for human beings, specific types of quality tests are conducted to verify kratom consistency by checking the different substances present in the product. Some of these substances are not harmful to your health if taken in small amounts but still we should avoid them. In fact, whenever you take a breath, you take bacteria in. This is a process that you cannot avoid at any cost. You can only avoid it if you start living in a clean and 100% sterilized room which is not possible in most cases. The good thing is pathogens and other microorganisms around us are not present in higher concentrations; therefore, they don’t have severe impacts on our lives. Our immune system easily deals with the smaller amounts of such microorganisms that we take in. Usually, all lab tests are performed to see the concentrations of two major substances – pathogens and heavy metals. Many laboratory tests also check for alkaloids concentration. Let’s take a look at which pathogens a laboratory can detect.

Lab Tests For Pathogens

If you take a product having pathogens, you may be exposed to bacterial infections or other similar diseases. Any harmful pathogen can do this to your body. Your immune system tries its best to fight against mold spores, bacteria, and other viruses. A pathogen is basically a microorganism that you can not see with the naked eye. This is why lab tests are necessary to look for pathogens if any. The different kinds of pathogens that a lab test can detect are Yeast, E. Coli, Mold, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus Aureus. In addition, lab tests can also detect Coliforms. Coliforms belong to the bacteria family that is usually found in water and soil. Mold and yeast are very harmful to human beings. People suffering from certain kinds of allergies are especially more sensitive to mold and yeast. Laboratory tests can easily look for all such substances to ensure your good health.

Testing For Heavy Metals

Lab tests look for multiple heavy metals when performed on a kratom batch. Major metals that are usually detected are Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Mercury. Note: It is not possible to remove all the harmful substances from the Mitragyna Speciosa you are going to purchase but, the maximum of them can easily be eliminated.

Check For Alkaloids Concentration

Along with keeping an eye on pathogens and heavy metals, lab tests also look for alkaloids concentration that is available naturally in the plant. These alkaloids are usually present in the bark, roots, leaves, and stems of a tree or a plant. As far as kratom is concerned, it consists of around 20 alkaloids out of which two play the major part – mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Generally, lab tests focus on these two alkaloids concentrations to measure the potency level associated with a particular strain of kratom.

How Can I Understand Kratom Lab Test Results?

Well, understanding kratom lab test results is not an easy job for everyone to do. But, at the same time, you must be familiar with these tests before you make your kratom purchase. If you understand kratom lab test results, you will be able to identify whether a product you are going to purchase is authentic or not. As a result, no vendor can give you any outdated kratom strain. The first thing you should do to understand lab test results is to ensure whether the test is conducted by a reputed third-party laboratory. Note: There should not be any influence from the vendor when performing lab tests. In other words, a vendor should have no involvement during the whole testing phase. This way, you get to know the actual worth of a particular product. Don’t forget to check for the accurate lot number mentioned on the packaging material. Don’t consider anything that looks generic because it could be an indication for untested kratom products. Another important parameter that you must consider is the date on which a specific test has been performed by a reputed laboratory. It will help you identify whether or not the products being sold are fresh and potent. Note: If you don’t find any information about the date or you are getting confused somewhere, you should make direct contact with the laboratory to confirm anything you want. Check the contents of both heavy metals and pathogens to determine the authenticity of your kratom strain. Carefully monitor the number to verify that everything is falling within the limits. Following all the above-mentioned steps carefully and understanding kratom lab test results will surely help you find pure and fresh strains of Mitragyna Speciosa free from fillers, heavy metals, and all other impurities.

Ending Note

Kratom (also known scientifically as Mitragyna Speciosa) is a great herbal product if taken in the purest form and the right dosage. The Southeast Asian community has been taking this herb for many years and nowadays, it has become a popular herb around the globe. Are you in love with kratom? Exploring the market to get authentic strains? Struggling with the overall process? Well, you must be familiar with understanding kratom lab test results to get the desired product. If you are able to do this, you can never be a victim of anyone’s fraud or scam. Happy Shopping.

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