About Topps Kratom

It is a leading kratom provider with American Kratom Association (AKA) GMP certified manufacturing facility. They source kratom from the jungles in Southeast Asia. Without involving any middleman, they believe in direct sourcing from native growers to ensure good quality and higher potency levels. They always stand behind the international standards set for the kratom businesses. The basic aim associated with this evolving brand is to satisfy customers at any cost by providing them with top-quality, pure, trustworthy, and safe products. White Dragon Kratom Powder by Amazing Botanicals

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What Can I Buy From This Brand?

Their product line consists of 4 main categories including shots, Kratom capsules, gummies, and CBD products. They all are further divided into multiple varieties as given below. Are you a fan of shot? This brand has two different shots for you in their store e.g., raw shot and cappuccino shot. Similarly, two different packaging sizes are available for sale including 2 pack capsules and 5 pack capsules. Apart from that, the gummies section has only a single product named tropical gummies. Whereas, CBD products section consists of 4 varieties e.g., CBD Raw Tincture (300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg) and CBD Joint and Muscle Gel.

Pricing Policy At Topps Kratom

Prices at Topps Kratom are quite competitive so that a maximum number of people can benefit from their products. If you go for purchasing shots, it will cost you between $19.99 (1 pack) and $239.88 (12 packs). In order to purchase kratom capsules, you need to pay $19.99 to $539.88. 1 pack of gummies is available for only $23.99 whereas 12 packs of gummies will cost you $287.88. The cost of CBD Joint and Muscle Gel is just $49.99 and you can buy CBD Raw Tincture in the range of $49.99 to $119.99.

Does This Brand Offer Lab-Tested Products?

Ensuring top-quality Mitragyna Speciosa’s supply to the customers is their topmost priority. They never take quality for granted. Every new batch and product is bound to pass a quality test performed by a top-notch third-party laboratory. In case, due to any reason, if a product seems unable to qualify for the quality test, they don’t even think for a minute but discard that immediately. This is how this brand is so special for its customers. To gain customers’ trust, they have attached lab reports to their website as well.


At the moment, the only discounted offer available at this store is getting 10% OFF when placing your first order.

Social Media Presence

To survive in the post-COVID market, it is a must to target online customers through digital media forums. These platforms not only promote your brand but also make your business generate more revenues. Apparently, they have connected Facebook and Instagram links to their official website but when you try to open them, you will find them non-functional. In other words, their social media presence is zero.

Clinical Research Studies

They conduct their own clinical studies in their state-of-the-art research laboratories and this is what creates the major difference between Topps Kratom all other kratom vendors operating around the globe. They have published multiple studies on kratom and mitragynine effects and benefits. A couple of other studies on Mitragyna Speciosa are also part of their official website.

Shipment Policy

If you place your online order and its payment gets approved, the concerned department will ship your parcel immediately. They prefer shipping in-stock items within 24 hours if you have placed the order before 03:00 pm EST. Shipping is carried out through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please remember, Topps Kratom ships only within the premises of the United States (where Mitragyna Speciosa is considered legal). The products are packaged in sturdy boxes which means there is nothing to worry about any kind of damage to the products during the whole travel from the supplier to your doorstep. All items are delivered in the original form as shipped by the manufacturer.

What Does Their Refund Policy Say?

Every reputable Mitragyna Speciosa vendor adds both the returns as well as the exchange in its policy. The reason behind this fact is trusted merchants are always confident about the quality of products they provide to the community. Whenever a buyer feels unsatisfied with any of their products, they simply get the product back and return 100% amount to the buyer. Topps Kratom, being a market leader, also provides you with returns and exchanges. If you think the product you have received is not good enough, you can contact their customer support staff to claim a full refund. Don’t forget that this offer is valid for 30 days after getting your product. To get a successful refund, you will have to return your product back to Topps Kratom in the original packaging (unopened).


  • All-nature, pure, fresh, and premium-quality strains
  • Custom formulation
  • Concentrated alkaloids
  • AKA GMP certified manufacturing facility
  • Full-spectrum kratom
  • Great taste
  • Free from adulterants
  • Discrete and convenient
  • Free from a harsh crash
  • Maximum strength with great potency levels
  • Lab-tested products with proofs available on the official website
  • 30 days guarantee for a full refund


  • Products are not available for people who are under 18
  • They do not take responsibility for any damage if occurred during shipping

Bottom Line

Regardless of the fact that how diverse their product line is and their customers belong to the global community, you will find Topps Kratom among the most trusted kratom vendors providing super potent and fresh strains with international benchmarks at highly affordable prices. With their endless consistency and dedication, they have been succeeded in achieving remarkable success. By increasing their presence on social media platforms, they will be able to expand their customers’ community. It will help them generate more profits in the long run and will promote the business to a great extent. amazing botanicals green enhanced

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Capsules, Shots, and Gummies, which product should I consume?

Answer: It totally depends on your taste and choices. If you want immediate effects, you can take gummies and shots but if you are the one who wants to mask the bitter taste of Mitragyna Speciosa, try taking kratom capsules. Question: How is this brand different from other vendors? Answer: After conducting proper marketing research, they manufacture and supply exactly what their customers demand. This approach has created the difference between Topps Kratom and all other merchants. Question: Does Topps Kratom ship to all states in the United States? Answer: No. It only ships to the states where Mitragyna Speciosa is legal to use. The states like Indiana, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Vermont have banned this herb to be used by their community. That is why this brand does not ship products to any of these states. Question: How does Topps Kratom use my information collected during the order placement process? Answer: They use your information for processing payments, personalizing the user experience, improving customer service, running promotional campaigns, and keeping you updated about the latest offers.

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