The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Big Pharma have led a vicious misinformation campaign against Kratom, including false claims that Kratom is deadly. However, the fact of the matter is that Kratom has never caused a scientifically proven death in history, as will be shown in this article. This makes Kratom one of the safest herbs in the world. In-fact Kratom is even safer than Caffeine, since Caffeine has caused scientifically proven deaths, whereas Kratom has not.

Debunking The 44 FDA ‘Kratom Deaths’ Case By Case

The center-piece of the FDA’s misinformation campaign against Kratom is a claim that Kratom has killed 44 people. However, the American Kratom Association carefully reviewed each of these 44 cases, and found that the FDA’s claims were completely bunk. First off, one of the FDA ‘Kratom deaths’ was actually a homicide involving gun shot wounds, and the FDA claimed this was a Kratom death just because the person who was murdered was a Kratom user. Other absurd examples of fake FDA ‘Kratom deaths’ include someone who hanged themself, and another person who jumped out of a window. Beyond that, all of the other examples of FDA ‘Kratom deaths’ involved polydrug abuse. One shocking example is that someone died after smoking Heroin, drinking alcohol, taking Xanax, and taking Vicodin all in one night, and the FDA claimed that this was a Kratom death, which is completely illogical. Another example is that someone died after taking 39 different medications, drugs, and supplements, and the FDA claimed that this was a Kratom death. In total, roughly 20 of the FDA ‘Kratom deaths’ involved polydrug abuse, oftentimes serious polydrug abuse involving hard drugs, and therefore these deaths cannot be considered to be caused by Kratom. Further, for 18 out of the 44 ‘Kratom deaths’ the FDA provided no information at all, and therefore there is zero proof that those deaths were caused by Kratom.

Almost All Of The 90 ‘Kratom Related’ Deaths Documented By The CDC Involve Polydrug Abuse

The only other evidence the government posted in an attempt to make Kratom look deadly is 90 ‘Kratom related deaths’ documented by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). However, the information in the same CDC support proves that these deaths were not caused by Kratom. Specifically, out of 90 ‘Kratom related’ deaths, 51 people had Fentanyl in their system, 23 people had Heroin in their system, 24 people had benzodiazepines in their system, 22 people had prescription synthetic opioids in their system, and 11 people had alcohol in their system. In total, only 7 out of the 90 ‘Kratom related’ deaths tested positive for Kratom and nothing else, but even in these cases the CDC admits that other substances that they didn’t test for cannot be ruled out, such as novel research chemical drugs. Further, in these 7 cases underlying conditions were not accounted for, so if someone died for any reason and they were a Kratom user, then it would be called a ‘Kratom related’ death.  Ultimately, zero of the CDC ‘Kratom related’ deaths are scientifically proven to be due to Kratom.

Kratom Itself Has Never Been Scientifically Proven To Have Caused A Death, Although Mixing Kratom With Other Drugs Can Be Dangerous

The FDA and CDC ‘Kratom death’s are the center-piece of the anti-Kratom misinformation campaign, but the very same data proves that Kratom itself has never caused an overdose death upon closer analysis, which is quite ironic.  That being said, it is also clear that mixing Kratom with other drugs can be dangerous, since the only time Kratom users have died is if they are taking other drugs, and therefore mixing other drugs with Kratom should be avoided. Overall, there has never been a scientifically proven overdose death due to Kratom anywhere in the world. Therefore, the misinformation campaign against Kratom is completely wrong, since Kratom is in-fact one of the safest herbs in the world, with empirical evidence proving that Kratom is even safer than Caffeine.

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