Florida has a famous nickname of being called the Sunshine State, and it is a ray of sunshine for avid users of Mitragyna Speciosa too. Kratom in Florida is legal but not in the whole state. You can freely buy the herb anywhere in Florida except for Sarasota County.

Apart from Sarasota County, the state of Florida does not ban the use of Kratom and you can buy the herb or its products throughout the state including major cities such as Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, and St. Petersburg.

Florida has some rules and regulations that may seem pretty weird to an outsider, but none of these laws have made their way in the Kratom industry that is settled there. You can buy, sell, and use Kratom in Florida, this will not make you accountable for any crime.

Vendors easily ship Kratom in Florida except for Sarasota County. Almost every Kratom seller who ships their items throughout the nation will have a disclaimer on their website that they do not ship Kratom to the parts of Florida where the herb is illegal and banned.

This article will further reveal what led to Sarasota County banning the herb, and the history of the legislation of Kratom in Florida.

Why did Sarasota County Ban Kratom in its Premises?

The ban on the herb was imposed in the year 2014 by the County. They classified the plant as a designer drug that has the potential of being addictive. Authorities passed a bill that listed Kratom in the list of these designer drugs and thus even possessing the herb is a major crime since then.

Designer drugs are those substances that have been ‘designed’ or made to mimic the actions or effects of the original drug that exists in nature. These substances are neither classified nor regulated at a federal level. So it means that the fate of each of these substances depends on the rules and regulations set forward by the local authorities present there.

Avid users and advocates of the herb introduced a lot of bills in the committee, but each of them ended up dying before even receiving a vote. The same things happened with the bills that were introduced to regulate Kratom in Florida.

Why did the Residents of Sarasota County Go Against the Ban of Kratom in Florida?

Even though the herb was not completely banned in the state, Kratom activists and the American Kratom Association wanted to reverse the ban on the herb in Sarasota County. They wanted to do this not just to regulate the use of the herb in the state.

But, also to save the integrity and image of the plant that was being wrongfully portrayed due to these allegations that it is a designer drug. Designer substances are made synthetically in a lab. But Mitragyna Speciosa is an all-natural plant and it grows naturally like any other herb.

The pure powdered form of Kratom is completely natural and almost all of the Kratom products are made from it  (except Kratom extracts, as it is quite concentrated). All of these laws will only further deteriorate the image of Kratom in the world.

Hence, the organizations worked tirelessly to reverse this ban, but no decisions were reversed in Sarasota County.

History of Saint Johns County Regarding Kratom in Florida

In April of 2019, anti-Kratom activists decided to propose bills in the council that would eventually lead to the ban of the plant in St. Johns County. 19 speakers from the pro-Kratom group spoke in favor of the plant and showed their beneficial effects to the commissioners.

The commissioners ultimately announced the postponing of any bills proposed regarding the use of Kratom in Florida. There are no bans imposed on the herb yet, and the AKA hopes that the situation remains the same in all cities, counties, and states.

What Charges do You Face if You are Found with Kratom in Sarasota County of Florida?

Since the plant is completely illegal in the county, even possessing the herb is considered a misdemeanor. You can either face up to 60 days in jail or get fined $500 or both. Other than facing these legalities you will also need to appear in court in front of a judge who will further decide your penalty.

This penalty will be added to the total amount of your sentence announced by the court. The court can also order you to go for a mandatory drug counseling program during your jail time or as part of your probation.

Is Smoking Kratom Good for Health?

Smoking any substance is not good for your health, be it Kratom or anything else. Smoking the contents leads to its direct absorption in the lungs by traveling down the airway. This direct absorption of alkaloids is not good for your sensitive alveoli also known as the airbags of your lungs.

This direct absorption by the lungs can damage your airway tract too as the heated contents can cause disturbance in your windpipe. Apart from the ill effects on your health, consuming Kratom via smoking is not a sensible option.

When you heat the contents of Kratom powder to smoke them, the high heat destroys and eventually eliminates the beneficial alkaloids from the substance. This is not just the case with Kratom, but every other herb that has a sensitive chemical structure.

It is recommended that you either consume Kratom powder or have the capsules that have a precise amount of dosage packed in them. The most common methods of ingesting the Kratom powder are either the Toss and Wash Kratom Method or the Mix and Wash Kratom Method. Both of these only require a glass of citrus juice like orange to gulp down the powder.

Kratom Near Me- What is the Best Option to Buy Your Kratom in Florida; Local or Online?

If a poll is conducted among the avid users of Mitragyna Speciosa asking what is the best option in their opinion to buy Kratom from, most of the consumers will choose online shopping.

Whenever you write Kratom near me on your google search engine, you will get a list of local vendors available in your area along with the online sites that deliver the herb in your locality. We suggest you go with the online options.

Online vendors are more reliable, safe, have better prices, and you can even check if the products are tested in a safe lab or not. Here are a few online vendors that sell the plant to all of Florida, except Sarasota County.

  • Golden Monk
  • Oasis Kratom
  • PurKratom
  • Amazing Botanicals
  • SA Botanicals
  • Happy Hippo Herbals
  • SA Kratom
  • Kratom Basket

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