Has your Kratom stock depleted after taking it with your regular tea? If that is the case, you may be looking for an online vendor. However, it is confusing for some people to choose the best one as there are innumerable Kratom suppliers in the market. This is why we bring you this review of ‘Tea Time Botanicals’, a brand famous for offering a range of quality products under one roof. Let’s begin!

Company Analysis

Tea Time Botanicals, a privately owned business, has received widespread recognition and acclaim for its contributions to the Kratom community. Kratom, CBD, and marijuana items are their specialties. You can buy a wide range of products in one region. Moreover, you’ll discover some of the finest and organic Hemp items on their shelves. Their website is https://www.teatimebotanical.com/.

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Best selling products
  • Regular single-strand tea blends
  • Mixed-strand tea blends
  • Sample packs

All the products are available with Kratom variants of red, green, white, yellow, gold, and chocolate

Product pricingThe price ranges from $7.5-$103
Product reliability
  • ·Lab-tested for contaminants and no chemicals added during processing
  • No accreditation from AKA
Order processing24 to 48 hours from point of order confirmation
Order tackingAvailable after 72 hours of order confirmation
Product damage insuranceInsurance of $100 for orders through Priority Mail
Shipping options
  • USPS: First class mail and priority mail
  • FedEx
Payment methods
  • Credit and debit cards
  • E-check
  • No cash on delivery
Return policyProducts are returnable for up to 14 days in an unopened state

Best Selling Products and Pricing

The company offers regular tea blends that are considerably popular in the general Kratom market. These include red, white, green, yellow, gold, and chocolate Kratom variants.

  • Three-ounce pack and three-ounce container: 24 dollars to 34 dollars
  • Crushed Kratom leaf powders: 9 dollars
  • Kratom stems and veins: 16 dollars to 21 dollars
  • Single strain Kratom (1, 3, or 4 ounces): 7.5 dollars to 26 dollars
  • Single strain Kratom (1000 grams) without any splits: 93 dollars to 103 dollars
  • Single strain Kratom with a 125/125 supplement split: 35 dollars to 49 dollars

Even though these prices may seem like a lot for a small vendor, but when compared with competitors, their high-quality blends are worth purchasing at the given rates. The available and most popular Kratom blends are:

  • No Place Like Home: A mix of red, green, yellow, and chocolate Kratom variants
  • Willy Wonka: A combination of white and chocolate
  • The Wizard: A variety of white Kratom strains
  • Cloud 9: A mixture of green and white Kratom
  • Sandman: A mix of red and chocolate

The company also offers sample packs for new customers, making them feel more welcome and improving their Kratom selection experience.

Product Reliability

It’s fair to be skeptical of a brand’s reputation when buying Kratom and CBD goods. Some first-time buyers experience a lot of anxiety during the buying process. However, with Tea Time Botanicals, they feel safe to do business. The reason is they provide high-quality items processed in a secure environment. According to the brand, all of its goods undergo rigorous testing procedures that include heavy metal testing, microbiological contamination tests, quantification, and quality testing. The products are 100% organic with no chemicals, preservatives, or fillers. Unfortunately, Tea Time Botanicals has not been AKA GMP certified, and there is no authorized assurance for their safety of use. However, there will always be a silver lining. Tea Time Botanicals assure that they only acquire vein colors rather than strains for the sake of safety. So they’re combining their Kratom strains to guarantee the quality of the product. Additionally, every batch of each vein undergoes ultraviolet irradiation which ensures the customer protection.

Order Processing

The website explicitly mentions that the order processing takes 48 hours after the customer confirms the order. This time duration is understandable given the nature of the goods they are dealing with.

Order Tracking Information

After your order is ready, you will receive an email with a tracking number. The fact that you have received this information does not imply that your order has shipped. Bear in mind, in some instances; the post office does not update shipment details. If 48 hours passed since you place your order, be assured that it’s on its way. However, if a customer can’t track their order, the company has no additional tracking support. After handing the shipment over to the postal service, the vendor has no control left over the time and manner of delivery.

Product Damage Insurance

In certain circumstances, Tea Time Kratom Botanicals does not take responsibility for damaged products. However, they advise the customer to choose Priority Mail, which includes $100 insurance for lost and damaged products. If your order is above $100, you can get in touch with the company to purchase additional insurance.

Shipping Options

Tea Time Botanicals offers two shipping options; USPS and FedEx. As mentioned in the website, they highly recommend using FedEx for faster delivery, usually taking 1-3 business days. However, 48 hour processing time isn’t included in this period. USPS shipping can take a little longer time, up to 5-7 days. Please note this period doesn’t include 48 hours of order processing time.

Where Do They Deliver?

Even though they do not give a list of areas to which they deliver products, it is apparent that they ship across the United States, except for states where Kratom is unlawful. Kratom is illegal in Alabama, Alton (IL), Arkansas, Wisconsin, Washington D.C, Indiana, Rhode Island, Sarasota City (FL), Vermont, and San Diego in California.

Payment Methods

They accept payment via credit and debit cards, as well as E-checks. It is a shame they don’t accept cash on delivery, which most Kratom vendors prefer.

Promotional Vouchers and Codes

Tea Time Botanicals believes that everyone, regardless of income, has the right to access high-quality commodities. Despite their low prices, they love to offer incredible discounts and vouchers. You can join their text messaging group; be the first to learn about coupons, promos, and other deals and discounts.

Discount on First Purchase

Every first-time purchaser receives a one-time discount code that cuts the order price by 10%. Furthermore, the team continues to give coupon codes in exchange for reviews, recommendations, and even your birthday! Plus, if you’re a Veteran/Active Duty or Senior, you’ll be eligible for significant savings. Tea Time Botanicals also offers special discounted pricing to wholesalers and other vendors.

Return Policies

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have an option to return an unopened package within 14 days of delivery. The company clearly states that they do not accept returns on opened packages. The product package has to be in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery. For returns, first, you need to contact the vendor to obtain an authentication number. Note: The shipping charges for returns are the buyer’s obligation.

Pros and Cons


  • More than nineteen Kratom blends
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Promotional discounts
  • Hundred dollar insurance on Priority Mail orders
  • Wholesale offers for other vendors


  • No option for cash on delivery
  • No accreditation from the American Kratom Association
  • They did not mentioned testing procedures on the website
  • No lab test reports
  • No same-day shipping
  • Only ships within the USA
  • Unattractive refund policy

Final Thoughts

Even though this vendor has made lots of progress in the market, there are many things they need to consider seriously. Remember, Tea Time Kratom Botanicals is not AKA GMP verified!

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