The taste of Kratom, just like any other herbal supplement or synthetic product, matters a lot when it comes to the choices, preferences, and interests of individuals. Kratom comes in hundreds of different strains that are cultivated in different lands including but not limited to Brunei, Thailand, Sumatra, Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia, and many others. Every land grows kratom strains with different chemical compositions, varied concentrations of alkaloids thereby producing different flavors in the end.

The Kratom taste is highly dependent on the type of strain you choose and the alkaloid profile present in it. For instance, red vein Speciosa is prepared with fully matured leaves and this is why it carries higher alkaloid concentration compared to green and white Speciosa colors. This property makes a red vein produce a more bitter taste in comparison to the other two.

Almost every newbie seems concerned about the taste of Kratom before they jump into this domain and this is pretty good because no one should blindly start taking a new herb without getting a bit familiar with it, be it Kratom or any other. You may have searched for the same and this is why you have landed here. Aren’t you? This guide presents a solid debate on the Kratom taste. Let’s get into the intricacies.

Taste Of Kratom: What Exactly It Sounds Like?

There exist millions of herbal supplements and a variety of products that are readily accessible from the market. Herbs have always been proved to be very effective when it comes to promoting the natural wellness of the plant. This is what users prefer the most and it is one of the leading reasons why people have shifted from synthetic goods to herbal alternatives.

As far as the taste of Kratom is concerned, it carries a bitter influence. When you consume it, it provides you with a sharp touch and it sounds unpleasant to many newcomers. If you are a newbie, you may find its flavor unpleasant too.

Have you ever tasted the products that come with a sour influence? If yes, you will be well aware of the taste they carry. Kratom produces a taste pretty similar to that. When you smell it, it gives a sharp earthy touch just like the smell coming from the wet grass clipping in your lawn.

Important Note: If you have purchased Speciosa powder and you feel that it is not bitter or sharp enough to eat, it clearly means that the manufacturer has either introduced some fillers or preservatives or it is outdated stuff. So, don’t forget to consider this parameter while making a worthy purchase.

Can You Remove The Unpleasant Bitterness?

This is, in fact, a million-dollar question that every newbie inquires about. Are you looking to find the answer to a similar query? Well, as per the growers, health professionals, and manufacturers, the bitterness associated with the Kratom is something you can never remove from the plant. Yes, it is an inevitable fact that no one can ignore.

You would probably be thinking what if someone is claiming to sell Speciosa powder with no bitterness and sharpness at all. As mentioned earlier, if anybody is making such claims, it will surely be a fake drive to scam newbies. Never buy products at very low costs because no one sells premium-quality Mitragyna strains at cheap prices.

So, what you can do with this bitterness is to mask or reduce its severity. Yes, this is something every one of us, including you, can easily do. But, how to do that? This is what you are thinking at the moment. Right! The simplest answer is to start using Kratom capsules. Let’s see how.

Capsules: Can They Reduce The Bitter Taste Of Kratom?

Yes, they can of course. But, the question here is; how capsules can reduce the sharpness of Mitragyna strains. To understand this, let’s have a look at how they are prepared.

The kratom capsules carry a calculated amount (after weighing from a digital scale) of Korth powder packed inside shells. These shells are made up of biodegradable stuff that you can digest very easily.

Once the powder gets packed inside, the shells don’t allow you to feel the actual Kratom taste because capsules go directly to your stomach where they release the powder right after the shells are digested. This is how the overall bitterness gets masked.

Now, it is time to go through the specifics of some other valuable methods to partially reduce the bitter Kratom taste.

7 Tips To Mask The Bitterness

The 7 crazy tips to reduce the bitterness of your Korth powder are listed below.

1. Combine Kratom With Juices – The Scrumptious Combo

Are you in love with the influence that Mitragyna produces? A bit reluctant to get exposed to its sharpness? Well, a variety of juices including but not limited to mango, grapefruit, and orange can serve you in the best possible way.

All you need to do is to measure the desired amount of Speciosa powder and put it into your favorite juice. Stir well to prepare a consistent mixture. You may still find it an earthy one but, it will be much better than the real flavor of Mitragyna Speciosa.

2. Kratom Smoothie – Delectable Encounter

Making smoothies is another valuable way to give your Korth journey a solid boost. It not only makes your experience beautiful but also provides you with a wide range of flavors depending upon the selected strain.

3. Speciosa Tea Or Coffee – A Savory Exposure

Preparing Mitragyna coffee or tea is probably a convenient way to benefit from whether you are in the office or at home. If you love drinking tea or coffee when you come back home after a hectic daily routine, adding Speciosa to them can surely be a pleasure for you. Introducing sweeteners during the preparation can add extra colors to the taste of Kratom.

Important Note: Kratom alkaloids are heat sensitive. So, make sure that you are not preparing the coffee or tea at higher temperatures. Otherwise, the alkaloids may get damaged.

4. Mitragyna Chocolate – Enjoy Exquisite Flavoring

It is a wonderful approach to enhance the bitter taste of Kratom and creates a perfect blend to enjoy your journey. If you are someone who likes both Speciosa and chocolate, the combination would be more attention-grabbing for you.

5. Korth Honey Balls – Lighthearted Way To Neutralize Bitterness

These honey balls help you avoid the dominating stronger influence of Kratom. Preparing these balls is not only convenient but also a fun thing. You need ingredients that are already present in your kitchen. Honey does the major wonder.

6. Mitragyna & Yogurt – Expeditious Approach

It is probably the easiest way to mask the overall bitterness. You can simply mix the Korth powder into plain yogurt and in case you don’t like it, you can buy a flavored one to take your experience to the next level.

7. Kratom & Food – Create A Lasting Impression

Cooking with Kratom is also a delectable technique to give the brighter side of this plant a solid boost. You can easily mix Speciosa powder in different food items e.g., oats, peanut butter, and vegetables.

Give It A Go

The real taste of Kratom, without a doubt, is bitter and sharp. It usually does not attract newbies but experienced users are just in love with this kind of flavor. The good news is; you can enjoy consuming this tree leaf even if you are a newcomer. You just need to look out for credible ways to mask the bitterness. A few of the worthy ones are listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the Kratom taste help me to identify the outdated stock?

Answer: Yes, of course. The flavor must be bitter and if it isn’t, it means the stock is contaminated or outdated.

Question: I like the Kratom taste but not getting the desired results with red veins. What should I do?

Answer: Your approach should be to give green and white veins a try to observe how it goes.

Question: Can I protect the actual taste of Kratom for longer use?

Answer: Yes, you can store your kratom strains in airtight jars to protect the actual flavor for long-term purposes.

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