Super Sunda Kratom has added a new chapter in the Kratom industry that needs to be discussed in detail. The way Mitragyna supporters are spreading awareness of this plant is just amazing. With the true efforts of Speciosa advocates, the Kratom industry has been expanded three times only in the last ten years.

It is nothing less than a miracle for Korth lovers. Interestingly, this seems to be a never-ending process.

Whenever you explore this domain, you will come across a new strain every time and this is, in fact, the real beauty of this industry. Are you a tech-savvy individual? Do you have a passion for taking herbal supplements?

You must be familiar with a wide range of Mitragyna and the wellness being promoted by this marvelous herb.

The whole industry carries three major types of products. The first type is named after its appearance, the second category is associated with the origins’ names, and the last type is a mixture of two or more natural strains commonly known as a hybrid variant. You may fall in love with any of these categories.

But the question coming to your mind would be which category Super Sunda Kratom falls in. Before going into the nitty-gritty of Super Sunda Kratom, let’s first see what Sunda Kratom actually is.

Sunda Kratom: What Precisely Is It?

Sundanese is the complete name of Sunda Speciosa. This family consists of a series of different kratom strains that grow naturally in the famous Indonesian islands – the Sunda Islands. A couple of trees and forests grown in these islands produce a wide range of Sundanese products.

The tropical climate and humid environment facilitate Mitragyna trees to get effectively matured and preserve the higher concentration of all-important alkaloids (including but not limited to 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine) to protect the most potent influence in the end.

According to some vendors, Sunda is comparatively a rare strain but this is not the reality. It is a fact that it is not so popular but it is not less common at the same time. While tracking reputed online Korth sellers, you will find many of them selling Sunda Speciosa tea at fair pricing.

Types Of Sunda Kratom

As of now, this strain is readily available in 4 different colors as listed below.

  • White Sunda
  • Green Sunda
  • Red Sunda
  • Yellow Sunda

You can access green and red veins pretty easily whereas white veins are less common compared to the red and green versions. Similarly, the yellow version is the rarest of them all and very few merchants sell it because it is not so demanding in today’s market.

Now, let’s try to find out an answer to whether Super Sunda Kratom is associated with its origin or color, or it is a hybrid strain.

Super Sunda Kratom: Let’s Have A Quick Rundown

Whenever the users see the word “Super Sunda”, they start thinking that it would be something similar to what Ultra Enhanced Indo and Super Green Malay offer. You must be thinking the same. Aren’t you? Well, the fact is; there is no relation between Super Sunda and Super Green Malay or Ultra Enhanced Indo. They all are very much different from each other.

Super Green Malay is a blend consisting of higher concentrations of prominent Korth alkaloids making it extremely potent in comparison to many other Kratom variants. On the other hand, Ultra Enhanced Indo is a premium version of Indonesian Mitragyna that contains infused 7-hydroxy-mitragynine.

Therefore, it is pretty clear that a comparison between Super Sunda and Ultra Enhanced Indo or Super Green Malay doesn’t even exist.

How Is Super Sunda Prepared?

As far as its preparation method is concerned, the manufacturers combine Red Sunda and Green Sunda together to get the end product. It means that Super Sunda Speciosa is a blend of two different strains; therefore, it will not be known as a strain because it doesn’t grow naturally.

The Korth products that are formed by mixing two different strains are commonly termed hybrid Kratom variants. So, you can call Super Sunda a hybrid Kratom item being sold in today’s market. It is indeed much confusing for the newcomers because Mitragyna carries a diversified inventory that may vary from region to region.

Red VS Green Sunda: How Are They Different?

Green Sunda attracts experienced users with its long-lasting and powerful influence. On the other hand, Red Sunda is not able to do that. The users often inquire about the perfect time to consume any strain. Well, it should be very clear that there is no fixed time to consume Korth.

You can take it any time you want but consulting your family physician is a better option before you ingest this herb.

According to different surveys, Red Sunda is mostly consumed in the evening whereas, the Green Sunda is popular among the people who love to take Kratom in the daytime. But, the scenario may be totally different for you. Yes, it is quite possible.

How To Purchase Authentic Super Sunda Kratom?

Well, it is a fact that not all merchants are good for the Kratom industry. Some sellers are just concerned with money-making. They don’t even care about your health and are becoming a huge concern for the whole industry.

If you are a newbie, it would be very difficult for you to deal with such circumstances because you won’t be in a position to evaluate either the product’s authenticity or the vendor’s credibility. A few parameters you must keep in mind while purchasing Super Sunda Kratom are mentioned below.

AKA Membership

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the biggest American body that supports the human consumption of Kratom. Don’t forget to confirm whether a not a specific vendor is a part of AKA. If a seller is following AKA standards, it means that the products are safe to consume.

Lab Testing

All well-known sellers ask the independent laboratories to test their stocks for heavy metals Salmonella, fillers, preservatives, and other dangerous chemicals. When these laboratories issue test reports, you can get the exact idea about what is in the products. It reduces the chances of being scammed to a great extent.

Customer Support Services

Well, customer support is the most crucial department of any small-scale or large-scale business. If a seller is serving the customers in the best possible manner and listens to every single query and solves them on a priority basis, it means the vendor is good enough to make your purchase.

Buyers’ Feedback

The customer reviews, without a single doubt, are the most important tool to get a clear picture of the vendor’s reputation and its behaviors with the buyers. You can simply go to the official website and look for what old buyers have said about the products. It will help you make an informed decision whether or not you want to buy anything.

Ending Note

Super Sunda Kratom is not a strain because it is prepared by mixing two different Speciosa strains – Red Sunda and Green Sunda. Being a hybrid product, it consists of an enhanced level of potency compared to all other Sunda strains. Do you want to purchase it? Don’t forget to consider the parameters discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much Super Sunda can I take?

Answer: As of now, no manufacturer has mentioned a specific dose to be taken. But, as it is a highly potent product, you should try playing with as small amounts as possible.

Question: What is the most sold form of Sunda Speciosa?

Answer: Just like other Kratom variants, the kratom powder is the frequently sold item of this family.

Question: Can I make tea using Sunda Kratom?

Answer: Yes, if you like drinking tea, you can make it with this strain. Interestingly, you can also add it to your morning coffee.

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