Kratom suppliers have significantly escalated due to the rise in its popularity in the US in recent years. With a plethora of Ketum vendors each claiming to provide quality kratom, choosing the right one has become more difficult than ever. However, some established brands have earned their place in the marketplace and pulled a wide section of the consumer base. Super Speciosa has done a remarkable job at delivering premium quality Kratom and related botanicals throughout America. The company makes sure that its entire Mitragyna preparation and manufacturing process from harvesting to packaging, meets the American Kratom Association’s standards. The extensive variety of products at the company is not just limited to powdered kratom strains. To make it easier for users, they also provide the therapeutic herb in capsule and tablet form for effortless dosing. They have also added ketum tea bags to their product lineup to meet the current demands. Super Speciosa offers additional natural botanicals apart from kratom. It’s Hemp CBD oil directly obtained from all-natural herbs with minute quantities of cannabis included. You only need to browse through the site to find the product that meets your requirements and taste.

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Brand Assessment

Super Speciosa’s core focus is to provide top-grade Mitragyna strains to their consumers. The brand has undertaken numerous steps to ensure the ketum they deliver is of the best quality. Apart from the company’s quality testing, they also conduct third-party lab testing to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and safety. Unlike some kratom vendors, Super Speciosa is always willing to showcase its lab certificates to its customers. Their honest and transparent policies have allowed them to capture a bigger and loyal customer base. The online kratom market is booming with countless strains however, a lot of them appear to be fake or laden with adulterants. Super Speciosa on the other hand, deals in specific but purest kratom strains. Valuing your safety and health above all, they also educate their buyers about how to choose the right vein colors. To facilitate small vendors, resellers, and distributors, Super Speciosa provides kratom in bulk at wholesale rates to meet their needs. If you are only getting started as a reseller, Super speciosa could be your first pick considering their high standards at cheap wholesale rates. Going one step further from its counterparts, Super speciose provides kratom tea bags to allow people to take their precious doses whenever they want. The company has recently updated its product lineup by adding Hemp CBD oils. Just like kratom, they uphold equal quality standards to provide a high potency and original CBD tinctures and capsules.

Brand Reputation

Everyone at Super Speciosa knows that its customer satisfaction policies are predeterminant for their success. This is why the company pours a big portion of its resources to make sure the customers are satisfied with their products and services. Their opinions hold value and their queries are always answered at Super Speciosa, and customers notice that. The brand’s popularity has maximized manifold thanks to that. From small-scale home users to startup vendors and resellers, super speciosa is providing for everyone.

Brand Specialties

The inclination of individuals and businesses’ on Super Speciosa is not just because of their premium kratom. Other notable key features have placed the company high on their customer’s preference list. Some specialties of the brand are:


Ever heard of an online kratom vendor that delivers its natural supplements with utmost authenticity? Indeed, Super Speciosa is one of a kind kratom platform. The packaging of the herbal supplements is printed with a QR scan code. The scan code holds the laboratory-tested certificates for that distinct packet of Mitragyna. The certificates attest to the authenticity, potency, presence, or absence of adulterants, heavy metals, and contaminants in your portion of ketum. They provide certificates so you rest assured about the quality of the herb you are consuming.

Wholesale Rates

There is no denying the high number of kratom wholesalers present in the market who offer wholesale discounted rates for bulk quantities. However, none can deliver the same quality kratom, as Super Speciosa. With a high level of transparency and traceability promised by the brand regardless of the quantity you order, customer dependence on the company is bound to increase.

Rewards Program

Super Speciosa never falls short of providing exciting rewards for its customers. With the help of the rewards program, customers can earn points at the purchase of every dollar. The won points can be redeemed in the shape of discounted prices on the next purchase of your favorite strain. Keep shopping, keep winning points, and keep getting exciting rewards at Super Speciosa.

Return Policy

Super Speciosa does everything to keep its customers happy and content. They try their best to make sure their customers have a nice shopping experience. Nevertheless, the brand still got you covered if things go sideways. In case you are unhappy with your purchase, super speciosa still got you covered. Super Speciosa accepts returned packages during the first 30 days after the order is placed. After the return package is verified by the authorities, the money is transferred back to the customer’s wallet.


Super Speciosa partners with Priority Mail Express with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver your favorite strain to your doorstep. The company does not provide delivery dates. Although, they make sure that your desired product is shipped from the warehouse to the post office on time. As per the company’s policy, orders received before 2 pm EST will be shipped the same day. Shipment of any order placed after that will move on to the next day. Under normal circumstances, be notified that your order will take 2 – 3 business days to reach you.

Affiliate Program

To facilitate more and more people, earn along with them, Super Speciosa also offers affiliate programs. The company attracts affiliates to promote their products to their audience and earn up to 20% commission on referral sales. They use advanced software that tracks the number of referrals you have brought to our site.


Does Super Speciosa accept credit card payments?

Of course, one can make their payment via VISA and MasterCard. Simply select the credit card as your payment option while checking out.

How can one track the status of their shipment?

The tracking information of the order is sent to the buyer’s email within the initial 24 hours after the order is placed (on weekdays).

Can the shipping address be changed after the order has been placed?

In case the customer has entered the wrong shipping address, they can change the address. The shipment can be redirected to the right location by placing a request at the USPS website.

When does the payment get transferred to affiliates?

The payment is transferred to the affiliates on a monthly basis via PayPal.

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