Kratom is an organic compound that grows in the hot and humid lands of Southeast Asia. The herb is primarily grown here only and the leaves are then harvested to form different products and store Kratom accordingly. These products range from fresh dried powder to capsules, tablets, and even brewed tea. To store Kratom is a tacky job, as any wrong step can degrade the quality and potency of your plant. Like any other substance, you need to make sure that your products are stored under optimal conditions and away from excessive sunlight or moisture. While there may not be an expiration date on the products, all of them start to go bad or deteriorate within 3 months of harvest if not stored properly. This article will cover every favorable and unfavorable condition that you should keep in check when you store Kratom.Green-Maeng-Da123

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Air Tight Jars And Bags

The most optimal way to retain your product’s freshness is to store Kratom in an airtight jar. Airtight jars tend to keep excessive moisture away from your product and hence they don’t let the quality and taste of your product degrade. Usually, when you buy capsules from online sources, they come in airtight jars that come with a lid on top. This way, after each use you can tighten the lid and retain the freshness of the capsules. On the other hand zip lock bags are also a great and handy method to store your products in. You can divide your daily dose or perhaps a month’s slot in these small packages. This way you will not have to open up your bulk packaging again and again.

Opaque Or Dark-Colored Jars

These types of containers help retain cool temperature for the contents inside. This way moderate amounts of heat will not affect your Kratom products. Buy black or dark-colored airtight jars if you use the powdered form of the herb so that you can store Kratom most optimally.

Cool And Dry Place

Store kratom in a cool and dry place preferably in a pantry. This will ensure that the product does not receive excessive heat or moisture from the surroundings. The reason why we do not recommend kitchen shelves is because of the fluctuating temperatures there. The shifts in warmness throughout the day can have a major impact on your products. These fluctuations can also cause your product to lose its efficacy. This is why a dark place like your pantry is a perfect place to store your products in.

Away From Oxygen

Like chemicals, organic products also tend to oxidize and change their state. In this case, if you do not store Kratom correctly, the taste can likely shift flavors. If you feel like your product is losing color or smell, it is probably because any one of the unfavorable factors is acting up. Oxygen can easily damage your food contents including Kratom. So try and store it in a place like your pantry.

Away From Sunlight

UV light from the sun can be damaging to the chemical composition of the leaves of Kratom. The alkaloids of Kratom can easily break down if excessive rays from the sun fall upon them. If in case these alkaloids are broken down, they lose their efficiency and are raided off their functions. If you store Kratom in a place where there is no protection from sunlight, the herb will not even last 3 months. And someone can’t finish off their bulk amount of dose in this short period.

How To Store It In The Refrigerator?

If you do not have a pantry in your home, you can also store it in your refrigerator. But make sure that it is not stored in any open jar or container. The different odors from the fridge can get settled in your Kratom, making the contents smell weird and perhaps even alter its taste. The container you store your items in is as equally important as where you are storing it all together.

Divide Your Monthly Dose

Buying Kratom in bulk is the most budget-friendly option you can get. But the only problem that comes along with it is the re-opening of the container again and again to take your daily dose. You can solve this problem for yourself by making small zip lock bags each month or perhaps a week. You can sort these bags out according to strains as well. This way you will have an organized order of your sealed Kratom bags, which you can use daily to measure your prescribed dose.

Methods To Store Kratom Tea

If you buy Kratom tea instead of capsules or powder, you can store it by freezing the tea in small ice cubes! Chilled tea can be stored for up to a week in the fridge and for even longer times in the freezer. You can even freeze the tea after brewing it. This paste of the Kratom can elevate the potency of the herb. This is because plants lose their cell wall’s integrity when they are frozen. Thus it takes a lesser time for the alkaloids to release and eventually act up. You should plastic trays to freeze your brewed tea in, as glass can easily break down when the liquid expands. Make sure that you use a tray that is covered or sealed properly. Otherwise, the odors from the meat and frozen peas can ruin your Kratom’s taste!

Keep An Eye On Your Kratom After Every Few Days

Even though you have stored your Kratom for long-term use, you should still keep a check on it once a week. The contents can easily go bad. You will notice that either the color or the smell seems off. The tea cubes can get a freezer burn or maybe catch a mold. In either condition, your Kratom will no longer have any the same efficacy as before. So this is why it is better that you do not leave the frozen items unattended for weeks or months.

Final Word

Whether you are a newbie in the Kratom world or an avid user, storing Kratom is a hefty task for each one of you. Since the product is so sensitive, it can easily go bad when it is not stored properly. Make sure that you check all the optimal conditions. This includes both the container and the surroundings too. Choose a location with minimum moisture as the dampness can make clumps and eventually ruin the taste of the product. Store your Kratom in a dark and cool place away from its enemies and you will have a long-lasting product that yields the same amount of effects in every use.

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