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The river of online kratom shops is running deep in the United States, but a handful of vendors have become the ‘go-to’ shops that consumers prefer and can spot from afar. SOL Botanicals knows how to keep consumers coming back for seconds and more!

  • The online shop is easy and the layout helps those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy.
  • Selecting products is easy due to basic categories and product types.
  • A very warm welcome includes 12% and 15% discounts on newsletter subscriptions and first-time shopping!
  • SOL’s products are thoroughly checked by laboratories to ensure you always find the best experiences in the packages and jars.
  • SOL Botanical’s mission is not just to sell kratom, but also to educate consumers about the various kratom strains and their impact on your body!
  • SOL Botanicals offers products designed to optimize energy levels and improve productivity.

Company Analysis

SOL Botanicals is in Miami, Florida-where the sun shines happily and people enjoy beach surf. The company sources all Mitragyna leaves from Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali Islands, and the Kalimantan Islands. For years, SOL Botanicals has evolved into a verified and tested vendor for quality kratom products. Regular customers love the online shop due to its convenience, excellent service, and the vigor to educate people so that they can make better Mitragyna choices to get the most out of nature’s bounties. SOL Botanical is a leader in innovation, cultivation, and manufacture of kratom products as the alkaloid profile remains potent and the quality of products is best in the market. Kratom 50x Extract Capsules

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Range of productsCapsules, and powder
Strains availableRed, green, and white variations are available
Discounts and offersWhopping discounts for new customers upon subscriptions
Customer serviceActive customer service for all customers
ShippingUniform speedy shipping all over the country
Refund policy100% money-back guarantee and exchanges possible
Customer convenienceVariety packs and discounts make it easier for customers to choose various strains
Laboratory testingThorough laboratory tests for all products
Customer reviewsThe website invites consumers to share their views for other consumers as well as the online shop to improve

Products Range At SOL Botanicals

Sol Botanicals is committed to providing variety and quality so that all beginners and regular users find quality kratom strains to invigorate their senses. You can find a vast array of products on the website. These products include Maeng Da kratom powder and capsules along with red, green, and white vein kratom variations. Exotic strains like Borneo and Thai kratom are available and the results are equally exotic and unique!

Strains Available At Online Store

The three basic variations of kratom are according to the red, green, and white leaf veins. At SOL Botanicals you can find these variants without quality or freshness concerns. The kratom leaves are hand-picked from mature, healthy Mitragyna trees in Southeast Asia. These trees grow without any chemicals or fertilizers and therefore, the alkaloids and other components are 100% organic. These leaves are then dried, rigorously following the steps to ensure that all alkaloids and components remain active. These dried leaves are used to create fine and smooth powders and capsules.

Discounts & Offers

At SOL Botanicals, you find economical kratom products that are further reduced in price for your convenience! New users can subscribe to the SOL newsletter and get a 15% discount on the first order. You can also use the Auto Delivery offer that ensures a monthly delivery to your doorstep with a 15% discount on your regular kratom feed! Now this is a real convenience, isn’t it!

Customer Service

SOL Botanicals welcomes all users to share their views and that is why they share email addresses, and phone numbers on the website. Now you do not have to only fill forms and wait for the online shop to reply. SOL Botanicals is an online vendor that proves its mission of creating a close-knit community by keeping its doors open for all. Customers can call the online shop and get their concerns across easily.

Refund Policy

The confidence of any vendor on the products is evident through money-back guarantees and exchanges. SOL Botanicals offers a 100% money-back guarantee for all users. All you need to do is fill out a form and ask the customer service department for a replacement, or simply to reimburse your money. Customers can also exchange their orders in case they do not want to use a certain strain.


SOL Botanicals does not divide regular orders and there are no hidden shipping charges either! The day you finalize your order by confirming payment, the online shop sends out your package. The delivery takes only three business days for any place in the United States. However, if you are a regular Mitragyna consumer and want the same order to be delivered at a regular interval, SOL Botanicals has a unique plan for you! At the beginning of every month, your regular order will be sent to you at a 15% discount if you sign up for this service called Auto Delivery.

Laboratory Testing

While many online vendors offer third-party laboratory tests on their website, SOL Botanicals goes a step further to get numerous laboratories to test all the products! This multiple testing ensures the efficacy of every product so that you will enjoy the burst of energy without contemplating the quality and freshness.

Customer Reviews

The customer base of SOL Botanicals is more like a family that cares about all those who seek kratom products but do not know where to look. Numerous customers have shared their views and experiences on the SOL Botanicals website so you feel satisfied and sure of the products you buy. The online vendor declares that the customer reviews are authentic and the company does not believe in false reviews to attract buyers. 1 Kilo Kratom Powder 4-Way Split

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is SOL Botanicals Good For Beginners?

For beginners, green vein kratom is an ideal pick as it is mild and has a subtle effect. SOL Botanicals is a good place to buy green vein kratom that is potent and strong. All beginners can find a good strain supply at the most reasonable price!

2) Will SOL Botanicals Charge Me More If I Live Farther Away From The Shop Headquarters?

All online shops charge shipping but at SOL Botanicals, there are no extra charges for distance. All over the country, you can shop and receive kratom products at a nominal shipping rate. However, SOL Botanicals does not believe in creating small inconveniences! You will not have to pay any extra charge and the discounts and cuts on all product prices are a treat to enjoy!

3) Is SOL Botanicals Safe To Use?

The multiple laboratory tests and the vacuum-sealed packaging of all products ensure safe, fresh, and potent kratom products. Moreover, the capsules used by SOL are Non-GMO so that all users can safely use them without fearing any allergies or unwanted side effects.

4) Which Kratom Strain Is Best For Me?

SOL Botanicals offers various red, green and white vein strains. You can choose some of the kratom strains that you like as a part of the variety pack. The multiple strains you try will help you decide which kratom type suits you most. You can avail of these variety packs at reduced prices and then order the kratom product that you liked the most!

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