Kratom is a plant that grows in the native regions of Southeast Asia. The plant is scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. The leaves of the plant have powerful alkaloids that account for the plant’s therapeutic properties. These properties are not yet proved by any scientist or research but are solely based on the people who use them regularly. There are many products available of the herb in the market. These include fresh dried powder, brewed tea, capsules, and even tablets. Out of all these products, the most fast-acting one is the dried powder. This powder is consumed by users in a lot of ways. The most well-known method is the Toss and Wash Kratom method or the Mix and Wash method. The reason behind this is because the direct consumption of the powder produces faster effects than capsules or tablets. Kratom enthusiasts are always on the journey of finding a method that kicks in the fastest. And so their quest to ingest the product in new and innovative ways is never-ending. This article will further elaborate on what new possible methods these enthusiasts have encountered.

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The Old-school Method to Ingest Kratom Powder:

Many of the global enthusiasts of the plant have started to adapt to the original way of ingesting Kratom powder. The reason why we call it one of the original ways is because the native people from the tribes of Southeast Asia consume the leaves of the plant either by chewing on them or smoking the leaves. Although these people smoke and chew on the leaves, the unavailability of fresh plants in the states of the U.S has made the people here take a slightly different turn. Since they can not find fresh leaves easily, people have started to smoke Kratom powder.

How do People Smoke Kratom Powder?

People usually smoke the crushed capsule form which is readily available in the markets. But since people usually buy the loose powdered form, they often tend to smoke it by sprinkling it on top of either tobacco or nicotine. This way of smoking in kratom is not quite beneficial, as you add the risk of ingesting other potentially harmful products too.

How Does Smoking Kratom Work?

The science behind smoking in Kratom powder is the same as smoking any other substance. When you inhale something through your mouth or nose, the smoke travels down into your lungs. Your airway tends to end in the lungs. These lungs have a network of blood vessels and capillaries that directly transport blood and oxygen to the heart and brain. Now imagine that you inhaled something, the products tend to travel down to your lungs through your air tract. From the lungs, these products are then directly carried to your vital organs, where they tend to activate certain receptors and bring about desired responses. Kratom works in the same way. When you inhale the smoke from the Kratom powder, it reaches your lungs and then your brain’s receptors in the same way.

How is Inhalation more Fast-acting?

When you consume something from the digestive tract, it can take hours to get digested completely. But if you inhale something via your airway, it directly reaches your vital organs. This direct transport of the Mitragyna Speciosa’s alkaloids brings out faster effects by activating the receptors that are responsible for producing certain symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Temporary relief from pain and such symptoms
  • Boosting the mood
  • Better sleep cycle
  • Euphoria or happy feelings
  • A relaxed mood
  • Calming down stress effects

How does Smoking Affect the Efficacy of the Plant?

When you overcook the vegetables while making your food, the nutrients are potentially getting lost. This is due to the continuous amount of heat you supply to your food. Since Mitrgyna Speciosa is also a plant, if you heat the contents to a high temperature, the alkaloids can easily get damaged or eliminated. When you consume the brewed tea, you add Kratom powder in boiling water that is at an approximate temperature of 100℃. But when you smoke the plant’s contents, you heat it to a temperature of 900℃. Such an excessive amount of heat can easily cause damage to the products and thereby reduce the alkaloid’s efficacy.

Why is Smoking the Powder not Advised?

Leaves are carbon-based matter. When you burn and inhale these substances which are potentially known as carcinogens, they cross through the tissue lining of your lungs. The reason why it is so easy for them to cross this lining is the high permeability of the lungs. Permeability is a property that enables the lungs to absorb the air you breathe in. This is why any content that travels down along with the air you breathe in gets absorbed very rapidly. On one hand, this produces the desired effects much quicker, but on the other hand smoking as whole damage your lungs internally, be it kratom or tobacco. This is why smoking the products is not generally advisable.

Other Better Alternatives of Ingesting the Plant

As compared to smoking, there are many other safer ways of ingesting the plant’s products. Although these products take a longer time to kick in, there are fewer potential side effects like damaging your lungs. If you wish that the effects should kick in at a faster pace, you can always go for the Toss and Wash Kratom method. For this method, you just have to place your designated dose in the middle of your tongue and then gulp it down with a glass of citrus juice. If you find this method a tad bit difficult, you can go for the modified version which is the Mix and Wash method. Take your specified dosage in the same amount and mix it up beforehand in half a glass of your citrus juice. Gulp down the remaining half glass after you drink the herb’s mixture.

Where to Buy the Products From?

Kratom powder is readily available in local shops and online stores. We prefer that you go for online vendors as they have a wide range of best quality products available. You also need to make sure that what you are consuming is safe enough. With online vendors who are registered members of the American Kratom Association, this problem is eased up. These vendors abide by the specific rules and regulations circulated by the AKA. This ensures optimal quality and hygiene. Here are a few trusted vendors where you can buy Kratom powder of certified quality:

  • Golden Monk
  • Amazing Botanicals
  • SA Kratom
  • Super Natural Botanicals
  • Oasis Kratom
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Crazy Kratom

Smoking korth has its risks and benefits. If you feel like smoking the plant occasionally would not cause you much harm, you can go for this option. Otherwise, there are other safer methods available in the market too. Green Malay

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