Some online shops make changes and become regular. As soon as you log on to SLO Kratom, the invite for a 50% discount does much of the job!

Overall Ranking For SLO Kratom

SLO Kratom managed to rank among the best online shops due to so many reasons. Who doesn’t want good-quality kratom at an excellent price? And that too with the assurance that the products are safe to use and laboratory tested. The high ranking of this online shop is due to the excellent customer service and flexibility of changing orders! When you log on to the website, the price reduction is one attraction but another hard-to-miss feature is the wide variety that ensures that you get hooked for a long time! SLO Kratom has become the last resort for thousands of users and you can avail yourself of amazing discounts if you sign up for membership. All these amazing shopping features make SLO Kratom an absolute hit with all beginners and regular kratom users. 1 Kilo Kratom Powder 4-Way Split

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Brand Analysis

Whenever you log onto some new website, it is essential to check what the company is all about. SLO Kratom originated in San Luis Obispo, California. Now you will get the name even better as it is the initials of the birthplace! The company was created with the mission of making natural substances a common source of energy and stimulation so that people like you and me can deal with the daily challenges. When you are ready for a refreshing adventure of trying quality kratom, you know where to go!

Range of ProductsPowders and Extracts.
Source of KratomAll-natural and sun-ripened kratom trees in Southeast Asia
Laboratory testingAll products are laboratory tested
Refund and exchangeYou can get your orders exchanged or refunded
Customer ServiceExcellent customer service all week
Payment optionsVenmo, Zelle and e-Checks
Price rangeEconomical prices
MembershipYou can create an account for all orders and avail of great discounts

Range Of Products

Apart from the regular red, green and white leaf vein kratom variations, Mitragyna has other categories based on the origin of the tree. Green Thai kratom hails from Thailand while Indo kratom comes from Indonesia. However, The SLO Lifestyles will be a new beginning for you as it includes other variations that are exotic as compared to the common strains you can find everywhere! The yellow kratom variant is special due to the special drying process and can give you an extra surge of energy.

Source Of Kratom

SLO Kratom sources all the Mitragyna leaves from the experienced kratom farmers in Southeast Asia. These farmers are well aware of the right time of harvest, and the factors that need to be regulated to keep the alkaloid content uniform in each batch. The hand-picked kratom leaves are juicy and healthy. The drying process is also quite rigorous as the leaves are laid down under thin sheets of cloth to dry in the shade. The amount of time needed for them to dry is specific and the teams of harvesters ensure that the dried leaves that are sent to the manufacturing units are potent and energizing.

Laboratory Testing

Once the dried leaves are churned and turned into new products such as extracts and powders, laboratory testing becomes essential to ensure that the final product is safe to use and has the correct alkaloid content. Although the fresh leaves, crushed leaves, dried leaves are all checked at various stages but even so, a final attestation from a laboratory ensures that the quality of the product is great!

Customer Service at SLO

When a new consumer buys kratom, they have a million questions that need to be addressed. Similarly, people who try out a new strain often ask about the efficacy and effects. If an online vendor does not have efficient customer service then the objective of providing a good experience to customers is lost! SLO Kratom aims to remove ambiguities and offer premium quality so that people can benefit from natural sources of energy, stimulation, and invigoration. The customer service at SLO Kratom is fast, helpful, and available all the time. Customers will find a query form on the website that they can fill to receive a reply within 24 hours!

Refund Policy

SLO Kratom does not offer refunds as yet. As a consumer, we know that this can be limiting but since you can ask the online shop about the various strains before buying them, there is a thin chance of you not liking what you buy! The various strains and mixes are created in a balanced way and the name gives away its use too! For example, Sunrise denotes the energetic start of the day and if you are looking for some motivation to pass through the day, you got it!

Prices At SLO Kratom

SLO Kratom offers kratom powder in the packaging of 50, 100, and 150 grams, and the price range is between $15 and $30. The kratom extracts are a concentrated form and have more alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which means a smaller amount will suffice. These extracts cost you $120 for 50 grams. These prices are less than numerous online shops. Moreover, finding premium quality Mitragyna at these prices is a jackpot!

Same-day Shipping & Quick Delivery

When you place your order at SLO Kratom, the payment is also done online. The order is shipped the same day and you get the package within three working days. Fast shipping integrates the company’s mission of making organic and herbal products accessible. However, some states do not allow the use of kratom, and SLO Kratom respects the law! If your state does not allow Mitragyna use then the shop will not complete the order.

What Makes SLO Kratom Unique?

SLO Kratom is one of a kind due to its innovative variety and blends of various kratom strains to give you a new experience. Sunrise, Rainbow, Sunset, and other blends are designed to provide a motivating feeling. Moreover, you will feel that your focus improved! If you are looking for some calmness after a long day, then the names suggest that Sunset will be the right kratom product to go to. This variety of results is not offered by other online vendors and therefore sets SLO Kratom apart!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

1) How Do I Pay For The Order If Bank Cards Are Not Acceptable?

The conventional methods of payment do not work with many online shops for kratom. However, SLO Kratom offers smooth payments through Venmo, Zelle, and e-Checks. Your payment will be over a secure link and there is no chance of declined transaction! Try this payment method and avail of same-day shipping!

2) Which Kratom Product Is Best For Me?

SLO Kratom offers various kratom strains that include green, white, red, and yellow variations. You can try out a sample pack for each strain at a minimal price. You can also try out the various products by ordering 50 grams of packaging of the kratom strains that sound appealing. The website gives a short description of each product too. Once you try out the various strains, you will find the one that suits you most! For your next real order, you can try your favorite strain in a larger amount.

3) What Is The Correct Dosage For Kratom?

It is always best to start kratom with a small quantity of only one gram per day. As your body becomes accustomed to alkaloids, you can gradually increase the amount but do not exceed five grams per day.

4) Where Can I See The Laboratory Reports?

SLO Kratom publishes the reports of all laboratory tests so that users are well-aware of what they use. You can find the test reports on the website easily.

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