Riau Kratom is pretty new to the world of Kratom and is not so popular as the other strains are. It is quite a unique variant. Overall, if we talk about kratom, it is doing wonders in the whole world and is being appreciated in both the local as well as international markets.

The reason behind this appreciation is that a wide range of strains is readily available in the market. Riau is one of the latest variants of this plant.

We have seen many people who have started taking this strain without even having enough knowledge. When asked, they claim that their journey started by seeing others involved in ingesting Riau Speciosa. We don’t really appreciate it because this way, you may expose yourself to troubles.

A better way is to do your homework and gather some quality stuff to get familiar with this herb? Are you struggling with finding authentic information on Riau Korth? Can’t grab enough time to spend hours searching for it? Don’t worry because you have landed perfectly. This guide has everything you are in search of. Let’s get into the specifics.

What Precisely Is Riau Kratom?

It is relatively a new strain of Mitragyna. An amazing fact is this strain has captured the entire western herbal industry and is attracting millions of users towards it. It has become very famous in a short period just because of its outstanding properties.

It has now become a top-selling item in the western industry thereby providing users with some crazy stuff. It is known for generating a significant amount of profits.

How Does It Relate To Sumatra?

There is a huge resemblance between the properties of Sumatra and Riau Kratom. This is why it was previously known as Sumatra. But there were some qualities that created a difference and therefore, the name was changed so that everyone can easily recognize it.

Where Does It Originate From?

It is grown and harvested on a famous island of Indonesia commonly known as Riau. This place is famous for its hot as well as humid natural conditions. These conditions are very suitable for this strain to maintain its smoother growth and cultivation.

Why Is It Known As Riau Kratom?

It is named after an island. As mentioned above, this variant of Mitragyna Speciosa originates from one of the islands of Indonesia – Riau. It is famous for its natural beauty that attracts tourists from across the world.

How Does It Smell Like?

The smell of any strain plays a key role in determining freshness and potency. As far as Riau is concerned, it provides you with a mossy as well as an earthy odor. This kind of fragrance is highly appreciated but some people find it not so good.

How About Its Physical Appearance?

Well, it gives two different shades of colors. One is green and the other one is a bit clayish. So, you can call it “clay green” or “clayish green”. If you find any other word that suits this shade the most, you can use that too.

How Do Consumers Find The Taste Of Riau Kratom?

It sounds bitter and bit unpleasant. The pungent influence is a source of attraction for many heroes whereas, some consumers want to somehow reduce the bitterness. They always look for ways to get rid of this touch.

What Alkaloids Does This Strain Carry?

Mitraphylline, corynantheidine, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the prominent alkaloids present in this variant of Mitragyna. If a plant is more potent, it means it has a higher concentration of major alkaloids.

How Do Farmers Harvest Riau Kratom?

With no external factor involved, the trees are grown naturally and once they get matured enough, well-trained native farmers carefully handpick the mature leaves.

These leaves are then passed through a special drying approach to convert them into a consistent powder. Many vendors directly purchase the dried leaves and process them after lab-testing.

What Makes This Strain Credible?

Compared to other strains of Korth, the bitterness in Riau Kratom is less and gives comparatively a sweet touch. So, we can say that flavor creates the difference between this plant and other versions of Speciosa.

What Types Riau Kratom Is Available In?

This product is available in 5 different vein colors as listed below.

  • Gold Riau
  • Yellow Riau
  • Green Riau
  • Red Riau
  • White Riau

The last three are more common compared to the first two.

Where To Buy Riau Kratom?

One of the leading online Korth merchants operating in the global market is Amazing Botanicals. Its credibility is associated with the highest quality products available at quite a reasonable price. The reason why people appreciate this brand is its honesty with the business.

How To Know If Riau Kratom Is Fresh?

The top three factors that determine the freshness and potency are odor, origin, taste. If you are finding that the fragrance is mossy and a bit sweet, the taste is slightly bitter, and is coming from Indonesia, it means you have the right product to take on.

How Can I Take This Kratom Variant?

Different people have different preferences but the common ways to take this strain are to toss and wash and mix it with different liquids like juices. Moreover, you can also buy its capsules and tea to enjoy the journey.

What Are The Customers’ Opinions On This Plant?

The western buyers are pleased to see this variant in their regions and most of them have added this plant to their diet and take it on a daily basis. Some unique properties of this newly introduced strain have attracted many heroes throughout the world. Overall, almost every individual who has tried this tree leaf has been impressed by it.

Final Words

Riau Kratom is a special Korth variant that is pretty new to the industry but is evolving at a high speed. The number of its fans is increasing every single day thereby making it more special for the ones who want to start the journey in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much should I take?

Answer: As of now, no specific dose has been designed to take for every consumer. It varies on the basis of different parameters. The dose could be different for people belonging to different age groups. Similarly, the amount of dose may vary for people with different health conditions and different physical activities. You can take a prescription from a doctor if you are more concerned about your kratom intake.

Question: I used to take other medications. Can I take this kratom variant in parallel to my medications?

Answer: As far as taking kratom with other medications is concerned, it is not a good approach according to medical professionals. The reason behind this restriction is this herb can react with the medicines and may produce severe health risks. The same is the case with Riau Speciosa.

Question: Why do people often compare Red Maeng Da to Red Riau?

Answer: Well, both of these strains carry quite similar properties so people make it a base for this comparison. Both produce decent influence.

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