Are you a kratom store owner or a distributor who is looking for a trustworthy kratom supplier? Was your supplier selling bulk kratom at sky-touching prices? Without a doubt, selecting the right kratom supplier comes up with dozens of challenges. But, your struggle may end here after reading this authentic review about Remarkable Herbs kratom vendor. Remarkable Herbs is well-suited for those who want bulk kratom for further selling purposes. This vendor won’t be your best bet if you want kratom for personal use because they don’t sell kratom in smaller amounts. This authentic review about the kratom vendors – Remarkable Herbs, will let you decide the best for your kratom business. So here we go digging deeper into this top-notch kratom vendor!

Remarkable Herbs For Your Bulk Kratom Needs

Based in the USA, Remarkable Herbs is a trustworthy, authentic, yet longest-running kratom company. It has been leading the kratom business since the times when nobody knew about kratom in the USA. It is known to cater to the bulk kratom needs of kratom vendors and distributors internationally.

What Specialty Herbs You Can Buy At Remarkable Herbs?

Since 2001, the company has delivered 15,000 stores with high-quality kratom and other ethnobotanicals like Kava Kava, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Mitragyna Javanica, Mimosa Hostillis, and Cat’s Claw. So we can say that they play pretty well with diversity, and serve the best to their customers. What’s so special about these specialty herbs? These herbs are harvested and sourced from their native lands to provide supreme quality to the customers. Green Dragon Kratom Capsules by Amazing Botanicals

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From Where Does Remarkable Herbs Source Kratom?

Although the company is based in the USA, they source kratom from its motherland- Southeast Asia. The strains experience the best growing environment including plenty of rainfalls, richly organic soil, enough humidity, and the classic temperate climate. Each kratom strain is monitored extensively from seed to shelf and this practice results in entirely pure, alkaloid-rich kratom products that are surely hard to find!

Are The Prices At Remarkable Herbs Reasonable?

The brand is a wholesale Kratom supplier, and their site does not have any cart where you can add your products. You have to fill out a contact form and one of their customer care representatives will directly contact you. The prices at this online store are reasonable as compared to other kratom suppliers. You can buy a 3oz bag for $24, and an 8oz bag for $25-$50.

Are The Products At Remarkable Herbs Potent?

When it comes to quality and potency, Remarkable Herbs does pop up straight at the top. Firstly, they have introduced only a few kratom strains for bulk selling, and they have a transparent reason behind that. According to the company, they have selected the most potent kratom strains with rich alkaloid profiles so that their customers experience the same buzz every time they get their kratom dose. Therefore the strength and potency of their kratom powders are surely up to the mark. Almost 80% of the alkaloid profiles across different strains are repetitive.

What About Lab-Testing & Authenticity?

All the products at Remarkable Herbs are extensively sterilized for any sort of contaminants. They are free from salmonella, metals, pesticides, E.coli, and preservatives. They follow an exclusive process called Batch Blending to ensure consistency among alkaloid contents and the absence of contaminants from batch to batch. Each kratom powder is correctly labeled for its ingredients and follows all the regulations put forward by the FDA. Therefore, you can count on Remarkable Herbs if you want lab-tested and entirely authentic kratom powders.

Why Remarkable Herbs Don’t Offer Kratom Capsules?

Remarkable Herbs does not sell kratom capsules because they believe that powders are the purest form of kratom and the herb should be taken in its purest state for an ultimate experience.

The Popular Kratom Products That You Must Try At Remarkable Herbs

Although Remarkable Herbs does not contain a variety of strains, what they carry is worth your hard-earned cash. You experience supremacy, and top-quality in each scoop of your kratom powder. Here’s a list of strains along with price tags that you can buy from Remarkable Herbs:

  1. Bali Kratom ($7.99 for 1oz – $85.99 for 20oz)
  2. Indo Kratom ($6.99 for 1oz – $81.99 for 20oz)
  3. Maeng Da Kratom ($6.99 for 1oz – $91.99 to 20oz)
  4. Malaysian Kratom ($7.99 for 1oz – $77.99 for 20oz)
  5. Vietnam Kratom ($6.99 for 1oz – $81.99 for 20oz)

Note: At Remarkable Herbs, on a purchase of three 8oz kratom packs you can grab the fourth kratom pack free of cost.

What Is Their Shipping & Refund Policy?

On the website of Remarkable Herbs, there is not any detail regarding their shipping and refund policy. If you are interested in knowing the details about the shipping cost and whether they have any refund policy, then contact them via the contact form and one of their customer care representatives will catch you sooner.

Are There Any Coupon Codes That You Can Use At Remarkable Herbs?

As of now, Remarkable Herbs Kratom do not have any coupon codes to give an extra discount to their customers. However, you can fill the contact form at their website and negotiate on wholesale rate.

Reddit User Reviews About Remarkable Herbs Kratom

Many Redditors have shared their experience with Remarkable Herbs at Reddit. Here’s what these users are saying! “My experience with RH was that it is honest, quality kratom, well-packaged, and at a headshop price point. If you ever run out unexpectedly, this is a fine brand to tide you over.” “That is not a bad kratom. I purchased some on vacation last year, and it was fine. I would buy it again in a pinch.” “Yeah same here I never bought smoke shop kratom before, so I wasn’t expecting much but wow it was pretty damn good I got Maeng Da Red.” On the other hand, one user said that the quality he got at his second purchase was not good. Here’s what he said on Reddit. “I purchased my second large bag after having a good experience with the brand. However, the second bag I got was NOTHING like the first. It is truly terrible…this batch smelled horrible compared to the last.” The final choice is all yours, but since we have extensively reviewed this site, we will recommend trying it. You can also grab Remarkable Herb’s kratom powders from a nearby headshop. It proves to be the best alternative when you need kratom in an emergency.


Remarkable Herbs Kratom is a reputable kratom vendor that deals with wholesale kratom. They have stocked up a few potent, lab-tested, and batch-blended kratom strains only in the form of powder because they believe that only the potent kratom strains should make their way to their worthy customers. Most of the reviews about Remarkable Herbs encourage buying from this vendor, however, you can evaluate the pros and cons and decide what works best for you. Gold Reserve Kratom Capsules by Amazing Botanicals

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