Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai Kratom: The New Rave in the Kratom World

Red Thai Kratom is widely known as the best, between its siblings green and white vein Thai. As described by the name, it is only produced in the havens of Thailand. But Malaysia has also kicked into the business of making this strain, where they only used to make other types of Kratoms. It can be positively inferred that Red Thai is the most desirable and in-demand strain of all the Thai kratom family.

In this very specific article, we will be covering what Red Thai Kratom is, its Dosage, the harvesting process, and some of the best vendors to get the best quality product.

What is Red Thai Kratom?

Kratom is an herb that originated from south Asia. There are numerous stains available, each has different functionality. Among them, the most desirable and anticipated one is Red Thai Kratom.

Red Thai Kratom is a popular type of kratom that has been used for centuries in Thailand. It belongs to the group of leafy green plants called ketum. The plant grows mainly in tropical climates and can be found throughout Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

If you’re looking for a new way to experience the benefits of Kratom, then red Thai kratom might be just what you’ve been searching for. The effects are similar to white and green strains but with less sedation. It is perfect if you want something that provides energy without interfering with your sleep or making it difficult to function in social situations.

But you should keep in mind that any type of Kratom is illegal in different countries like Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin with a few other countries. It is somewhat said that it is also banned in Australia and Denmark. Don’t worry it is not banned in the United States and other countries. Today, around 3 to 5 million people use Kratom in their everyday life.

Red Thai’s Harvesting

To grow up and harvest kratom trees you would need a lot of humidity and a hot temperature. They are really sensitive to growth and a bit of change in temperature or humidity can adversely affect their quality.

To overcome this problem, farmers have to grow them in a controlled environment. The harvesting of any Kratom and Red Thai Kratom is miscellaneous. That is why we divided the process into a few steps, for your ease of mind.

Step #1:

Step 1 is the harvesting step. Chiefly, the leaves’ color changes over time. You might have heard about strains like white, green, and red strains, they represent the leaves’ color.

When the leaf is young and less potent, it is colored white, while the green shows more potency and half maturity. When the leaf matures completely, it turns red. It is the time when farmers will harvest these leaves with precise timing to get the best of them.


When the harvesting is done, first they would need to clean off all the dust and impurities. After that, they place them on a rack and leave them for drying in the sunshine or indoors. The drying is important as it will increase the alkaloid level. Then these dried leaves are taken for grinding into powder.


Now the final step of this process is packing this powdered red Thai Kratom. There are three forms of packaging of this herb which will be deliberated below:

Note: We defined the harvesting process quite short and in an easy way. Deep down there is so much more to it.


There are generally no specific dosage details for intaking Red Thai Kratom. But to be more specific and explicit about it, it does depend on several things.

What are these things? It depends upon your weight, age, health stipulation, and your gender. Besides these conditions, it also depends on the volume of effect you want it for and the method of ingestion.

I know! It sucks right? All these details and conditions make it difficult to get through. But don’t worry what would be the meaning of this compendium, if it won’t guide.

If you want low to moderate effects try taking it from 1-5 grams. For high dosage, you can ingest 5 to 15 grams of it and for risky intake try greater than 15 grams of powder. Remember the higher the dosage, the higher damage done to your body.

Remember: This dosage manual is for Red Thai in powder form only, if you are using some other form, they might be more potent than you think. For that, you will need to lower the dosage intake as low as possible, because it is more potent.

Recommended Approach of Intake

Now you can stay put to the above dosage, but do you want my suggestion? Well, I recommend starting with the low blow. Meaning begins taking the low dose and then progressively and steadily increasing the dose. When you meet the vital requirement, then make it your home buddy.

So sorry, it is not chemically developed so there is no right amount of dosage, you will just have to use your right mind. Try not to overdose yourself or you will end up damaging your internal system.

Different Forms of Red Thai Kratom

Now it’s time to talk about the types of packaging of Red Thai Kratom. In other words, in how many forms can you get this botanic herb? In most cases, there are 3 types of packaging in which you will get Red Thai.

Powder Form

This is the widely available form of Red Thai out there for consumers. It is also the purest and subtle one. The best thing about this is that it comes at cheap prices. But remember you will have to go through a little bit of hustle with the dosage.

Capsule Form

Now the best thing about this form of packaging is that you won’t have to go through the hustle of dosage. But they are a bit high in price and a very small number of vendors will offer it to you in this form.

Extract Form

Meet the riskiest and strong form of the Red Thai Kratom. This can also be created at home or provided by the vendor, but it is highly concentrated. Plus, it is created using powder form, so it is better to just stay with it. It is mainly designed for risky and strong in-takers.

How to get Red Thai Kratom Online?

Now, this is the most important question out there. Where can you get quality Red Thai Kratom in pure form? Now the vendors that we will be proposing are not affiliated with us. They just have some great quality customer reviews.

You can buy red Thai kratom online at:,,,, and, etc.

Now, these are all the vendors where you can buy Kratom online at reasonable prices. Remember different websites propose Red Thai Kratom in different forms. We would suggest you visit each site and find out about the best dealing and the best vendor in your eyes.


So, this was all for this article. Remember not to overdose yourself with the red Thai Kratom. Even though it is an all-natural herb, still overdosing can do a lot of damage. This herb is also known for addiction but it is also suggested for people overcoming opium habits.

Just try not to get addicted to it, it is not an addictive herb but everyday use will make you rely on it more and more. It is highly advised that you should keep high care of your health, on the first few uses.

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