Red Super Kratom is currently the topic of the greatest debate. When exploring this domain, you will be surprised to see that users often get confused about whether this strain grows naturally or not. The same discussion is being carried out on different online forums to find the facts.

Are you getting attracted to taking Red Super Kratom? Don’t have sufficient knowledge about what potential this strain has? There is no cause for concern because this article has got you covered. Let’s have a look into the specifics.

Red Super Kratom Powder
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What Precisely Is Red Super Kratom?

Super Red Kratom is not a separate naturally occurring substance. It is harvested quite similar to red veins. One thing that creates the difference is that the growers focus on collecting mature leaves with the biggest surface areas preserving the highest concentration of alkaloids. So, the size of the tree leaves is a major difference.

To prepare a consistent powder, these leaves are dried in the sunlight and passed through a unique grinding process. Excessive important alkaloid components provide Super Red Kratom with higher potency and long-lasting influence.

Where Does It Originate From?

Well, the origin may vary depending upon the strain we are considering. For example, if you are exploring the origin of Super Red Thai, it is Thailand as the name implies. Similarly, the Southeast Asian lands producing Super Red Indo and Super Red Malay are Indonesia and Malaysia, respectively. The names of these strains are associated with their origins; therefore, it becomes super easy for you to determine where they come from.

Why Is It Called Red Super Speciosa?

One thing is for sure it belongs to the family of red-veined Kratom. The word “Super” puts a lot of people in confusion. It shows nothing but the bigger size of the leaves as mentioned earlier. As a result, you get an extremely potent influence when consumed. Therefore, this Speciosa variant is usually called Red Super Kratom.

Which Variants Does This Kratom Strain Have?

It is available in several different variants and a few of the top-selling are listed below.

Each of them carries unique properties but Super Red Maeng Da is considered to be the most potent among them all. This is why it attracts a majority of experienced Korth users.

The Top Alkaloid Components In Super Red Kratom

When it comes to the overall properties or influence of any strain, the alkaloid components play a crucial role. The same is the case with Super Red Kratom. It is rich in around forty different alkaloids that follow different concentrations. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine are the most prominent alkaloids having the highest concentration among all. Therefore, major properties are directly linked to these two alkaloid components.

How Should I Consume Red Super Kratom?

A couple of consumption methods are available depending upon a user’s interest, preference, or goal to be achieved. Different users may prefer different approaches to consuming this botanical. On the other hand, one user may also adopt different consumption methods at different times. Let’s take a look at the popular ways you can adopt to consume Red Super Kratom.

Fresh Leaves

Taking fresh leaves has been doing wonders, especially for the native community. If you are living somewhere within the premises of Southeast Asia, you are a lucky person to give fresh leaves a try. It requires nothing but chewing on them directly. The non-native individuals will not be able to purchase them as these leaves are not usually exported.


Just because of its convenience, it is a commonly followed way to take Kratom doses. The powder is prepared after drying and grinding the fresh leaves. The reason why it produces instant influence is that it bypasses your digestive system and goes straight away to your bloodstream. To ingest powder, all you need is water or any other liquid of your choice. You are free to consume it with fresh juices like orange or lemon juice.


If you are a busy professional who can’t get enough time to prepare something while working. Preparing Super Red tea would be a decent option as it requires only a few minutes to get ready. You can use crushed leaves or powder to make it on your own. Many professionals working at different workplaces drink this tea daily.


They are crucial if you are looking to mask the bitter taste of Red Super Kratom. There are two different reasons why many users prefer using capsules. The first one is that the capsules reduce the overall bitterness and the second reason is that they help you take a calculated dose to maintain your daily intake.

Combination With Other Items

Apart from taking Super Red Kratom alone, you can also add it to different food items and liquids of your choice. There are many people who love to add this magical herb to cookies. Whereas, many others prefer adding it to fresh juices.


Kratom smoothies are getting popular these days. If you want to consume Super Red Kratom to get a special influence, try making its smoothies on your own. Some vendors also offer ready-made smoothies.

What Is The Right Dose For Super Red Kratom?

If you want to consume Red Super Kratom, don’t forget that there is no right dose. The amount to be taken may vary from person to person. If one of your colleagues is consuming a specific amount of this strain and is getting superb results, there are brighter chances that you may not even like it. It all depends on your anatomy. If you are more concerned about this matter, simply consult a health professional to get credible assistance.

Where To Purchase Red Super Kratom?

The three top-notch online brands you can trust when purchasing Red Super Kratom are listed below.

  1. Amazing Botanicals
  2. Crazy Kratom
  3. NL Naturals

We have chosen these vendors based on their product quality, customer support services, buyers’ feedback, and overall reputation.

How Do Users Find This Kratom Variant?

The users are big fans of its extreme potency. Red veins are already the most potent version of Kratom and the selection of only bigger leaves to prepare powder makes it even more potent. You can ask different consumers in person as well. The best way to go through the customer reviews is to explore either the official websites of sellers or online forums i.e., Reddit and Quora.

Final Words

Red Super Kratom has been a potential source of attraction for regular users for a while now. A number of people are already taking it and many others are planning to do so. If you intend to take this botanical, make sure that you have read the above discussion. It has considered everything from how it is prepared to the best places to make a trusted purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it compared to White and Green Super Kratom?

If you compare Super Red Kratom with Green or White Super Speciosa, you will find it way more potent. This is the reason it usually carries long-lasting properties and influence. If you are a true Speciosa lover and are using it for a while, you would love to take Super Red Mitragyna for sure.

What makes it popular?

The extremely high concentration of alkaloids and the added potency are the source of attraction for thousands of customers making it popular around the world.

What odor does Red Super Kratom carry?

It produces an earthy smell that often sounds pungent. You can easily compare this odor with the one that comes from your wet grassy lawn.

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