Red Bentuangie Kratom is one of the strains that have gotten popular in a short span. Interestingly, the increasing demand for this botanical is a green signal for its brighter future. The actual scenario will depend on the research studies and clinical trials.

This strain is attracting both newbies and seasoned Kratom users. Do you intend to ingest Red Bentuangie Kratom? Don’t have enough knowledge about this strain? No worries! Because this guide has got you covered. Let’s get a bit deeper into the discussion.

Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder
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What Precisely Is Red Bentuangie Kratom?

Among the family of red-veined Kratom, Red Bentuangie has a special place. As far as the fermentation process is concerned, it is longer compared to many other strains. It changes alkaloid contents positively and hence makes it more potent. The fermentation process plays a crucial role in setting this strain apart.

According to many consumers, the fermentation provides Red Bentuangie with a special and distinctive flavor and odor in comparison to other red-veined Speciosa. Some users claim that this strain produces a fruity smell. This is an attractive parameter for newcomers.

Where Does It Originate From?

Well, a few explorers discovered this strain in Indonesian jungles when they were looking for unique Kratom variants. More specifically, it grows on a popular island – Borneo. This land is perfect for the smooth growth of Red Bentuangie because of fertility and tropical weather. Both these factors contribute to providing this strain with an incredible influence.

Why Is It Known As Red Bentuangie?

The name of this strain is associated with the physical appearance as well as a preparation approach. The word “Red” shows the vein color that appears once the leaves are mature. Whereas, the word “Bentuangie” shows that it is a fermented strain. This is why it is commonly known as Red Bentuangie Kratom.

Which Forms Is This Strain Available In?

Well, it actually depends on what customers demand. Overall, two different forms of Red Bentuangie – powder and capsules – are readily available on the market. The stats show that both forms of this strain are frequently consumed.

Some sellers may offer other variants as well e.g., extracts, tinctures, smoothies, tablets, etc. Each variant comes with different prices. The prices for the same variant may also vary from one seller to another.

List Of Prominent Alkaloids

Similar to many other Speciosa variants, Red Bentuangie Kratom consists of around forty different alkaloid components. Each component carries a unique influence but concentration matters the most. The ones with higher concentration control more properties of the strain.

In terms of concentration, the top two alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. These two alkaloids are considered signature alkaloids of Kratom and are found in almost all strains of Speciosa.

How Can I Consume Red Bentuangie Kratom?

Multiple ways you can adopt to take your doses are listed and explained below.


Though it is not a frequently used approach, many users love chewing on fresh leaves. For this, you need to be present in Southeast Asian regions. If you live away from this area, you will not be able to purchase fresh leaves because native suppliers don’t export them to other regions.


It is one of the most commonly used approaches. Taking Red Bentuangie this way is super easy. All you need is to take the desired amount of powder, put it in your mouth, and drink some water right after it.

The powder will go directly to your bloodstream; therefore, it produces a quick influence. Taking Kratom powder with water is usually known as “toss and wash”.


They are a perfect tool if you want to mask the bitter touch of this strain. The capsule shells play a crucial role in this regard. These shells are prepared with some special material known for effectively reducing the Kratom bitterness. You can ingest capsules with water, fresh juices, or other liquids.


It is another popular Kratom variant that is prepared with either crushed leaves or powder. You need to weigh the amount of powder required, put it into the water, and start boiling.

One thing you should be concerned about is that the temperature of the water shouldn’t be too high because the higher temperature is the biggest enemy of Kratom alkaloids. They may get damaged. This is why you can never take the temperature for granted.


They are blended beverages that a number of users appreciate taking. You can make a Red Bentuangie smoothie on your own. If you don’t have enough time to prepare it, you can ask vendors for the ready-made one. The smoothies are famous for providing you with a stunning overall experience.

Combination With Other Goods

If you are still looking for more ways to make your journey memorable, you can add Red Bentuangie Kratom to different liquid items or food products. The prominent items people use to mix with Kratom include fresh juices, honey, sauces, cookies, and other similar goods.

How Much Should You Take?

This is quite a tricky question to answer because there is nothing like a fixed dosage. It varies from one person to another based on anatomy. Many newbies start taking their doses by looking at others. This is not a good approach. You can’t take a specific dose that suits another user because yours may be different.

If you are seriously worried about how much to consume, do nothing but consult a medical professional. It is better to contact a family doctor to get some assistance. The family doctors may suggest something more accurate because they know your medical history.

Are you unable to consult a health professional? Don’ worry! Start consuming this strain in the smallest doses and keep observing how it behaves with you.

If you are comfortable with the outcomes, keep on taking the same amount. But, if you are not satisfied with the results, you are free to increase your intake until you get satisfactory outcomes.

Where To Purchase Red Bentuangie Kratom?

The top online Kratom brands to buy Red Bentuangie Kratom powder and capsules are:

  1. Amazing Botanicals – The highest quality Kratom strains free from contaminants
  2. Crazy Kratom – Cost-effective Kratom solutions
  3. Kona Kratom – The most trusted seller

What Do Customers Say About This Strain?

Well, consumers are in love with this strain because the fermentation process gives an overall influence a solid boost. The level of potency it has is quite different from other Kratom variants.

The majority of online reviews are positive. You can also find some users in your social circle to directly ask about their experiences associated with taking Red Bentuangie Kratom.

If you don’t know how to find online customer reviews, all you need is to start exploring the product pages on the official websites of sellers. Similarly, Reddit and Quora will also help you go through various buyers’ feedback.

Final Words

Red Bentuangie Kratom provides you with an unbeatable experience because it is a fermented Kratom strain. It comes from Indonesia and offers you a golden opportunity to undergo a stunning experience. For more details, read through the above discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where should I purchase Red Bentuangie Kratom? Online or local?

Answer: Well, there is no restriction in this regard. You can buy it from anywhere you feel comfortable. But, according to people who make frequent purchases, online shopping is more reliable.

Question: Is it a costly strain?

Answer: Compared to many red-veined Kratom, Red Bentuangie is a bit expensive but comes with a special influence due to the fermentation process.

Question: Is there any alternative to Red Bentuangie Kratom?

Answer: Don’t worry if you can’t buy Red Bentuangie for any reason because a couple of strains share multiple properties with it. The prominent alternatives are Green Indo, Gold Maeng Da, and Red Bali.

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