Quick Kratom was founded in 2013, which is remarkable given how little most Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts appear to know about them. According to their about us page, this firm was started by a person named Ryan, a ketum lover who was tired of having bad experiences with other vendors. This piqued our interest even further, and we set out to learn everything we could about this company.

After all, it’s extremely difficult for a company to last seven years in the speciosa community without establishing a reputation. Stay with us as we try to learn everything we can in this quick kratom vendor review blog post about this fascinating seller.


  • 30-Day Return Policy
  • Solid Strains
  • Stem & Vein Kratom
  • Coupon Codes for Kratom
  • Quick delivery


  • Pricing that is prohibitively expensive
  • Third-party labs are not disclosed.
  • There is no AKA permission.
  • Lacked sufficient labeling
  • Frequently out of stock

Is Quick Kratom a Reliable Source of the Herb?

Based on our study, we are hesitant to say that this vendor is legitimate. Although we have had a generally favorable experience with Quick Kratom, we believe its pricing is excessive.

More concerning is the fact that this brand does not appear to submit its products for third-party testing. As a result, you have no means of knowing whether the product you’re buying is safe, effective, or devoid of adulterants.

Quick Kratom Product Line

They offer product categories for extracts and tinctures, but when you click on them, nothing is available for purchase. They only appear to sell their strains in powder form, so if you prefer capsules, you may want to look elsewhere.

Furthermore, they sell the following strains:

In comparison to other sellers, their variety is limited, which is surprising given how long they’ve been in business. They don’t even have a strain with a wide range of veins. This could indicate that they don’t have strong supply-chain links.

Although they don’t have anything listed in that category on their website, this company provides wholesale kratom. They also don’t have an easy way to get in touch with someone about a wholesale inquiry.

Pricing Range

In comparison to other companies, this company’s prices are rather high. Our Green Malaysian kratom is $79 per kilogram, compared to $275 for theirs. That’s a $196 difference. Even if the company is AKA recognized, this pricing is still too high.

The prices for respective strains are listed below.

  • Borneo white – 1 ounce to 1 kilogram increments The price range is $16 to $275.
  • Maeng da – Starts at 1 oz and gradually increases to 1 pound. The price range is $19.97 – $180
  • Malaysian – Starts at 1 oz and goes up to 1 kilo. The price range is $16 to $275.
  • Premium Bali – Starts at 1 ounce and ends at 1 kilogram. The price range is $12 to $210.
  • Primo Indo — 1 ounce to 1 kilogram increments. The price range is $14 to $200.
  • Thai cuisine ranges from 1 ounce to 1 kilogram. The price range is $12 to $290.

Shipping Policy

Quick Kratom ships based on weight. This means that if you buy 1 KG of a strain, your shipping costs will be higher than if you buy 1 OZ. This is not in the customer’s best interests because the majority of the cost savings from buying kratom in bulk are used to cover the higher shipping costs. This is common among smaller kratom suppliers who lack the financial means to spend properly on logistics.

The time it takes to receive your merchandise is also dependent on a few factors. You won’t obtain a delivery estimate unless you enter an address and choose a shipping method. Shipping charges are also affected by where you live.

This business does not ship to anyone under the age of 18 or to anyone who resides in a state where ketum is prohibited.

Refund Policy

You must return new, unopened items within 30 days for a refund. If the cause for the return is due to an error on their part, they pay for postage, which is a lovely touch. Their refunds can take up to four weeks to appear in your account, but they claim they normally arrive sooner.

When they get your return, they email you, and you can get updates from their support team if needed.

Coupon Code

There are no promo codes available for this brand. They do offer to provide a free kratom sample to new clients and to reward loyal returning customers with prizes. A free sample is mentioned in the few third-party reviews available for this brand. However, before purchasing from them, we recommend conducting a quick search for any fresh promo codes that may have popped.

Consumer Reputation

We could only discover one post regarding Quick Kratom from the public, no matter how long we looked. That’s really unusual for a company that’s been in business since 2013. The one relevant Reddit thread has some nice feedback, but it also makes it apparent that Quick Kratom’s pricing isn’t cheap. Here are some of the quick kratom vendor reviews:

“They were the first seller I ordered from, and to be honest, the merchandise isn’t horrible; it’s simply more expensive.” “They’re cheaper than most head shops,” another person said, “but they still seem rather exorbitant.” We can see that some people say “it’s definitely decent…their Maeng Da is quite solid” without looking at the pricing. “I’ve been using Quick Kratom for months, and it’s been fantastic,” adds the final comment.

What effect do high costs and good quality products have on customer service? The above-mentioned discussion tells a great deal. “I emailed them and soon received a response with an apology and a new 4oz for free sent priority mail that day,” one user said after experiencing a problem. Every transaction comes with free samples, and I normally receive my items within three days.”

“They provided a free oz. of Borneo White Vein,” others agree on the complimentary samples. So kudos to them!”

Their refund policy is quite accommodating. Most unopened items can be returned within 30 days. If they made a mistake, they’ll refund the cost of return shipping as well.

Bottom Line

Quick Kratom appears to have some quality goods. The biggest issue is that they are massively pricey. If you’re interested and can find a decent discount or coupon code, you’ll almost certainly get an extra ounce for free. We’re not sure why a long-running site would choose to limit itself with a poorly designed site and high prices, but that’s exactly what this seller has done. Other than this, the product range is quite decent and of good quality.

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