Nowadays, people are shifting from synthetic products to natural or herbal ones. The reason behind this fact is natural products offer more healing benefits compared to processed or synthetic items. Kratom is one of the well-known herbal products being sold across the globe. It is cultivated in different countries including Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian regions. Kratom, with a series of medicinal benefits, promotes overall wellbeing and this is why it is getting popular every day. Keeping in mind this factor, a number of people around the world are willing to try this herb for different purposes. You can find thousands of online kratom sellers along with some local smoke shops or other kratom stores. With this boom in the kratom industry, vendors have introduced multiple payment options for online purchases including cash on delivery, electronic check, Bitcoin, debit and credit card, and a couple of others. Red-Borneo

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A few decades back, very few people (mostly natives) were familiar with kratom but these days, this number has increased exponentially. Therefore, the kratom purchase has become challenging especially for the first-timers due to some scammers and frauds. These activities are normally associated with some online kratom sellers as described by regular users. A few years back, many reputed banks made the kratom purchases restricted with their services. As a result, nowadays, with most of the vendors, you can not purchase kratom with a credit card. With this bad news, many users have started asking a series of questions e.g., “after all, it is my money so why can’t I make a purchase for whatever I want with my credit card?”, “why it is made so hard for me to find a kratom seller that accepts credit and debit cards?”, and “what are the alternative methods to buy kratom without a credit card?”. These questions are very valid but unfortunately, you can do nothing with these regulations. Let’s get into the details on why one cannot purchase kratom with a credit card.

Why Can’t I Purchase Kratom With A Credit Card?

Actually, in recent times, doing online shopping using either a debit or a credit card is pretty common and is being followed by millions of people everywhere in the world. In addition, the use of credit cards has made it very easy for everyone to do online transactions for whatever they want. Many users wish that they could purchase kratom with a credit card but unfortunately, they can’t because of restrictions imposed by the higher authorities. Buying kratom with a credit card is something that is not in the control of kratom sellers because it is being banned by credit card processors and relevant companies. The reason explained by the banks and other credit card companies behind banning the use of credit cards to make kratom purchases is that kratom is associated with higher risks. In fact, their claim is not supported by even a single piece of scientific evidence but still, you have to go with it and you can not purchase kratom with a credit card. The restrictions mentioned above force kratom sellers to get cash payments for their products or use any other method except a credit card. Still, there are some sellers that are accepting credit cards as their payment mediums but it is a bit risky to buy your kratom from such vendors because your payments may be blocked by banks if caught.

Why Do Banks Not Allow Kratom Purchase With A Credit Card?

Most of the buyers hear the story from the sellers’ side that banks do not allow them to accept payments made through credit cards. Let’s take a look at what concerns the banks precisely have. Allied Payments is a well-known and leading credit card services provider. It claims that kratom is a tool that comes with narcotic ingredients; therefore, banks and other credit card companies should not allow sellers to accept credit card payments. This is, without any doubt, a big problem for the sellers and the buyers at the same time. This is the major reason why online payments usually get delayed when you purchase kratom with a credit card. As of now, there is no medical evidence in the support of Mitragyna Speciosa therefore, the overall scenario has become quite controversial. Just because of this reason, a number of financial institutes have declared the kratom industry as a no-go place. According to some recent studies, the demand for kratom, in the global market, is increasing every day so the chances of dependency can become higher. It has made the scenario even more challenging for kratom lovers and supporters. Another reason why banks are not accepting kratom payments through credit cards is that FDA has not yet approved Mitragyna Speciosa.

Role of Major Authorities On The Use Of Kratom

As mentioned earlier, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow cultivators to produce kratom. In order to deal with its challenges, kratom sellers have started to meet GMP standards and are selling products to the community. The National Institute of Drug Abuse always talks about the research studies that have no evidence in the support of Mitragyna Speciosa. In addition, this department says that kratom comes with severe health risks and dependency and this is why no one should be allowed to purchase kratom with a credit card. Another major authority – Drug Enforcement Administration compares kratom with other drugs and says that you must not take it as there are a couple of deaths associated with this controversial herb. The credit card companies and reputed banks always follow the standards set by the federal bodies. They do not provide their services to the industry that has not been given permission by the government authorities to do the business and this is why you can’t purchase kratom with a credit card. Most of the time, well-known credit card companies do not want to lose their reputation just by providing their services to an industry that is selling risky products with no clear status in many parts of the globe. Whereas, all the regular users know this is not a valid argument to ban a kratom purchase with a credit card.

What Do Buyers Think?

Most of the time when purchasing kratom, buyers want to keep their information confidential and they do not want it to be shared with anyone. If you purchase kratom with a credit card, your information will be saved on the server of credit card companies and they can share it with their team and other people. This is not a favorable situation for many buyers. A number of users are not willing to buy kratom with a credit card because it could be questionable anytime for them. In the United States, if you go to a nearby store and pay immediately, you will get some amazing discounted deals. Local American sellers provide you with discounts if you are paying by cash or using your cryptocurrency wallet for the purchase.

Ending Note

The kratom industry is not approved by the federal government. So, many banks do not appreciate paying through credit cards when buying kratom. Moreover, many credit card companies do not want to make their reputation questionable; therefore, they do not provide their services to the kratom industry and hence you can’t purchase kratom with a credit card. Green-Maeng-Da123

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