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Poppy Seeds Unwashed Organic - 100g
Poppy Seeds Unwashed Organic - 500g

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Our Poppy Seeds, obtained from the Papaver Somniferum plant, are the finest quality, 100% organic, and unwashed. You can buy these seeds in a 100 gram bag or a 500 gram bulk bag, giving you an abundant amount of seeds for your cooking needs.

Unlike many other brands of poppy seeds being sold, these poppy seeds have not been messed with or washed in any way, guaranteeing the best aroma, flavor, and taste for your culinary needs.

Indeed, most brands of Poppy Seeds being sold on the market are washed so hard that they lose all of their flavor and aroma, and then an unnatural spicy smell is added to try and compensate. Frankly, the washed seeds with the fake spicy smell that most stores are selling are disgusting and unusable for cooking, which is why we felt the need to bring these unwashed and 100% authentic poppy seeds to the market.

Every cook out there deserves to have seeds which produce a true, natural poppy flavor, and with these seeds that is what you will get. Indeed, these seeds will bring your poppy oriented culinary skills to the next level.

Further, these are Spanish Blue Poppy Seeds, which are the most highly coveted type of Poppy Seeds. These are extremely rare and hard to find, especially in unwashed 100% organic format.

Thus, whether you are making Poppy bagels, Poppy muffins, Poppy bread, or anything else imaginable that you can make with Poppy Seeds, then you should buy your seeds from Amazing Botanicals. You will be amazed and astonished by the truly authentic flavor and aroma.

On a final note, the highest standards were used when processing this product, so you can be confident that these Spanish Blue Poppy Seeds are the highest quality and contain zero contaminants or adulterants. These are 100% pure seeds the way God intended them. 

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