Nano Kratom Shot Root Beer Float 15mL


Nano Kratom Shot Root Beer Float 15mL โ€“ 1 shot
Nano Kratom Shot Root Beer Float 15mL โ€“ 5 shots
Nano Kratom Shot Root Beer Float 15mL โ€“ 25 shots

Earn up to 275 Points.

This Nano Kratom Shot is made with the most powerful Liquid Kratom Extract on Earth. Each mL contains 11mg of Mitragynine, so in total this shot contains 165mg of Mitragynine, equivalent to 15 grams of top-grade Kratom leaf. Due to the extreme potency of this shot, even the most seasoned Kratom users should only take half the shot, and new Kratom users should take even less.

Further, this shot uses Nano technology which causes the effects to hit much more rapidly than a regular Kratom shot.

Even better, this shot is a delicious Root Beer Float flavor. You won't find a Kratom shot as delicious and potent as this anywhere else.

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Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dustin Fields

Thanks great potency

Todd Davis
powerfull shot

I recently tried the Kratom root beer shots and I really like them.
I take kratom for pain from back issues and arthritis in other parts of my body.
I usually do well with taking the Kratom powder but the thing I liked about the shots is on the days when Im really hurting and need that little extra relief to do a task that involves lifting or bending, the root beer shot is the ticket.
But be careful, the root beer shot is strong.


@jasonthomas the ingredients are listed in the description honey ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jason Thomas
What are the ingredients?

Iโ€™m curious if anyone knows?

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