Kratomettes – The Original Kratom Cigarettes


Kratomettes - The Original Kratom Cigarettes – Pack
Kratomettes - The Original Kratom Cigarettes – Carton (10 Packs)

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If you’re looking for the original kratom cigarettes, look no further. Amazing Botanicals® is the exclusive supplier of Kratomettes, and we’re offering these unique herbal cigarettes online at an incredible price. Order yours today.

Why Kratom Cigarettes

Kratom has been smoked in Southeast Asia for centuries, and these kratom cigarettes enable you to experience the pleasures and the benefits for yourself. Kratomettes are the only smokable kratom product currently on the market, and they may offer you a one-of-a-kind experience that’s both relaxing and uplifting. You’ll fall in love with the soothing sensation and the pleasant aroma and flavor experience.

Like all kratom products from Amazing Botanicals, these cigarettes are sourced from reputable suppliers who produce high-quality, 100% organic kratom. All kratom is rigorously lab-tested for quality and safety, so you can buy with absolute confidence.

Each cigarette contains 1 gram of highly potent Green Crushed Leaf Kratom, and each pack contains 20 kratom cigarettes. Ten-pack cartons are also available.

Order Herbal Cigarettes Online 

At Amazing Botanicals, we put your satisfaction first. When you buy from us, you can count on our satisfaction guarantee, rapid shipping, and friendly customer service. If you spend more than $75, your order will even qualify for free shipping.

Order your Kratomettes today, and enjoy a smoking experience like no other.

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Pack, Carton (10 Packs)

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Bealer
The Original Kratom Cigarettes - Smoke em if you got em!

I was wondering what smoking Kratomettes would be like, so I bought a couple of packs to try them out. They tasted pretty good and they burned evenly, just like a regular cigarette. In fact, they tasted similar to a tobacco cigarette (at least to me they did!). About 10 minutes later, I got a familiar kratom rush! What an awesome product!

Jennifer Reynolds

Kratomettes - The Original Kratom Cigarettes

Laurinda Dudley
Kratomettes Amazing! Original Kratom cigarettes 🙂

I absolutely love this product. Amazing Botanicals 💚 Kratomettes original kratom cigarettes! The Taste is actually pretty nice and they chill you straight out. I have never smoked kratom before but the experience is Amazing! Very excellent. I absolutely love this product and will buy again. 💚💯🍭

Tom Brown

Kratomettes - The Original Kratom Cigarettes

Dustin fields
Omg moments

I love this product. .. this is a great way to go green instead of brown. Thanks a.b.

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