Kratom Shot Ultra Enhanced Indo


Ultra-Potency Pure Alkaloid Suspension Oil.

  • Equivalent to 10g of powder.
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100% Natural, Pure Extracted Kratom Tincture. 12ml Liquid shot equivalent to 10 grams of powder kratom.

Formulated using a CO2 extraction method with the legendary Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom. Our shots offer a pleasurable energized experience!
This is a crafted, potent 12 ml Kratom Tincture. This means the active full spectrum alkaloids in the Kratom plant are concentrated, thus much more potent and effective!
Not for the WEAK! Be warned…..
1/2 bottle is enough for MOST. 1 bottle for experienced users ONLY.

The US FDA has not approved this herb to be sold for internal use. For botanical research purposes only. The FDA has not evaluated or approved any statements made.

Ingredients: Mitragyna speciosa extract, water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin.

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