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These Kratom + Kava Extract Tablets are a one of a kind product that combines two potent ethnobotanicals in order to produce a deeply relaxing experience, and you won’t find a product like this anywhere else.

Each tablet contains 50 mg of highly potent 45% Mitragynine Kratom Extract, meaning each tablet contains 22.5 mg Mitragynine equivalent to 2-3 grams of fresh Kratom leaf. Also, each tablet contains 100 mg of 70% Kavalactones extract, meaning each tablet contains 70 mg of Kavalactones equivalent to 700 mg of fresh Kava Kava. 

Kava Kava, which has the scientific name Piper Methysticum, has been used since ancient times. Originally Kava Kava came from the South Pacific islands of New Guinea and Vanuatu, but due to its popularity it spread across all of the islands of the South Pacific, to as far south as New Zealand and as far north as Hawaii. 

Notably, Kava Kava is so popular across Oceania and the Pacific that it has become an important part of numerous religions and cultures. In-fact, even in the United States a Kava culture is rapidly developing, with Kava bars proliferating across the United States from coast to coast.

Kava Kava contains a variety of active alkaloids known as Kavalactones. The 6 primary alkaloids which are responsible for 96% of Kava’s activity include Kavain, Dihydrokavain, Methysticin, Dihydromethysticin, Yangonin, and Desmethoxyyangonin. Scientific studies indicate that these alkaloids collectively interact with the GABA, Cannabinoid, Adrenergic, Dopamine, and Opioid receptors. 

Although the pharmacological activity and effects profile of Kava is quite complex, it is well known that Kava generally produces strong feelings of well-being and relaxation, making Kava an excellent herb for social activities, which is exactly why Kava bars have become so popular. 

Overall, Kava is one of the most relaxing herbal allies, and it produces an incredibly unique experience when combined with Kratom extract. Therefore, this product is a must-have for Kratom lovers who are looking for a deeply relaxing experience. 

On a final note, these Kratom + Kava Extract Tablets have been lab tested to ensure that they are 100% pure and do not contain any contaminants or adulterants, and the highest standards were used when processing this product, so you can be confident that these Kratom + Kava Extract Tablets are the highest quality.

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