Green Maeng Da Kratom Cigarettes 10ct


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Kratom has been smoked in Southeast Asia since ancient times, and now you can experience the pleasure of smoking Kratom with our brand new Green Maeng Da Kratom Cigarettes. Notably, Amazing Botanicals is the first Kratom vendor to offer Kratom Cigarettes, and you will not find this product anywhere else.

These Kratom Cigarettes are made with one gram of extremely fresh and potent Green Maeng Da crushed Kratom leaf. Each Kratom cigarette is made with 100% organic Kratom, and contains no other additives or ingredients, ensuring a pleasant and natural smoke.

This Green Maeng Da Kratom was harvested from more mature leaves which contain maximum levels of Mitragynine, and then this Kratom went through a specialized drying process involving a mixture of drying in a room with no light and briefly drying out in the sun, unlike White Vein Kratom which is dried only in a room with no light. The mature nature of the leaves at harvesting time and the specialized drying process are what define this strain as Green Vein.

The most important thing to know is that due to the high levels of Mitragynine relative to Red Vein and White Vein, Green Vein Kratom leads to a more invigorating experience, and is the perfect option for the daytime or work.

Our Green Maeng Da Kratom comes fresh from Indonesia, has been tested in a state of the art laboratory, and utmost care was used when shipping and processing this Kratom. Lab tests confirm that this Kratom is completely pure, contains zero adulterants or contaminants, and is highly potent. You can be assured that the only thing in these Kratom Cigarettes is 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

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Green maeng da cigarettes

They are a pleasant surprise, have an interesting taste and a mild effect as well, very mellow and uplifting!


Loved it. I love a good sale as well

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