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Our Bitter Orange Extract Tablets provide powerful energetic effects, and they are extremely convenient since just 1 tablet is required for a strong dose. Each tablet contains 200 mg of a highly concentrated Bitter Orange Extract which contains 6% of the active alkaloid Synephrine, and therefore each tablet contains 12 mg of Synephrine.

Bitter Orange, which has the scientific name Citrus Aurantium, is a hybrid produced by crossing a Pomelo with Mandarin Oranges, and it has been used since ancient times in Southeast Asia. In the 10th century Bitter Orange was introduced to Spain where it was highly valued and widely cultivated, and later on Spanish explorers introduced Bitter Orange to the Bahamas and Florida. 

What makes Bitter Orange unique relative to other types of citrus fruits is that it contains the alkaloid Synephrine, which is a phenethylamine that has a molecular structure similar to the neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Therefore, Synephrine interacts with the adrenergic receptors in the body, producing similar effects to adrenaline. 

Due to this herb’s energetic properties, Bitter Orange is a popular additive to numerous workout supplements, and in-fact the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not allow Synephrine since it is considered a performance enhancer. 

Overall, Bitter Orange is one of the most popular energetic herbal allies that is legally available in the United States. 

On a final note, these Bitter Orange Extract Tablets have been lab tested to ensure that they are 100% pure and do not contain any contaminants or adulterants, and the highest standards were used when processing this product, so you can be confident that these Bitter Orange Extract Tablets are the highest quality.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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