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Choose a Kilo of highly potent Kratom powder for $75, and get a FREE 100g bag of Kratom. Select below from 50+ exotic, rare, and highly potent strains. Includes Free Shipping and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Amazing Botanicals® has highly potent kratom kilos for sale. Buy a 1kg bag of premium kratom powder, and we’ll throw in a FREE 100g bag of kratom. Choose from over 50 popular, rare, and exotic strains including Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, White Thai, White Dragon, Green Borneo, and dozens of others. You can even choose two different strains: one for your 1kg bag, and one for your 100g bag. Achieve just the effect you're looking for!

Our Kratom Powder Is Premium-Quality 

At Amazing Botanicals, we’re committed to offering the highest-quality kratom powder from the most reputable sources. Our supplier is based in Southeast Asia where kratom grows naturally, and they take great care to ensure that all kratom is farmed using premium methods and protected from harmful chemicals and contaminants. The powder is only harvested when the leaves have fully matured, and it’s never produced via plantation farming.

Once the product reaches us, it undergoes additional third-party lab testing to confirm maximum potency and ensure that there are no contaminants or adulterants. A lot of companies have kratom kilos for sale, but our quality is unmatched in the industry.

Buy Kratom Kilo Bags From Amazing Botanicals

Are you ready to experience the best kratom at the best prices? Amazing Botanicals has you covered. We’ve been raising the bar since 2014, and we continue to put our customers first. Place your order today, and get free, rapid shipping when you spend $75 or more.

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Chris Smith
Love your products

I have ordered several times. Thank you for providing a quality product for a reasonable price. 💖Chris

Croy Lashley
Best deal

I have saved so much money once I found these. I won’t ever shop anywhere else. My only issue is a couple of times the kratom seemed way to dry . Other than that it’s great.

Eirik Jonassen
Regular customer now

Great quality and fantastic price

Kevin Hall
Relieved to have found you

Your Kratom products are high quality..I am a user, it's almost a panacea for me....and I usually buy direct from Indonesia, at 50 dollars a kilo....but, there have been delivery problems, and it's hard to negotiate price and other aspects from such a long distance. So..your company has been prompt, and the Kratom is effective....keep running those specials though. Thanks.

William Barnwell
Good deal

I have been taking Kratom for several months. This was the first company that gave me a break for ordering a kilo. They have my business now!

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