White Borneo

Amazing Botanicals offers the best, lab-tested and purest White Borneo Kratom capsules and powder you can find. But what is this unique strain and what effects it might have for you? Keep reading to learn more about the specificities and properties of this unique botanical!

What is White Borneo Kratom?

Historically, Indonesian, Thai, Bali and Malaysian people have consumed White Vein and other kratom strains to promote wellness and boost energy levels. In Borneo, kratom farmers have experimented with numerous drying methods throughout generations until they developed a technique that produces reportedly potent, pure, and long-lasting kratom powder. 

To achieve this, White Vein Kratom is dried indoors, stems intact, for two full days. Afterwards, it is exposed directly to the sun for two hours. Its alkaloid profile is balanced, similar to a mix between Green Borneo and Red Borneo thanks to this special harvesting and drying process. Traditionally, kratom users prefer White Vein strains, or even White Maeng Da Kratom because they are balanced. 

Why Buy White Borneo Kratom?

Though there are different veins available (for example, Red Vein and Green Vein), there’s no better kratom on Earth than Borneo Kratom, and every kratom lover should have it in their home. Since its leaves are claimed to be more potent than just about any other kratom strain, users flock to this particular strain because of its unique alkaloid profile. 

At Amazing Botanicals, our White Borneo Kratom is harvested before its peak maturity to ensure optimal freshness. It then undergoes a specialized drying process in a dark and air-conditioned room, which prevents any alkaloids from breaking down. It’s this specialized harvesting and drying process that makes our White Vein Kratom standout. 

Attempt to supercharge your energy levels with an all-natural, plant-based supplement! In the morning, White Borneo Kratom is the preferred choice for kratom users looking to boost their productivity and optimism. The White Borneo Kratom we sell is fresh from Indonesia, has been tested in a state-of-the-art lab, and is packaged with the utmost care. It is completely pure, does not contain any adulterants. No need for skepticism, you can be sure that you’re buying 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

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