Buy Green Horn kratom and dive into its unique profile

When you think of kratom leaves, you’re likely picturing glossy and smooth beauties that cover an evergreen Mitragyna speciosa tree. Believe it or not, they do not always look like that. Some leaves sport jagged spikes all over their edges that resemble horns. And this is what makes Green Horn kratom stick out from other strains.

Historically, these unusual leaves have been thought to hold more alkaloids than smooth ones. When they grow to maturity, they are believed to take in just the right amount of sunlight and moisture to develop stronger mitragynine-dominant profiles. Rest assured: jagged leaves are more than just an aesthetic feature of Green Horn kratom.

There’s no better place to grow Mitragyna speciosa trees than Indonesia. That’s why we source green-horned leaves from this kratom paradise. They come fresh and unprocessed, which allows us to check them for unique alkaloid blends and contaminants before grinding. Amazing Botanicals is always about superior quality!

Super Green Horn kratom – Capsules or powder?

That’s the question every kratom aficionado has to ask themselves. Our powders made from green-horned leaves are best for those who don’t mind some measuring. The preparation process is much like that with ground coffee, but you don’t necessarily need a scale.

If you aren’t okay with all the fuss, consider plumping for premium kratom as Green Horn capsules. We’ve already packed the best things the strain has to offer into them. Order up to 300 capsules per bottle and say bye to measuring for good.

Remember, you earn points that can be redeemed for discounts for every purchase you make at Amazing Botanicals. So, if you’re looking to stock up on Green Horn kratom for sale, you can always expect the best price here. Save your money with us, whether you’re ordering capsules or powder.

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