Ultra-enhanced Green kratom that far outshines other strains

For some, the choice of kratom is predetermined by the convenience of powder use. For others, it is potency that is the prime concern. But regardless of what matters to you, you’ll find yourself considering enhanced Green kratom for sale sooner or later.

This variety takes a regular alkaloid concentration and boosts it to the skies. Its potency is augmented by adding 10% of a 50X Mitragyna speciosa plant extract to the fine leaf powder. Such a delightful blend increases the mitragynine level to the point where almost all other kratom strains take a back seat.

You deserve the best enhanced Green kratom

At Amazing Botanicals, we turn thumbs down on lackluster Mitragyna speciosa powders. By saying “lackluster”, we mean those made of non-mature leaves that look, feel, and taste the same.
Instead, we’re dedicated to producing premium powders for your best experience. Our ultra-enhanced Green kratom is one of them as it’s praiseworthy for:

  • being one of the most potent strains ever blended with kratom extracts
  • having a diverse alkaloid profile with the highest mitragynine level
  • being sourced from Indonesia’s tropical forests
  • boasting a soft and smooth texture with no lumps

We also run a series of laboratory tests before putting enhanced Green kratom up for sale. It’s a pivotal step in our production process as no one should ever use powders that consist of chemicals, additives, or other non-organic substances. Fortunately, our kratom doesn’t have any of those.

Want to test the waters first? Here you go. Buy enhanced Green kratom in as small as 30g bags to make sure this strain’s potency meets your needs. You’re also provided with a satisfaction guarantee so that you can shop at Amazing Botanicals with confidence. Why not start this very moment then?

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