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Once you’ve tried an array of strains, there’s always a voice inside that tells you it’s time to advance to the next level. But how do you do that? By mixing blends or taking more? With a resounding “No” echoing around, you want to play it safe with Green Dragon kratom. It’s Amazing Botanicals’ pride and joy that you can’t find anywhere else.

Very few strains are on a par with Green Dragon in terms of potency. Sourced from Indonesia, this variety enjoys its time in the uniformly warm, rainy, and humid climate while developing the leaves we all love. Besides their unadulterated greenish beauty, they store quite a few alkaloids making up the unique profile of Green Dragon kratom. It’s abundant in mitragynine, which is why the potency of the strain is without equal.

We offer the best Green Dragon kratom that is essentially a version of the green-veined Thai strain. It is this distinctive alkaloid profile and more mature leaves that make it different. Thus, it comes off as a never-before-seen variety that suits every experienced kratom enthusiast.

Best Green Dragon kratom coupled with the best shopping experience

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a Green Dragon that is full of contaminants. Things go from bad to worse when you’re also provided with lousy service from unethical vendors.

The good news is that Amazing Botanicals listens to your needs and acts accordingly. When buying Green Dragon kratom from us, you can expect test-backed quality, satisfaction guarantee, and prompt delivery. Plus, you can conveniently shop for your favorite strains while collecting points on each purchase. Our reward system allows you to amass and convert these into money-off deals for any powder and capsules.

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