No more trade-offs with the best Green Bali kratom

In days gone by, you had to settle on the effects tied to either Red or White Mitragyna speciosa strains. Bali Green kratom is here to redefine your experience. As a sweet spot between the two, this variety takes White-specific goodies and wraps them up with high 7-hydroxymitragynine levels, akin to those found in Reds. The result? The well-balanced strain you can’t help but try.

Like with most strains that we offer, our Green Bali comes in two options. While its powdered leaves are perfect for a more genuine experience, our 0.7g capsules are the best bet for busy kratom fans. But it’s always your call. Whether you’re looking to buy Green Bali kratom packed in capsules or powder, you’ll get everything this strain is touted for. The highest quality of Mitragyna speciosa is Amazing Botanicals’ claim to fame!

A glance at the preparation of Bali Green kratom

Green Bali comes a long way from the moment it’s harvested to when it gets into our selection. Zoom in on the unique preparation features of this strain:

  • only mature leaves are used at the time of harvesting
  • those with higher alkaloid levels make their way into the best Green Bali kratom
  • dried in a dark, dry facility, followed by a similar process outdoors
  • double-checked for contaminants and other unwanted substances

It’s not until Green Bali is thoroughly tested that we list it for sale. As we care about your kratom experience, we always conduct our own lab analysis for everything that may affect the strain’s potency or purity.

With this quality assurance in mind, we come up with a 30-day guarantee. If you happen to buy Green Bali kratom that it’s not up to the mark, you want to have an exchange or refund option. It’s always there at Amazing Botanicals for your safe shopping.

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