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Amazing Botanicals is the only place where your favorite Mitragyna speciosa strains abound. Gold Reserve kratom is an excellent option for those who love all things potency. Like the same-colored varieties, this one is inundated with alkaloids. Its profile is highly extensive and includes a plethora of natural compounds along with 7-hydroxymitragynine.

We source it from the most experienced farmers in Indonesia and make sure it’s worthy of being called “Gold”. To this end, it needs to undergo fermentation in direct sunlight, followed by the drying process. Rest assured that our Gold Reserve has been processed in line with the tried-and-tested procedure.

What are your options for Gold Reserve kratom for sale?

This comes down to a matter of personal preference. Whether it’s a pack of powder or a bottle of capsules that turns out to be your thing, we’re here to provide it. Although these two options differ in how convenient it is to use them, they both offer incredible kratom of the Gold Reserve strain.

We go to great lengths to test the leaves for adulterants and pesticides before turning them into powder or capsules. This translates into the purest Gold Reserve kratom for sale, with nothing to have a bearing on its effects and alkaloid levels.

Why not save on shipping?

Can’t make up your mind about how much to order? Here’s something that may help you decide. The shipping fees are on us if you spend $75 or more when buying Gold Reserve kratom (or any other product) at Amazing Botanicals. So, in some cases, it makes sense to order a larger bottle or powder pack to save more.

Besides, you’ll get one point for every dollar spent at Amazing Botanicals. Collect points to make your shopping experience even more engaging and wallet-friendly!

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