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Amazing Botanicals has a large selection of kratom capsules for sale available in an enormous array of strains. We use only the highest quality, wild-harvested kratom for our capsules. Save money without sacrificing quality when you order premium kratom capsules today.

In capsule form, kratom provides the same pure leaf powder in a convenient and discrete package that you can take with you on-the-go. For a more subtle and pleasant aroma experience, customers often opt to buy kratom capsules for the most popular white, red, gold and green kratom strains. At Amazing Botanicals, we have a vast array of strains available and a devoted team of kratom experts that can help you with making your selection.  

We offer a wide variety of wild-harvested kratom pills that are suitable for both beginners and experienced users. To ensure that we offer kratom that is free from chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other additives, we make sure that all of them have been tested by an independent lab. Furthermore, the results of this testing ensure that our kratom contains an excellent amount of alkaloid, thus making your experience more satisfactory and pleasurable. You can buy kratom capsules in counts of 30, 65, 150, 300, or 1 kilogram. Wholesale prices start at 20kg for bulk orders.

Our Focus on Customer Service

Our wide range of kratom capsules for sale includes options for experienced users and beginners alike. When you buy kratom capsules online from Amazing Botanicals, you can be certain that the powders used in all of our capsules are the same organic, wild-harvested kratom powder for sale on our site.

Our kratom is tested by an independent lab to ensure it’s free from chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other additives. This testing also ensures that our kratom has outstanding alkaloid levels.

Most of our kratom capsules for sale are available in counts of 30, 65, 150, and 300, or 1-kilo weight per bottle. We also offer wholesale orders of all sizes, starting at 20kg, which qualifies you for bulk pricing.

Premium Kratom Capsules

Green Vein Capsules

With a balance of stimulating and soothing properties, Green Kratom is the perfect blend of White Kratom and Red Kratom. Green Kratom varieties such as Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, Green Malay, Green Dragon, and Green Elephant are readily available in pill form. For example, at Amazing Botanicals, we only issue quality kratom that comes from a trusted and reputable Indonesian farmer. Organic and sustainably grown, our kratom products don’t contain any adulterants and every batch is lab-tested to ensure that all strains are rich in alkaloids. 


Red Vein Kratom Capsules

Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Red Borneo; Red-veined Kratom is considered the most popular among experienced kratom enthusiasts because of the extensive process of combining time-tested methods from mature, red-hued leaves. The soothing qualities of Red Kratom make it a popular choice among kratom enthusiasts. We grow our Red Kratom in Indonesia, where the best Kratom in the world is cultivated. Our lab-tested batches are sourced from reputable farmers to ensure there are no contaminants or impurities. We preserve the organic properties of our kratom even during the packaging process. Amazing Botanicals offers industry-low prices and over 2,900 verified reviews.

White Vein Kratom Capsules

White Kratom is known to be more stimulating than other strains and those looking to experience more focus and productivity may have found the right choice. At Amazing Botanicals, we offer a selection of White Kratom varieties, including White Vein Sumatra Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom, White Bali Kratom, and White Malay Kratom. You should try a variety of White Kratom strains to discover which one is right for you based on its unique alkaloid profile and effects. At Amazing Botanicals, you can find White Maeng Da and White Vein Kratom capsules.

With such a wide selection, whether you’re a newcomer or an avid kratom user, our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to match the right strain or variety for you. With our exceptional selection and service, it should not come as a surprise that we’ve been a leading online Kratom provider since 2014.


Yellow Kratom Capsules

Yellow Kratom may be characterized as one of the most complex and unique Kratom varieties available. Although Red Vein and Green Vein exist, Yellow Kratom is not associated with the color of the leaf veins. It is simply the color combination of green and red. For regular kratom users, Yellow Kratom can be described as relatively calming. At Amazing Botanicals, we offer a wide range of Yellow Kratom varieties including Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Indo, Yellow Bali, Yellow Vietnam, and the ever-trendy Yellow Reserve. In the world of Yellow Kratom strains for sale, Yellow Reserve is widely considered to be the best one available due to its fresh (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine rich) and reinvigorating characteristics. 

No matter if you’re a novice or a more experienced kratom enthusiast, our yellow strains will be sure to impress you, no matter what you choose.

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Amazing Botanicals FAQs

What are the effects of kratom capsules?

Tablets are made solely of kratom extracts, whilst capsules have kratom inside the shell. Capsules cannot be crushed or split, but tablets frequently can.

What are kratom capsules used for?

As a herbal supplement for relief and mood boost, kratom capsules are becoming ever more well-liked. 

What are the benefits of using kratom capsules?

Kratom capsules make it possible to consume the herb much more conveniently without worrying about accurately calculating the correct serving every time. All while retaining the same benefits as kratom powder.

What is the highest serving of kratom capsule recommended to take?

The serving depends on the user, one should always start out with a light dose of kratom and then slightly increase from there as it affects everyone differently.

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