Kratom Extract & Other Premium Herbal Extracts

Shop the ultimate selection of herbal extracts, including kratom extract, kava, Intellect Tree Seed oil, cat’s claw, acai berry, and dozens of others. At Amazing Botanicals®, we stand by all of our premium products with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


The Ultimate Selection of Herbal Extracts 

Our kratom extract is sourced from a trusted, industry-leading supplier in Indonesia and produced by some of the world’s foremost kratom farmers. Our high-quality kratom contains more than 50 alkaloids and a broad assortment of flavonoids, tannins, and phenolic compounds to help promote a variety of wellness benefits.

Amazing Botanicals has over 50 popular strains of kratom to choose from. Recent research into kratom shows tremendous promise, and the Western world is only now discovering the benefits that Southeast Asian populations have known about for centuries.

Kava, also known as awa and piper methysticum, is another botanical that has been enjoyed for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes and in religious ceremonies, it’s said to help promote natural relaxation.

Amazing Botanicals also carries Intellect Tree Seed Oil (celastrus paniculatus). This product is cold-pressed, unrefined, and 100% organic. It’s noted for its effects on the brain and may help to promote a sharp memory and support intellect.

We have dozens of more options to choose from. Explore our complete selection of kratom and herbal extracts.

Order Kratom Extract & More 

At Amazing Botanicals, we put our customers first. Customers enjoy free same-day or next-day shipping with USPS on all orders over $75. We accept several forms of payment, including most major credit cards and cryptocurrency. Best of all, our products are all third-party lab-tested for quality assurance, so you can buy with confidence.

Order your extracts today, and get premium botanicals at the best prices in the business.

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