Where To Buy Kratom and How?

Kratom was recently placed on the DEA’s Drugs and Chemicals of Concern list. It has not been labelled as a controlled substance yet. We can currently buy Kratom online or offline without a prescription from any publicly registered Kratom vendor. The question of whether a prescription should be necessary for the purchase of Kratom has been much debated. Kratom is sold openly across the US and online. Amazingbotanicals.net is a vendor of quality kratom products. Kratom can also be purchased over the counter and even at gas stations. Some vendors sell it for soap-making and aromatherapy purposes to bypass import restrictions.

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Who Uses Kratom and Why?

In order to figure out whether a prescription should be necessary for the purchase of Kratom, we need some historical context. Kratom has been used for centuries for the treatment of many illnesses. Ranging from mild disorders like cough, diarrhea, and mild depression to more serious issues, such as chronic pain, and severe depression. Additionally, some people use Kratom as an easily available, over-the-counter pick-me-up. Others use it as a libido enhancer. In recent times, there has been a profound increase in the usage of this herb, particularly in the US. Many patients who are tired of expensive prescription medications have turned to Kratom. Kratom is regarded as a safe and natural alternative to these medications. A host of anecdotal evidence backs up this premise. A patient interested in Kratom use can encounter many issues and problems; some of these issues are legal, while others focus on the ethical dilemma of Kratom use. With most psychotropic substances legally regulated and controlled. Kratoms unregulated sale in the US is frowned upon by the CDC (Centre for disease control) and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Many questions arise. Should a prescription be necessary to buy Kratom? Who should be licensed to sell Kratom? And is a prescription necessary to sell a naturally occurring plant-based psychoactive with numerous documented benefits? In this article, we objectively discuss the many issues surround the use of Kratom and whether a prescription should be necessary to buy Kratom.

Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Kratom Use

To answer the question under discussion “Should a prescription be necessary to buy Kratom?”, we need to take a look at the broader picture. The current legalities surrounding the sale of Kratom are given below:

  • The DEA considered making it a controlled substance putting it in the same category as heroin or methamphetamine. Such a move may have made it harder to get. It would also disrupt supply lines and be considerably damaging to suppliers. Generally, dependency or addiction to anything is not a good idea, but Kratom has already demonstrated many benefits for users.
  • Kratoms country of origin is Thailand. In Thailand, Kratom is already a controlled substance, and it is the third most abused, illegal drug, NBC News reports. Kratom is considered a “drug of concern” in the USA. This stance is enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), but the drug is not officially controlled or considered illegal in most American states.
  • Secondly, there is a complete lack of supervision or quality control for the production and selling of Kratom. Conversely, this means that many people who might have benefitted from this drug fail to do so because of a lack of official reassurance.

The above information suggests that more research is necessary before mandating a prescription for the purchase of Kratom.

Positive Uses of Kratom

Some people use Kratom for its stimulant, sedative, or pain-relieving effects. In the United States, Kratom is sometimes marketed as a dietary or nutritional supplement, or sold under the radar, Kratom is most commonly sold in a powder or tablet form. In terms of physical effect. Kratom is sometimes regarded as a less harmful alternate to traditional therapy. Kratoms alkaloids act on the human brain by creating an upsurge in some of the brain’s neurotransmitters, or chemical messengers, this helps to enhance the mood and influence the user’s decision-making process. When the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain increases, it makes a person feel good, thereby elevating the mood. Kratom is known to have several uses and effects, ranging from improving sexual activity to relieving pain to inducing a “safe” and legal “high.” Kratom is legally served at bars across the US, North Carolina, New York, and perhaps other states. It is sometimes served as a drink called Ketum. This drink produces a ‘high’ or euphoria, which is similar to the effects of traditional opiates. In other words, Kratom, when ingested in any of its forms, can produce a high. The NY OASIS has examined the relationship of Kratom with  receptors within the brain and has compared it with how morphine interacts with the brain. These transmitters act as chemical messengers which regulate the mood. When the number of these neurotransmitters in the brain increases, a person feels well, and the mood is enhanced; Kratom has a similar effect and allows a person to feel high, relaxed, or less susceptible to pain. For patients suffering from chronic pain, Kratom can be a viable and cheaper natural remedy as per reviews from Kratom consumers on different platforms. Kratom is a relatively safer alternative. 

Repercussions of Kratom Abuse

No discussion about the ethics of Kratom’s purchase would be complete without focusing on the unfortunate abuse of this herb. Like other psychotropic substances, Kratom can also be misused. This misuse can lead to overdose, which in certain situations could lead to death. There are also other health hazards and adverse pharmacological effects which can affect users to a lesser extent. Similarly, the abuse of Kratom may have comparable consequences. In certain cases, psychosis developed from kratom exposure. The DEA says that hallucination, disorientation, and delusion may comprise some of the symptoms of kratom-induced psychosis. Other symptoms include quick heart rates, sickness, and death in certain very rare circumstances. Kratom may also be abused by those who use it to cope with withdrawal symptoms. For such at-risk individuals. In these circumstances, a prescription should be mandatory for the purchase of Kratom because it carries a potential risk for dependence and addiction in and of itself. However, this is only true If it is used carelessly. Symptoms of Kratom overdose include nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, irritability, and seizures. Immediately contact a health professional if you feel any of these symptoms. Other health risks and side effects associated with Kratom use are as follows: Hallucinations, confusion, excessive sweating or urination, constipation, itchiness, dehydration, appetite suppression, anorexia, insomnia, and weight loss

Is a Prescription Really Necessary?

Kratom can become addictive, and a tiny fraction of users might eventually end up with addiction due to careless use. However, this is clearly a nuanced debate and no clear-cut response can be given to the question “Should a prescription be necessary to buy Kratom” until thorough research has been done in this are: But it is completely possible to use Kratom safely and responsible to the maximum benefit of all. Overall, safety could be enhanced using the following guidelines:

  • Regulation: it would be safer to know the exact dosage and level of contamination in each sample of Kratom sold. At amazingbotanicals.net, we adhere to the highest levels of quality assurance, making sure that your product is as pure as possible. Our products are all third-party lab tested.
  • Education: Informed consumers who recognize the dangers and potential benefits are far less likely to be exposed to misleading claims.

If you have any queries regarding responsible Kratom use, you are welcome to contact us at amazingbotanicals.net.

  • Research: we should know the advantages and possible disadvantages of Kratom use. It is crucial that we clearly define the risks and hazards associated with Kratom so that consumers are informed more properly.

Suppose everything above can somehow be done without too much distortion by corporate interests, anti-drug ideology, over-the-top kratom enthusiasts. Through scientific sources and accredited public health professionals, it would be possible to understand the risks and hazards associated with Kratom use clearly. This would also help us decide whether a prescription should be necessary to buy Kratom. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/kratom-fear-worthy-foliage-or-beneficial-botanical-2019080717466 A clearer risk assessment from the medical community would allow the customer to make more educated choices. At the same time, too much control and regulation might render Kratom too expensive to be used by many patients who have already benefitted from its use.

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